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Dior Diorshow Mascara is a mascara for creating thicker looking lashes. The formula is enriched with microfibers that cling between lashes to naturally thicken without clumping. The versatile wax texture coats lashes for buildable volume. 

Available in four shades.


Dior Diorshow Mascara


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Dior mascara is one of the best thickening mascaras I have tried. It doesn't take much to coat your lashes and the brush is perfect for lengthening and giving full coverage. I have found that it doesn't crumble off your lashes even after having it on all day and comes off easily. I even like the slight lavender smell it has.
THE BEST MASCARA! Yes Diorshow is expensive, but well worth it. The blackest of blacks, this mascara is clump free and gives the look of lash extensions with added fullness. It is easy to use, lasts all day and night and comes off just with normal eye make up removes with nil residue or panda eyes in the morning. If you want the look of natural falsies (you know what I mean!) than this mascara is for you! I get complemented on my eyes and eyelashes every time I wear it. Yes it will last for 3 months.  Two coats gives beautiful, thick, flutter worthy lashes. The brush is big and dense and soft.  The packaging is rich and luxurious. Ladies this is THE mascara for you!
Well Hello Lashes!!!  I have been wearing mascara for 45 years so feel that I am an experienced mascara tester and qualified to give a 5 star rating. I love everything about this product except of course the price but you get what you pay for. The tube is elegant, the brush is lush lash grabbing and deposits just the right amount of product.  No Blobs and globs of sticky mess, no long skinny whispery spider leg look either. The mascara is great for sensitive eyes, stays on all day without panda eyes and is easy remove. I recommend this mascara to everyone and it is a quality product and don't forget - Ladies you are worth it, if it makes you feel great buy it!
What can I say about this mascara, this mascara is my holy grail. I love the thick handle and the brush is big and thick and really coats the lashes. I never get clumps, or it doesn't flake, I've never have it smudging below my bottom lashes that I get with some other mascaras. I do tend to try other mascaras but I always go back to this one as I love the thickness and length it gives my lashes. The price is up there, but I know what I'm getting with it, I hate spending money on a mascara and it clumps or flakes. I recommend this mascara and definitely feel it's worth the price.
This is my holy grail of mascaras!  The product is thicker than most and the brush is nothing fancy or new age but it certainly all works. When you first apply it, you need to get used to the formula being a bit thicker (which also makes your lashes thicker!).  When applying you need to make sure you wiggle up when applying. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who only likes a light layer of mascara but otherwise go for it!
This is one product I really wanted to love. There's always been a lot of hype for this product but for me it didn't deliver. I find the thickness of the brush seems to take longer to coat my eyelashes and you seem to need to use so much mascara to get an even result. For the less than stella result it delivers I find it far too expensive. Covergirl Lash Blast which is less than half the price delivers better colour and impact on me. I would struggle to recommend this mascara as I feel a couple of the cheaper brands do mascara far better than Dior Show. It does have a sleek design but unfortunately that's where my compliments end.
Just as most people here have mentioned, this also was my very first high end makeup product I purchased and used and was also the catalyst for my love of Dior products. I have been buying and trying many different mascaras over the years prior to the discovery of this mascara and had found nothing that compared to it until recently - see my review on my Holy Grail mascara - YSL Shocking. After using Diorshow for around 3 years, the best things I loved about the mascara is the way it lengthens and adds volume to the lashes. It would also leave your eyelashes curled throughout the whole day without getting flat like majority of mascara's do and you never have to worry about smudges around your eyes.  The not so great things about the mascara (for me personally) was that it took a while for me to get used to the wand at the beginning as the head was quite big. As my eyelashes are also quite short, this was initially a real struggle for me until I figured out a way to manoeuvre the wand. The worst part was that, when the mascara was close to the end of it's usage, it would get very dry. The actual wand itself would stick together and would eventually be really difficult to use and I would end up throwing it out even though there was still quite a bit of product left.  Overall, great mascara and it does what it's supposed to do but I have found others which I love more! Would recommend this for an intro to the high end mascara products!
This was one of the first high end products I ever used and I think it's safe to say that it sparked my love for Dior. As like all Dior products, the packaging is elegant and timeless; no gimmicks or new wave applicators, just a simple tube and full, thick brush. I'm a big fan of the brush itself, which is quite large, thick and dense. Glides onto the lashes easily and doesn't tend to clump.  I would say that I have quite short and lightly coloured lashes. This mascara gives me ultra dark, thick, black lashes which I love, especially for nighttime looks.  For me, the mascara holds the curl it provides quite well. I've found that I can wear this product for the whole night without the gorgeous deep colour fading or transferring to the skin around my eyes.  I think it's important to keep in mind that this product does contain fragrance, which could be a potential irritant for some people; but so far I've had no issues with this.  Overall, this is a great mascara if you want feathery lashes with the glamour and drama of colour boldness and volumisation. 
I have been using this mascara in black for ten years and have tried others but this one is the best. It is build-able and the brush ensures a full lengthy lash. It does not run and therefore no need to use a water-proof mascara which are always difficult to remove.  It does not clump either. It really is the best and worth the money.
Diorshow mascara was the first high end mascara I had ever tried and I very often find myself comparing other mascaras too this one as it is also one of the best mascaras ever. I got it good 8 years ago from my uncle and I loved it. My friends said the effect was too over the top then but I loved it. Diorshow mascara: - is of a very generous size ( for a mascara) - has got a classy and elegant black and silver tube - has got a huge brush and I believe at the time of its release it must have been the biggest brush ever, it takes some time to get used to it, but because of its size it makes it quick and easy to apply the mascara to all of your lashes - formula is a bit on the dry side but this is how I like my mascaras, they will not clump or stick your lashes together but it will create the most voluminous effect ever - is long lasting, - lengthens and thickens the lashes - slightly curves the lashes too - has the blackest black shade - won't smudge, won't flake off and won't create panda eyes ( even on my mum's eyes and lashes and believe me, that means something, because all mascaras leave her look like a panda bear) Diorshow mascara is a cult and classic product and I believe it deserves its name. It is a show when you wear that mascara, false lash effect guaranteed.
This one ticks all the boxes! No clumping, long even length and thickness. The brush is perfect to exaggerate the outer corner lashes too. This mascara can create an everyday classic look or a more dramatic look with a few extra coats. Only downside is you need a good quality makeup remover to remove it properly.
Classic go-to mascara. Easy to apply, coats all of your lashes easily as the brush is big. Makes your eyelashes look long and thick. The consistency is quite creamy so you can add a few extra layers without it looking clumpy or dry/crusty. The only con would be that it is slightly expensive for a mascara but I definitely think it is worth it. I have tried so many different mascaras and I don't think the cheaper ones are as good. Would recommend this!