Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner

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Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner is a conditioner to nourish dry hair. It contains Microsheet technology, developed to improve combability, ensuring the brush slides through the hair while limiting breakage. Hair is left feeling soft, nourished and protected and looks healthy and shiny for longer.

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Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner


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The Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner does wonders to my dry and thin hair. Normally I would leave this conditioner on my hair for two minutes as a mini treatment then rinse off. After rinse, my hair feels super smooth and lightweight with a nice healthy shine. My hair feels hydrated and lasts for three to four days.
I trialled this product as part of the secret hair challenge, and unfortunately it didn't agree with my hair and I would not repurchase.  I have lots of long hair, with drier ends and an oily scalp, and I wash it every second day. I didn't find this product to be particularly moisturising. It did the job, but it wasn't anything special, and I can get better moisturising from other supermarket conditioners. My hair would be frizzy and tangled at the ends the next day and just did not look nice. I also found I had to use a lot of this product to untangle my hair and get it throughout my ends. The smell is quite strong, and did last well/ My boyfriend complimented me on the smell of my hair, so it is a nice scent.
It was like gliding on a cloud. So smooth and a great smell to accompany it.
I usually need a handful of Conditioner for my hair, but this was one of those "a little goes a long way" conditioners. The fragrance was lovely not to strong and heady as some, and as someone who likes to let their hair dry naturally, didn't need to use a hair dryer, or products to finish my hair off, it was soft, bouncy and smelled great, I looked good. Thanks
Great product, great fragrance, does the job and my hair was smooth afterwards.
Used in combination with the shampoo, this great smelling product left my frizzy hair soft and easy to comb and straighten. I'm thrilled to get such great results from a supermarket conditioner.
I was really impressed with the Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner. The range contains what’s called a Pro-Moisture Complex, capable of going to the cellular level and leaving the hair moisturised without weighing it down. There’s definitely something about this claim as they make my hair feeling and looking healthier than they really are. The conditioner is lightly scented and has a nice consistency that’s not too heavy, doesn’t just slide down your hair in the shower and is easy to rinse off.  After using it for a while I’ve noticed that the number of new split ends I am often dealing with has drastically decreased, which also made it easier to brush the hair without knotting and causing further damage. And because the product doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it look greasy, I was able to easily apply all the styling or heat protecting sprays, creams or mousses without compromising on volume. I think it’s a great option for people with fine and dry or damaged hair looking for a moisture boost and healthy looking hair.
Wow I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and healthy my hair felt after every wash. It smells amazing and lathers up beautifully so a little goes a long way. My hairdresser even noticed the difference between visits! I'm in love with how fresh, soft and healthy this makes my hair feel.
A nice thick conditioner with a wonderful smell. It almost felt like a mask on my hair. After rinsing, my hair felt smooth and free of tangles. Once dry, my hair didn't feel dried out. I have thick, fluffy hair and although this product made it feel clean and soft, I still needed my usual styling products to tame the frizz.
I found the scent to be nice and not too overpowering. My hair was smooth and more manageable after use than with other products I've tried.
This conditioner left my hair feeling soft and easy to untangle. Scent was okay and product lasted a long time. I would buy again.
Amazing conditioner with a divine fragrance that leaves hair feeling incredibly soft and nurtured.
What an amazing conditioner, when used with the shampoo saw well it made my hair manageable, clean and healthier. The smell is wonderful and very refreshing!
I was very surprised having never tried Dove before, my hair felt soft and silky and noticeably less split ends.
I received this product as part of the secret hair survey, and so I didn't know what the product was (brand, claims etc) and I was absolutely blown away! The shampoo I didn't really go that much on, quite average really, but the conditioner was fantastic. The conditioner left my hair smelling amazing, feeling nice and soft and sleek, and left me feeling amazing. I felt like it really gave my hair a healthy boost, and I was sad when I ran out! It goes a long way and seems like value for money, for the first time ever I found that the shampoo outlasted the conditioner which is almost unheard of for me! I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to others!
Hair felt great, easy to manage, scent awesome Easy on colour
Thank you to the Beauty Crew for choosing me to be one of the people to trail the 'mystery' shampoo & conditioner. The conditioner looks promising, as it's a very thick, rich consistency. But as it's applied to my hair, this rich consistency tends to breakdown literally in my hands. I feel it turn from creamy to watery. I have to use tonnes of the conditioner on my long hair, to make me feel any kind of softness to touch. I always comb my conditioner through, in the shower is the only time I get to comb my hair as it's super-frizzy. As far as conditioners are concerned, this performed on the lower half of the scale for my hair. It didn't rid my hair of knots, so the combing took longer than usual and I found that once I had combed a section clear of knots, I'd concentrate on another section, then when I came back just to put the comb through quickly again, there were more knots. I found when I air-dried my hair after using this conditioner, my hair turned out frizzier than normal, so I believe the shampoo & conditioner combined aren't a good match with my frizzy and very dry hair as it just sucks all the moisture out. Maybe if you had oily scalp/hair it may be a good fit. I also had the offensive smell again with this product. And when I buy my products, the scent is one of the main areas that make my mind up for purchasing, I would never buy this.
I recieved this product in a mystery trial and found that it was incredibly average. The scent was nice but nothing special, and I found myself using quite a lot of product just to cover my hair. My regular conditioner does a much better job smoothing out my hair compared to this product. This is not something I would seek to purchase.
Following on from my review of the Dove hair therapy shampoo- I really enjoyed using the matching conditioner. After a few weeks of consistent use, I found my dry/ split ends to be almost repaired (they were very dry due to daily heat styling!). I absolutely loved the smell of the conditioner. It was very thick and nourishing for my hair and you could really feel the softness after using it. The only slight problem I found was it made my hair a little oilier at the roots more quickly, but if that's the price I pay for having my split ends feeling repaired, I'll take it! I really recommend using the shampoo and conditioner together to benefit from the full effects of this product.
My hair still smelt nice even when it was dry.  I have long locks, so I was impressed with how well this conditioner detangled my hair.  If a conditioner, doesn't do it's job, then I won't buy it again.  This one did it's job and I look forward to buying it.