Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème

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Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème is a nail cream that encourages nail growth, improves nail strength and conditions cuticles. Apply in the evening by gently massaging into the nail. 


Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème


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My cuticles are very dry, often overgrown and even have a few cracks in some, so it is with great delight that my nails are now so much more presentable with this wonderful Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème. The cream comes in a white pot, which is very easy to unwind and open.  When you open it,  the cream is a vibrant orange and smells so lovely.  You only need a small amount on each nail. When applied, it is quite rich, but very nourishing.  Spend a minute or 2 rubbing the cream into your nails and cuticle area.  I think it best applied at night, before bed so that the lovely cream can soak in and work overnight.  My cuticles were so dry, the cream absorbed in super fast, and my skin felt nourished straight away which is excellent, In the morning, the cream has all soaked in, and my whole nail and cuticle area felt and looked so much healthier.  I found if I was applying hand cream during the day, my cuticles did not dry out.  When the skin gets dry, it gets rough and this leads to torn cuticles which take a long time to heal.  I found with regular nightly use, my skin improved dramatically.  Even pushing back my cuticles became easier.  My cuticles were so rough and dry, pushing them back often ripped them and then I would have to try and heal that area and you can't push back cuticles while they are ripped.   My nails also improved, they are stronger and less brittle. After a week, my hands were in excellent condition.  I can now push back my cuticles every day which helps them become more manageable.  I use a good cuticle stick, this is gentle and works well.      I am applying the Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème. every night now, and I can really see and feel a difference.   The best thing is,that I actually want to paint my nails now and make my whole hands look pretty. PRO's It moisturises instantly, and being a thick cream, it stays on the skin and works throughout the night It smells wonderful You only need a small amount You only use it once, at night before bed You notice results within a few days CONS It is costly for a nail product, but you only use the smallest amount each time As it is rich, I don't recommend using it during the day I would recommend this cream to anyone who wants their hands to look wonderful.,  Your skin will be much healthier and cuticles healthier, nourished and easier to push back.  I will be using this every night now, it has been worth every cent and I can't wait to paint my nails now because my nails are in such excellent condition.