Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

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Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is a lip plumper and gloss duo that hydrates the lips, leaving them supple, plumped, smoothed and glossy.

Available in 18 shades.


Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss


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I absolutely love this lip gloss! I still remember when I first tried it on I instantly knew it would become one of my favourites. I used to stay away from lip gloss because I hated the sticky feeling and they always managed to be really goopy and thick leaving my lips feeling really weird. I didn’t have any of those issues with this one. Applying the lip gloss was easy with the brush. I could just paint the gloss onto my lips and it would add a nice touch of colour and shine! The pigmentation was great and the gloss made my lips look plump. The packaging was beautiful and secure so I could put it in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day.
This Dior lip gloss is super hydrating and my lips feel so luscious and nice after application. And it smells like sweet fruit. This gloss is long-lasting as well. The packaging is really aesthetic too. I use this product every day.  There are definitely no negatives for this product. I 3000% RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO EVERYONE.
I absolutely aDIOR this product. The pigment and sparkle are just to die for and it doesn't tend to dry out the lips either which is always a bonus. I have this gloss ina few different shades and love every one of them. They never disappoint!
Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is my staple! Have been using it for couple of years now. It transforms the lips from dull looking into the  plump, glowy and glam juicy pout. Perfect for small lips! The formula itself is hydrating, containing an amazing plumping ingredient Hyaluronic acid. The micro glass beads in the formula look like fine crushed rose quartz, giving that incredible healthy gloss and subtle sparkle, reflecting the light in all directions. From drab to fab in just one stroke! Lines from the lips just vanish.  Love wearing this Gloss solo for the glammed up every day look, or over any coloured lipstick to give it a dimension and make lips much plumper. I have a small lips, and when wearing this Dior Gloss, they look much fuller. Will keep repurchasing it forever !
This gloss comes in an exquisite packaging which screams beauty and class. The best part is that the lip gloss works the same way. It gives my lips a hit of instant colour with a beautiful sheen to it. This lip gloss is incredibly wearable and is moisturising enough to keep my lips soft and hydrated all day long. I love how the gorgeous packaging looks fantastic inside my makeup bag or on my makeup desk. I recommend this glossy lip gloss for any gal who wants to take her gloss to the next level!
My fave lip gloss! Gorgeous packaging, excellent colour, non-sticky, glossy. Ticks all the boxes. I've been using Dior Addict Ultra lip gloss for years and will continue to do so.
I love this Dior product. I have it in shade 684 Merveille, it has long lasting shine and feels really smooth to apply and wear. I've had mine for ages now, the product really goes a long way.
This delicious product is a treat for the eyes. If the colour isn't enough to entice you to use it instantly, than how sleek it slides should win over even the most skeptical at heart. This product is really a feast for the eyes. The colour literally 'pops' and would make anyone look good for a night out on the town. This product is a simple must for anyone women today who's after that certain style of glamour that is very hard to achieve. However, with this new product, nothing is impossible. (It must also improve your confidence - you might try have to try it yourself to see and experience firsthand).
Like the name says you will be an 'addict' to this product. I have used this for a while now and love it, it's super glossy which I love but you don't get that feeling that your lips are sticking together. A light plump to the lips doesn't make you look like you've gone OTT!
Dior you have done it again. Non sticky looks awsome by it self or over lipstick. Falling in love with this lip gloss because it makes your lips have moisture doesnt come off easy so thats a bonus for me.
It's easy to make a 'habit' out of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss ! Unlike inferior lip glosses, it isn't sticky and leaves lips looking ( and feeling) full, soft and pretty. The gloss is easy to apply and achieve a polished look with minimum effort. The presentation of the packaging is beautiful and would make a lovely gift.   Dior Addict is a  luxurious  addition to a busy lady's make up bag,
This is a truly beautiful lip gloss.  So easy to apply with the gorgeous little brush.  The packaging is amazing, very luxurious and a treat to bring out of your handbag.  What I love most about this lip gloss, is that it is not sticky and tacky like many other glosses, your hair does not get stuck in it, and it looks so lovely and shiny.  The texture is soft and you can layer it if  you like a thicker balm, or just apply one coat for shiny soft lips.  I love to apply it over my lipstick, to add shine and plumpness.  It really is the classiest lip gloss you can ever own.
Very good lip gloss, not sticky, long lasting, very good pigmentation. I got this as a birthday present from my dad and I love it! It applies very nice over lipstick or lip balm. Not sticky at all, not awkward going into the line when you open your lips and hair doesn't get stuck. This is expensive but consider the designer, the packaging is nice and durable easy to take out wand and put back in. Good product comes on off the brush. I would totally go get other colors after this one. I got Diablotine, it's kinda an orangey color good for summer. I would totally recommend this.
Ohmygollygosh my holy grail lip gloss from the scent to the shades and pigment and oh my can we take a moment for the luxurious packaging it is so beautiful and feels so lush on the lips I would suggest if you do not own one or the whole range of these beautiful glosses you should run no walking to your nearest counter xxx
Say hello to my little friend! She's super glossy (without being sticky), has a gorgeous colour with a bit of shimmer (because every lady needs a lip product with a bit of shimmer in it), long lasting moisturises lips and super pigmented to really make the lips pop! A real winner in my book.  I will use any excuse to wear this because it just makes my lips look amazing.  With a wide range of colours, there's a shade suitable for any occasion.  The lip brush allows you to paint the gloss on with precision without putting too much formula on your lips, giving a smooth and even appearance.
Ever since Jennifer Lawrence modelled for Dior, I've always wanted to try their product. I mean, come on. It's J-Law...  Although my motive to try the product was based on my love for the Hunger Games actress, I do not regret it at all!  It actually smells so nice and don't even get me started about how shiny it is! When I hold it in my hand it's just so precious and I'm dreading the day I run out. I really like the colour too. Usually I'd go for more of the darker tones but this is an exception. I really like how it makes my make up look so much lighter and how it makes my lips look so luscious. When I first tried the product, I took so many good selfies that I never wanted to take it off.. Like ever! I would definitely recommend this product! It's one of my favourite and trust me you won't regret buying it. If anything you'll regret not buying it! So but it!
I love this product. The colour is pretty and looks expensive. It hydrate my lips unlike most lipstick does. P.S. This product is best used for someone who has small lips because the lipstick would give a fuller impression to your lips. I have quite a wide and thick lip so using this lip only add "volume" to my lips. Another P.S, you can always apply a foundation on your lips before applying the lipstick to get the exact colour that you wont (otherwise if you have dark colored lips, the pink colour would not be that visible)
I have been using this for a few years now and love the gorgeous multifaceted colour of the gloss which leaves lips feeling plumper, hydrated and glossy. The packaging is stunning and I love the precision brush which allows controlled application and the subtle, fruity scent is delish!