Dior Nail Glow

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Dior Nail Glow is a treatment nail polish that helps make colours more vivid on nails. It gives nails a shiny, healthy glow and brightens the nail tip for an instant French Manicure look.


Dior Nail Glow


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This product is my expensive must have! Makes my nails look so nourished with a beautiful shine. Can be used alone or as a topcoat. Only downside is that I can only get it to last for around 5 days  deforestation it wears away mainly due to the fact that I wash my hands quite a bit during the day. Otherwise a beautiful product!
This is a wonderful product that leaves your nails with a beautiful, natural “just manicured” look.  I use it on bare nails usually but have also used it as a topper for other nail colours and it even gives colour a fantastic, unique finish.  The price point is a bit high but there is not another product on the market that I have found that is even remotely similar.  Fun fact though- I took it on a recent trip overseas in my checked luggage and during the flight it turned purple.  Go figure!  Regardless, if you work in an industry where clean, manicured nails are required then this product is well worth the purchase.
I found this gave my nails a nice natural sheen that lasts quite well - it really does change the colour of your nail polish. I wear it on top of different colours (it looks amazing over nude colour nail polishes) or on it's own for a natural finish that still looks like you have had a manicure. My favourite part is definitely the brush - the best I have ever used! So easy to apply in a single stroke.