Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk

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Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk is a body moisturiser for very dry skin. It helps bring moisture back and restore the skin’s surface layers. The body milk contains Dove’s DeepCare Complex technology, which imparts both nourishment and moisturisation with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to restore the natural skin barrier and reduce moisture loss. 


Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk


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I don’t have particularly dry skin but I like to use a body moisturiser to make my skin look soft and hydrated.  Dove make some wonderful body products and one of them is the Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk.    The product is packaged in a large, white plastic bottle with a flip-top lid.  The bottle holds 400ml of body milk so I don’t mind splashing it about because the product is really economical.    I mainly use the white, creamy body milk on my arms and legs after showering and patting my skin semi-dry.  The body milk absorbs into my skin really well leaving a soft, nourished feel to my skin. The Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk has a lovely fresh fragrance and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow. The body milk works for me so I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone needing a boost of hydration and moisture.   
I have been using Dove's Body Milk Moisturiser for a few months now and really like it. This moisturiser is perfect for Summer because it is nice and light and has a thin consistency, so doesn't feel heavy on your skin. It has a creamy texture and absorbs quickly and easily without leaving any sticky residue or greasiness and has a really nice light scent that's not overpowering. I have dry skin and apply it straight after a shower to help retain the moisture. I found that it moisturises my skin really well and doesn't irritate it. My skin feels really soft and well hydrated. This moisturiser is great value for money and it also lasts for months as you only need to use a little bit each time.
Five stars go out to essential Nourishment Body Lotion because this budget beauty buy is simply awesome. The lightweight lotion is the perfect consistency for warmer months of the year because it absorbs in with ease and does not leave a sticky residue. The scent is light and reminiscent of the original Dove soap bar and a little tends to go a long way so Essential Nourishment Body Milk will last a few months. You are going to love it! There are two kinds of parabens in the ingredients but apart from that I really like Essential Nourishment Body Lotion. LOVE!