Dior Dune Eau de Toilette

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Dior Dune Eau de Toilette is an oceanic floral fragrance. It features notes of sea breeze, floral bouquets and cut grass.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


Dior Dune Eau de Toilette


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An absolute classic.  I don't wear it a huge amount these days but it remains an evocative fragrance in my wardrobe! It is a long lasting fragrance from Dior and a timeless classic. On me it is very floral but on my mum .. not so much.  Like any perfume - test it out once or twice before taking the leap.
This was the first perfume I ever bought & it remains one of my favourites to this day, there is no other fragrance like it. It is a very warm & exotic scent that has stayed classic & elegant while not being overly floral; when first sprayed on my skin it has strong jasmine & peony notes but after a while they settle into warm amber & vanilla notes that last all day & leave your jackets & scarves smelling amazing. Definitely worth trying if you like warm & amber scents!
- It is a classic scent, with the cult status written all over it. To me it smells like my mum in the nineties, and because of warm memories I bought it for myself last year. It is an “old” scent, introduced in 1993 it definitely comes from the other era of scents, where gourmand was not the most popular kind of scents yet. Dune is different, strange, very original compared to nowadays new releases. Flowery yes, very sophisticated, intriguing. One can still smell aldehydes there although vanilla sweetness is present too.  It smells sweet but at the same time there is some bitterness to it, as well as it smells salty, described as oceanic maybe the saltiness comes from the smell of summer sunset at the ocean. I find it dry too, sandy. I think Dune is for a mature, confident woman, makes me feel sophisticated and powerful. It can be worn to an official even but in my opinion it is also great for a nice walk. Although it is only an eau de toilette the scent is long lasting. It might smell of tobacco on some ( does on me) but in a very pleasant way, not in a cigarette smoke way. But I agree that some might find it not pretty. There is also some masculine note to it and younger recipients might find it too harsh. Nevertheless, Dior Dune is an extraordinary fragrance and someone who doesn’t ant to smell like other will appreciate the scent. I like it.