Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

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Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is a curling mascara. It features an incurved brush similar to an eyelash curler that delivers curl and shape to lashes. 

Available in three shades.


Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl


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Expensive, but good! Have had a tube for over a year now , still did not dry out. Interesting. Curled wand is ok, unsure if it does anything. The mascara formula itself is fab. I have messy lashes that go all over the place but up. So need to use lash curler beforehand. For me, one coat of this mascara is more than enough. The curl is held all day! And look is bold. If I applied two coats, that would be overkill. There is no smudging even on the humid weather. I wore it on rainy days, my skin gets greasy, but there is no transfer. No flaking either. The mascara goes on easy, no clumps.
Great mascara that really separates and coats each individual lash giving great volume, without looking tacky. it also lasts all day without flaking or giving me panda eyes which is great. It is on the expensive side so I usually grab a few when going through duty fee at the airport. I
My eyes are so sensitive and I can't use most mascaras yet this one is so wearable. No irritation to my eyes and the overcurl style means you can use the length of the wand on the length of your lashes. Really long lasting and beautiful. It is only one of two mascaras I can actually use - the other being the Marc Jacobs mascara. Highly recommend - worth the money for sensitive eyes!!
Just even holding this product makes me feel like a princess - the canister tube is shiny, smooth and silver.    It has the pretty little 'Dior' print in a band around one section.  When I pull the wand out of the tube a big curved fluffy brush pops out and it's loaded with product which transforms my whole eye appearance.  After applying this to my lashes, within a couple of sweeps, I can witness my eyelashes are more than runway-worthy.  They are curled up (and my lashes are naturally dead straight little short half-blonde sticks!), long, full and black.  I have quite somewhat deep set eyes so I need to hold myself from blinking while the product dries - just around 20-30 seconds to make sure as I don't want to stuff these big beautiful eyelashes up! After that first 30 seconds I then flutter my lashes carefully to transfer a tiny amount of product onto my lower lashes - this is just my personal tip and what I do because I like this look of having a little bit of mascara on my lower lashes.   This mascara really opens up my eyes - my lashes become strongly curled up and long.  With this mascara on, my lashes help to hold up my hooded eyelids and this is pretty amazing because though I never used to have hooded eyelids, they are drooping considerably these days and this mascara gives my lashes strength, length, thickness, curl (yes, a real curve!) and a jet black colour.   This mascara is an exciting product for me to use because it transforms the look of my eyelashes in a couple of swoops of it's wand.  I love how there is no smudging or fall out during the day - in fact, when I look in the mirror during the day I am shocked to see how fresh my eyelashes appear.   This product does not wear down during the day like a lot of mascaras can and my eyes look bright and open all day. So there are plenty of pros with this mascara and the only 'con', if there is one at all, is that I need to thoroughly remove it with a decent eye make-up remover at night - and that's not hard to find these days.   I can recommend this for those who want a powerful change to their lashes, a long-lasting mascara and especially for those who are after a true curl added to their lashes while applying their mascara. Those with hooded eyelids, like myself, may thoroughly enjoy the way this mascara produces long and strong lashes which helps to hold up their lids and open up their eyes too.
This mascara is my holy grail. I haven't found any others which last as well. I can wear it all day and not have any transfer or panda eyes, despite my extremely oily lids and under eye area. Can't go without this!
This is my favourite mascara I have found so far! It is so easy to apply and I notice a curl but no clumping straight after a few coats. I love how long lasting it is, and how it doesn't smudge at all (even after I have worked out!).