Dior Diorskin Glow Maximiser Primer 001

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Dior Diorskin Glow Maximiser Primer 001 is a radiance boosting primer that evens skin tone and conceals irregularities. The skin-perfecting base features brightening pigments for a clear, glowing complexion before makeup. 


Dior Diorskin Glow Maximiser Primer 001


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If I was able to give a 10 star rating to this product I would.  It’s such a multi use glow product either on its own or mixed in with a moisturizer. A perfect blend of gold like iridescence in slightly thick gel like consistency. The tube with pump makes for effortless dispensing.  I would consider my skin tone to be on the olive tan spectrum so the tone of this wonder glow product suited me perfectly. In fact, a friend of mine who is fair in skin tone loves it just as much.  With heavy hearts we discovered that it has been discontinued and after scouring all retail outlets we have had no success in finding any others.  I have one tube left that I cherish because to me it’s priceless.  Rumor has it that the Dior radiance pen was meant to be its next of kin but the formula doesn’t compare.  However, Tom Fords Soleil glow drops and Marc Jacobs Dew Drops do come close in comparison. 
I was interested to try this Glow Maximising Primer from Dior as I wanted a more highlighted, glowing look I could wear in the evening. This highlighting primer has a pinkish, pearly tone that makes a lovely highlight shade but also can be mixed with your foundation. In fact, this was the main use recommended for the Glow Maximiser, and although I was uncertain at first, I went ahead and tried it this way. I found it invaluable as I used it with a foundation that was not quite right and gave too light a coverage. I was happy to see that this primer increased the coverage, giving a glowing, pearly effect as promised. Using it this way was far more successful than my first attempt at using it alone as a primer. When used alone this primer is very shiny, rather than glowing and looked rather unnatural. When covering the whole face it actually didn't blend that well and I had to work quite quickly. However as a highlighter to enhance the light around the face contours, it appears subtle rather than shiny, so less is definitely more!  For myself, I have found that the recommended use, mixed with foundation, is definitely best. I apply a small, pea-sized amount in my palm - the handy pump dispenses a perfect amount - and mix with a pump of my foundation, then apply with a foundation brush. It is very easy to blend when used this way and because only a small amount is needed, this product lasted me for AGES. After applying the foundation and primer, I often followed with the primer as a highlight. This makes it a good addition to my travel kit, as I love me a beauty product that does double duty! The packaging is sleek and elegant, and having a pump is a very convenient and an easy way to control application. The price - well it is certainly expensive, at $68, but has lasted me a very long time, so probably is equivalent to two cheaper primers. I would recommend Glow Maximiser to anyone who wants to impart a subtle glow to their foundation, or likes a pink-toned highlighter. Pros: Lovely pearly glow. Can be used in a few ways, so quite versatile. Only a small amount is needed so will last a while. Blends easily when mixed with foundation.  Convenient pump applicator Cons: Overly shiny when used as a straight primer. Harder to blend when used alone. Expensive - but it is Dior, so I guess what do you expect?
I love the whole Dior makeup line and this is just another to add to the routine. It has light reflecting pearl pigments that add great luminosity to the skin. It is quite a fluid texture so it's quick and simply to apply as a primer under your base foundation. I have also used this as a highlighter effect on top of my base instead of using a highlighter powder, it leaves a more dewy effect on the cheeks.