Dior Coul E/Shad 5 Couleurs

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Dior Coul E/Shad 5 Couleurs is an eyeshadow palette with a signature shade and four complementary shades, featuring a mix of matte, satin, iridescent and shimmer finishes. 

Available in eight shades.


Dior Coul E/Shad 5 Couleurs


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Dior Eyeshadow Palette Product: The Dior eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous palette that comes in a sleek compact that has a mirror and 5 different shades of colours that compliment one another for a beautiful look. Each of the colours have the Dior design on it with the letters CD in the middle, it adds a nice luxurious touch and reminds you that you're using a fancy Dior product! I have always wanted to get myself a Dior eyeshadow palette and decided to splurge on one and I have been loving it!  Colours: The colours are shimmery and iridescent without having huge chunks of glitter.  They have different coloured palettes so you can choose one that has shades you prefer or colours that match your skin tone.  It has a nice sheen to it and I find that the colours look great during the nighttime.  I also like to wear them during the day but I really reserve it for special occasions because it's almost too pretty to use! The colours aren't very pigmented but they do have a bit of colour to them.  I think what makes that great is that you can always build on the colour without it looking chalky. It's always better to be light handed with the colours as it's hard to change it and clean it up if you use too much.   Formula: The texture and consistency of the eyeshadows are creamy and adhere to the lid quite well.  I would recommend using an eyeshadow primer to keep it from creasing and to make it last all day.  It's easy to build on the colours and they blend really easily.  You can use the brushes that it came with, your own or your fingers.  I didn't really have any issues with fallout which was great because cleaning up the mess after using eyeshadow can be difficult without ruining the rest of your makeup.  There are no set rules for how you want to use the colours so you can use one colour for your lid, the other for your crease, one as a liner and the other on the inner corner of your eye to brighten up the whole area.  You can also add a darker colour to the outer edge of your eye for a smokey look  Longevity: The Dior eyeshadow is really high quality and you can tell when you put it on and when you look at it throughout the day.  My eyeshadow stayed on very well and it looked great.  Once I used the eyeshadow it stayed in place and I didn't have to worry about smudging or fading.  The shimmer and iridescent colours really makes your eyes pop without looking too sparkly or childish.  It's great for special occasions because it will last the whole night and you won't have to worry about how your eye makeup is going to look by the end of the night. I even used a bit of the eyeshadow on my lower lash line and it managed to stay put without it bleeding or fading.   Price: The price is definitely expensive and on the higher end when it comes to eyeshadow palettes.  Being Dior I knew the product was going to be very high but sometimes you just want to spoil yourself and get a nice makeup product that you wouldn't normally get.  This is not something I would buy all the time but considering how long this product will last I'll be using this for quite some time.  The countless times that I've used it there is still so much of the eyeshadow left in the compact.  I have barely gotten through 1/4 of it and the colours themselves haven't cracked or broken in the pan. I prefer quality products over quantity and to me this is a high quality eyeshadow palette.  
Dior Coul E/Shad 5 Couleurs is a worthwhile investment that you will have your looking wonderful for years to come!  These 5 gorgeous eye shadows, will last and last, you will be asking yourself, like I do, "how long do these shadows last?".  They are such good quality, they wont fluff or crumble, which is also excellent because it means they wont shake off like cheaper ones, and end up under your eyes and on top of your foundation which is very hard to fix!!! The 5 colours are all beautiful, so you can be as creative as you like, you can use the same colours to create your favourite look, or be bold and different, and try new looks, and just see what you can come up with!  These shadows are stunning, they will last you forever, and the colours can be used wet or dry.  The brushes are great quality too and will last for ages.
I have to say, I'm generally not a huge fan of shimmery eye shadows. However, Dior eyeshadows actually blew me away! They feel so smooth and buttery to the touch, none of that chunky or rough glitters/shimmers, and gives a gorgeous smooth sheen that highlights without looking harsh or cheap. For me, the colours are not the most pigmented but I prefer it that way. I am always too heavy handed so less pigmented shadows work better for me so that I can layer them depending on whether I want a natural look or a more vibrant makeup look. I understand that it is really really expensive, so it might not be for everyone. I'd only get it as a gift to treat myself. I do have to say, the packaging is really classy and the prints on the shadows just look so gorgeous that I wish it does not fade away as I continue to use the shadow. My favourite shade is the light pink. All the colours are actually very wearable and gives that little something something without being over the top so I love the shades that they come out with. If price is not a problem for you, I'd say try them out and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it too.
Dior's 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette is a cult product that has been on the market for ages now. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties for me they were a synonym of luxury and what's best in make up. I bought my first palette about 8 years ago and I fell in love. I remember it was Parisian Lights and I used them for two years every day I liked it so much. Now I have two palettes Nude Pink Design, these are lovely every day pinks and browny taupes and Petal Shine which seems to be the exact palette that is in the picture above, that is lovely purples and light pinks. Every palette is well thought through and the colours chosen match perfectly and are great both for a day and a night make up look. The eyeshadows are well pigmented, formula is extra creamy and smooth and makes application and blending extremely easy. 5 Couleurs can be applied by a little sponge applicator included in the packaging as well a professional brush. In both cases they blend beautifully. It is worth noticing that most shadows if not all are iridescent, or have at least a bit of a shimmer to them. Of course the shimmer is very subtle and well executed, looks amazing on the eye and is definitely not that kind of cheap glitter which size is noticeable to the naked eye. These eyeshadows are long lasting on their own but with a good eyeshadow base are even better. They don't smudge. a little goes a long way, and although the palette is pricey, the 5 shades you get will stay with you for at least two years of everyday make up, trust me. The colours designs on offer are great and when you find you perfect match you will not regret. They look very pretty on the eye bringing out the most of of our looks. Plus of course the lovely luxurious dark blue packaging with a mirror in every palette and a pretty velvet pouch for the palette too. I am aware of the fact that there are a lot of great eyeshadows on the market like MAC, Too faced or Urban Decay but Dior 5 Couleurs palettes are classic and the quality is amazing. I highly recommend.