Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment

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Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment is a hair treatment oil with a warm oriental fragrance. It absorbs quickly and deeply into the hair strands, nourishing each one internally, as well as nourishing the hair’s surface to give it a shiny, silky texture without feeling greasy. The formula is infused with African macadamia oil to nourish and pamper hair with a weightless, non-greasy finish. Can be used as a pre-wash for nourishment, in-wash for an enhancing treatment, and post-wash for extra hydration.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment


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I have very dry, thin and fragile hair so I have been trying out different hair treatment oils and I must say Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment does wonders to my hair. I use it once a week after wash and apply few drops massage through my hair focusing on the ends then go to bed. The next morning my hair is so smooth, silky with a healthy shine and stay moisturised for the next few days.
5 stars for this amazing gem. Firstly totally awesome packaging.  Glass strong pack. Easy to stand up straight. Pump bottle- dispenses the smallest perfect amount, and you can apply more as required. For me I only need one pump.  (My hair is medium, dry, fine , colored). The oil is lightweight. The smell is gorgeous and is fresh. I rub a small amount in between my hands and smooth it through my hair. The oil contains macadamia oil which is weightless and absorbs instantly into my dry fine hair. Absorbing instantly it makes my fine hair smooth and soft.  It tames frizz and split ends. My dry hair feels so light and healthy. This product won't leave your hair greasy and is easy to wash out. Its perfect for a leave in treatment to hair for pre- washing & post washing as a serum to smooth dry hair. The great thing about this oil is that its a dry oil so doesn't leave hair feeling wet, sticky or heavy.  My hair feels amazing & light yet whooshy! I recommended this for dry hair of all types. How to use- Start small- small amounts firstly. Build up as needed. Best to use on wet hair to style. Rub between hands to warm before applying. Perfect for any hair types but mainly dry damaged hair that needs a boost.
I recently found this product naturally through snapchat and I can't believe I haven't bought it sooner.  I use it after I wash my hair and mainly focus on my ends. PROS Great for taming fly aways  Leaves hair feeling soft and shiny Not to heavy scented Great treatment  Amazing price point Lasts forever  Only use 2-3 drops and mainly focus on ends(depending on length)
I bought my bottle of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment when it was first released and I am very happy with it.    You only need a few drops on the palms of your hands to warm it up a little and then smooth it through your hair.  So it is very economical to use.    I use it when the ends of my hair have dried out or to hold down flyaway hair when I have my hair pulled back.  It absorbs pretty quickly and it doesn’t look or feel too oily once applied.  It actually gives my hair a lovely shine.       It has a lovely scent too that isn’t overpowering.   I’ll definitely be buying this again in the future.  
This is a nice hair oil from Dove. It is lightly scented and the oil is lightweight so absorbs into your hair quickly. It leaves your hair soft and silky without that awful greasy feel and is easy to wash out. You only need a small amount and for best results warm the oil between your palms before applying. It works great on both damp and dry hair and I found my tangles easier to comb out. It comes in a pretty glass bottle with a twist lock lid which is very handy to keep the oil from spilling. Overall this is a great quality hair oil that is good value for money as one bottle lasts a long time.
When my hairdresser daughter suggested that I use a hair oil I thought she was crazy.  Who on earth wanted oily hair?  It made no sense to me that putting oil on my damp hair meant that my hair would dry and feel wonderfully weightless and not at all greasy, but I was willing to give it a try. There are many different hair oils out there but the Dove Hair Oil sounded quite exotic with African Macadamia Oil and amazingly great value for the 100 ml bottle.  This was my first hair oil purchase.  As far as great value is concerned,  I found that two pumps was enough to cover my very long yet rather fine hair. That means this bottle will honestly last me for about 6 months.  Each pump issues a small amount of product, which is brilliant as there is nothing worse then pumps that give you way too much product to use.  I simply pump the required amount of oil into my hand and then rub my hands together and run my fingers through the mid-lengths to the tips of my hair.  Right away my hair is super easy to comb and there are no tangles.  That's pretty amazing for me as my hair tangles very easily.  Once it's dried it has a wonderful smoothness and glossy shine, it feels replenished and stronger. I really love this hair oil and it's something that I now feel is an essential in my haircare routine.  It's wonderful straight after I put a colour through my hair, which is when my hair can feel its most fragile.  The Dove Hair Oil gives me the confidence that I can colour my hair and the Dove Dry Hair Oil will make sure my hair stays looking wonderful with a healthy shine. The bottle is great with a pump that locks securely for travel.  I would love it if there was perhaps a small 30 ml bottle for travel, that was made of  a sturdy plastic rather than the glass bottle that the 100 ml is made out of. Dove Dry Hair Oil would be a fantastic addition to your haircare routine.  Try it.  I know you won't be disappointed.
I love this product! I use it as a leave-in treatment after washing my hair & it leaves a great light scent to your hair while also moisturising & reducing fizziness, particularly for the ends of your hair. The texture of the oil is thicker than most serums but if you warm it slightly by rubbing it in your palms before applying it the product melts slightly & is easily to apply, your hair will absorb it quickly & it adds great shine, a little goes a long way!
I bought this oil with In Style magazine once and it has been my hair treatment oil of choice since.First of all, the packaging is pretty and very handy, a glass bottle with a pump, probably the best way to distribute oil. We can control the amount of oil coming out from the bottle. Second, the fragrance is very strong and very pretty, smells like perfume and lingers on the hair for a long time. Some might find it too overpowering but I like it. It makes my hair smell nice. The formula is not too heavy, although the oil itself is thick, it adds shine and gloss, that's for starters. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil also makes my hair velvety smooth and soft, it doesn't make my hair look greasy. The oil can be used on wet and dry hair, makes it look nourished and healthy. When I find my hair too frizzy I always use a few drops of this oil and the problem is gone. When applied to wet hair, it makes brushing and combing easy. I have to say I think this oil is value for money and very good quality.
This is a beautiful to use oil treatment for my hair. It is a thick and highly scented oil. I apply about 3 drops to completely coat my hair, from root to ends and then wrap my hair in a towel and let the oil nourish my hair and scalp for atleast 30 minutes. Afterwards, I wash it off with shampoo in the shower. It is a thick oil, so I use a bit more than usual amount of shampoo and clean my hair. This oil is too thick to apply and wear in my hair during the daytime. It smells like sweet perfume and comes in a glass bottle. Repurchase? Yes, when I want a nourishing leave in treatment for my hair.