Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo

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Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo is a shampoo to nourish dry hair. The formula contains a Pro-Moisture Complex, which builds a protective shield around the hair fibre to help it defend against the daily aggressions that cause dullness, leaving it feeling healthy and looking fresh and shiny. 

Price above is for 320mL. Also available in 640mL.


Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo


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The Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo works so well with my dry hair and I love the fragrance. The shampoo cleanse my hair thoroughly without drying it out, instead my hair feels very smooth with a healthy shine. My hair can last for three to four days before the next wash. great product at an affordable price.
This product is what Im waiting for. Cause of my damage hair from my monthly colour. When I start using this, can’t resist in usiing it almost daily. Dove dailyTherapy moisture Shapoo. Glad that I found this product. Thank you for introducing tuis product to us.. love it so much
This shampoo is great for daily use and it goes well with the matching conditioner. Once I use this shampoo, my hair feels soft and manageable. The fragrance is very minimal and I hardly notice it after a while. Used daily, this shampoo leaves my hair shiny and easy to brush thru.m recommend this shampoo for everyday use for the entire family.
This shampoo has a nice fresh scent like the rest of Dove's products and has a creamy smooth/silky texture. It lathers up adequately although doesn't produce as much foam as other shampoos. It cleans my hair well and removes product build/oils leaving it well moisturised and nourished. My hair felt soft and smooth afterwards, making it easy to remove any tangles. It also doesn't leave my roots dry and my hair looked shinier and healthier. This shampoo is great for dry to normal hair, is gentle on your hair and is very affordable.
I trialled this product as part of the secret hair challenge, and unfortunately it didn't agree with my hair and I would not repurchase.  I have lots of long hair, with drier ends and an oily scalp, and I wash it every second day. The product is quite thick, and was difficult to lather and spread through my thick hair. I found I also had to spend a lot of time, more than usual, washing the shampoo out of my hair. This product also left a sticky residue in my hair that was noticeable the next day, and looked particularly gross with the excess oil I had produced the second day as this product did not combat my oiliness either sadly. This may mean it is quite moisturising for the scalp, however I did not notice any moisture aiding my dry ends. My hair was less frizzy than usual after using this product. The smell is quite strong, and did last well/ My boyfriend complimented me on the smell of my hair, so it is a nice scent. I will not be purchasing this shampoo, but am grateful to Beauty Crew for giving me the opportunity to trial it.
It was like gliding on a cloud. So smooth and a great smell to accompany it.
Firstly the fragrance was lovely, not too strong and heady like some.  The Shampoo was really thick and I was worried I would need all of it as I have long hair, but I used say 50 cents size worth and it spread through my hair without issue.  I let my hair dry naturally as usual and had no need to use any product or styling aids, my hair looked thick and soft and smelled really good, I have never used Dove before, but would recommend this to anyone who can't use certain products due to sensitive scalps, it's pretty good.
I feel like this underperformed compared to my regular shampoo and conditioner. The smell was a dead giveaway that this was a supermarket brand and while the product did cleanse my hair, it felt it was too harsh on my hair and my hair became super oily afterwards
Pleasant fragrance and washed my hair well however I still prefer my usual shampoo.
This product smells amazing and leaves hair squeaky clean and soft. This is by far the most superior supermarket shampoo I have tried.
I absolutely love the Dove DailyMoisture Shampoo. The range contains what’s called a Pro-Moisture Complex,capable of going to the cellular level and leaving the hair moisturised without weighing it down. There’s definitely something about this claim as the shampoo(in conjunction with the conditioner) leaves my hair feeling and looking healthier than they really are. The shampoo lathers well, is easy to rinse off and doesn’t weigh the hair down. I can easily apply all the styling or heat protecting sprays, creams or mousses without compromising on volume. I also didn’t notice any product build-up with longer use.  I think it’s a great option for people with fine and dry or damaged hair looking for a moisture boost and healthy looking hair.
Loved the smell and the lather produced. My hair felt super clean afterwards. I have thick, fluffy hair. The product did help with the softness and tamed the fizz a bit, but not much. I still needed my regular styling products to help with this but my hair did smell and feel beautiful.
I found this left my hair fresh and feeling smoother than with other products I've tried. I'd buy it again for sure.
This shampoo cleaned hair thoroughly without stripping it of oils. Hair smelt nice and soft. I also noticed I didn't develop any dandruff or skin issues when using this product, which is common with my sensitive skin. A product I will look out for at the shop!
When used with the conditioner my hair was left feeling fresh, clean and shinny. I found my hair more manageable and less tangly and frizzy. Great product!!!
A nice Shampoo that left my hair feeling clean while still leaving my color vibrant
This shampoo doesn't smell as nice as the conditioner but left my hair feeling lovely and clean. This is the first time that I've found that the shampoo has outlasted the conditioner for me! I still had plenty of shampoo left after I'd ran out of conditioner, the shampoo goes a long way, such good value.
Was great, left hair soft but manageable, gentle on colour, nice scent
Thanks so much Beautycrew and Dove for this opportunity to trial a mystery shampoo and conditioner...was very fun trying to figure out what it was...I didn't! When your little girls tell you your hair looks so beautiful and smells and feels so nice then it's a good thing. I know that this contains harsh ingredients but when you take on a trial you are singing up to the unknown and if people don't have the opportunity to trial products and give back positives or negatives then nothing will change and companies wont get a clue. I do love how soft and healthy my hair feels and looks (having black hair myself the shine is incredible), loved the scent as it lingered for days, the shampoo foamed up so well, a little goes a long way and the conditioner, ever so silky and detangling. This didn't dry my hair out at all being that it is for dry hair and giving nourishment not taking it away. Superb value for money. Thanks for the generous trial sizes.
This is the best shampoo and conditioner at i have ever used. I highly recommend this product for anyone worth dry frizzy hair. After one wash my hair was softer and more manageable. After using it for a week i had less breakage and split ends and i could actually wear my hair down without a gazillion products!!! Absolutist fantastic! Oh, and it smells pretty good too!