Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette

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Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette is a refreshing citrus floral scent. It features notes of blood orange essence, orange blossom, Damask rose and Indonesian patchouli.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette


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I absolutely love this Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette. It's light and pleasant, and makes me feel feminine. The bottle is beautiful and looks like a nice ornament. It is my favoiurite fragrance as I can wear it day or night. I get compliments whenever I wear it.
Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette is another deliciously inviting offering from Dior, and another Chypre-style scent as well. It has a soft floral scent with that unexpectedly crisp edge that is the usual mark of a chypre. The opening notes of blood orange and neroli oil are quite strong, but give way quickly to the sweetness of damask and Bulgarian rose at the fragrance's heart, with patchouli underlying everything. The lingering rose is the part I love the most about this scent - it softens the scent of patchouli which can be slightly cloying. It is beautifully subtle but surprisingly long-lasting – it is amazing that a delicate hint of this scent remains into the next day. I bought this fragrance as part of a “coffret” of miniatures which is my favourite way to trial new perfumes. I then purchase the full-size of my favourite. Having a large perfume collection, I have bought several of my perfumes in this way – much better than deciding after one spray in a department store! The Miss Dior Eau de toilette is my stand-out favourite from the new Miss Dior range. The subtle fragrance really is made for day-time wear – so I don’t need to save this one for a special evening! – and I feel elegant, understated and classy when I wear it. The bottle is very romantic and sweet with its silver bow next to the pretty rose pink of the fragrance itself. The large bottle will definitely make a nice addition to my dressing table when I finish my miniature size. This fragrance is divine and I love it! Pros. Subtly sweet but unusual combination Long-lasting but not too strong – no need to be sparing. Beautiful but elegant bottle – continues theme of scent. Suitable for night or day. Cons. Actually can’t think of any!
PROS: One of the best perfumes released by Dior Bottle can be used as decorator after perfume runs out Suitable for girls and woman ages 18+ Gentle Floral Scent that lasts 12 hours Scent is not too strong Suitable for everyday use or even special occassions Draws others attentions towards person wearing fragrance Help build females confidence and self esteem Great gift idea for loved ones Seductive & Feminine Smell Suitable for: Girla age 18+ Woman ages 20+ Those who love Dior Those who are after a gentle floral scent
A gorgeous feminine fragrance from Dior, one of my favourite. The bottle is so pretty and it feels special, a gorgeous floral scent that is elegant and lasts well. It feels decadent and pretty, a fragrance I cant be without in my collection. I am addicted to beautiful scents and this is a firm favourite. I highly recommend adding this to your collection as it is so beautiful.
My absolute favourite perfume - I also used it as my wedding day perfume, just love it! Smells amazing, and I always get compliments when I wear it. Very feminine and pretty, but not too sweet.
Another gorgeous fragrance from Dior, Miss Dior EDT is much softer than the Poison series and also much sweeter. Designed for the young at heart Miss Dior is woman who does not take life all too seriously. A fruity blend consisting of Lychees, Sweet Orange as well as Neroli and Patchouli capture a light, refreshing summery scent. Miss Dior Cherie is feminine, pretty and playful all rolled in to one. Beautiful.
Wow this perfume is my favourite! Miss Dior by Dior is luxuriously elegant, romantic and floral in fragrance. There is a note of Mandarin essence and Jasmine which just pair together beautifully and would suit all age groups. It smells fresh, fruity and yet subtle enough at the same time. It has become my signature perfume as I love how I feel when I'm wearing it, it makes me feel so feminine. I have had so many compliments about this fragrance I just never want to change to any other!
This perfume was given to me by one of my aunts and it reminds me of being 20 years old because that's when I received it. This perfume is reminiscent of youth and energy with a soft feminine side. This is a light perfume, like a soft whisper of musk, pretty flowers and flirty memories. It's just pretty! It's so light, I feel it's best for all seasons, more for spring and summer. I recommend this perfume for anyone who wants to feel an air of soft feminine fragrance about them, suits all ages!
I recently bought this product, as I wanted a change in perfumes. Beautiful smell, light and with hints of spice. I have been wearing Chanel mademoiselle for years and Miss Dior is my 2nd best favourite.
I received the Miss Dior as present and I absolutely love it. The design of the bottle is gorgeous and the fragrance is divine it is elegant, romantic and has floral tones. The fragrance reminds me of a springtime garden in full bloom.
Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette is a delicate floral fragrance, classy, sophisicated and classy. Every time you put this delightful perfume on, you will feel like Audrey Hepburn at a Hollywood premiere, in a magical Dior gown with whole world at your feet.  Undeniably feminine, unbelievably pretty and sexy at the same time.  Feel the magic!