Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash

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Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash is a body wash that deeply nourishes skin while it cleans. It contains Dove’s NutriumMoisture® technology which combines ultra mild cleansers and a unique blend of skin-natural moisturisers. Rich in essential oils, it deeply absorbs within the skin’s surface to nourish it and retain moisture. 

Price above is for 375mL. Also available in 1L.


Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash


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Clean and gentle on my body

I am the main user of the Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash in my family as the rest of my family prefer the Dove Beauty Cream Bar. I have it in the 375ml bottle, although the bigger the bottle the cheaper it is per ml and the larger bottles come with a pump. I use this with my mesh sponge and the white lotion lathers up nicely. I really like the fragrance, it smells clean and fresh and wont clash with perfumes. Its gently on my skin and I never leave the shower feeling like my skin has been stripped of moisture.
"Softer, smoother skin after just one shower." I normally don't pay attention to such extravagant claims, but in this case, I've found it to be true. Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash hydrates and nourishes like no other body wash, and this becomes more obvious to me each time I go back to it in shame after I've strayed and experimented with newer, shinier products. But it doesn't judge my philandering ways; no, it just envelopes me in a rich lather that leaves my skin supple and velvety. The thick, creamy consistency of the product means I only need two pumps to use with my exfoliating gloves to wash my entire, admittedly small, body. The mousse-like lather is neither soapy nor bubbly, which to me is a great sign of a product containing less detergent, and is thus less likely to cause irritation. The scent is a tiny bit old-fashioned, but clean, so it doesn't mess with the fragrance of my perfume. This leaves my skin so soft and moisturised, that on hot, humid days, I can skip the lotion. And not to advocate against shaving gels, but in a pinch, this works as a great substitute. Pros: - Very moisturising - Repairs and protects skin barrier - Clean, non-gender specific fragrance - One bottle lasts ages Cons: - Contains sulphates - Not cruelty-free This is a gentle cleanser that I always go back to and is perfect for the entire family, except for people with very sensitive skin.
When I can't decide which shower gel to take I always go for Dove. This is the brand I can trust. I know that their products are created for the sensitive skin and with the addition of moisturising agents, they will not dry my skin out. I also have a choice between a few bottle sizes and can go with the huge bottle for the great price! Value for money definitely. Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash has a thick creamy consistency. It lathers beautifully and creates a mousse like sensation on the body. The product smells in a subtle way too, the scent is not overpowering and therefore even my husband will use this body wash as it smells clean and not like a girl. :). The only thing I am not a fan of is the fact that if we use too much product, it can be hard to rinse off. With Dove, the skin feels clean and fresh, it is soft and doesn't feel dry at all. A staple in my shower.
Dove body wash is always in my shower. My husband and sons also love it. It smells great and no messy bars of soap left to melt in the shower. I find it economical, easy to use and very nurturing. I feel fresh clean and softly scented no squeaky skin and dried out pores. I will continue to buy and enjoy :)
This body wash is one of the most moisturising body wash I've ever used. The texture of the body wash is very velvety. It smells really lovely. It's very creamy. When I shower, it feels really silky and feels really smooth and soft against my skin. It does a great job at cleansing my body skin and it gets rid of my day's sweat, dirt and oil but it doesn't overstrip my skin's natural body oils. It also adds moisturise into my body skin. I recommend this body wash for the whole family. It's really gentle on the skin so anyone can use it.
For those who have normal or dry skin, using bar soap can be out of the question.  They are drying and strip the body of oils leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.  For that reason I use liquid body washes and Dove is my preferred brand.  They come in a large size, 375 ml, which always lasts me at least several months making it very economical.  The body wash comes in a flip top lid bottle, making it easy to use and causes no mess or spillage in the shower.  It's oh so creamy and makes my skin super dreamy.  It's soft to the touch, moisturising and gives my skin a thorough clean.  The hydration lasts all day, I almost don't feel a need to use a body lotion!  It's suitable for the whole family, even for those with sensitive skin.
A great moisturising body wash that will last you ages! It has a light yet creamy texture with that classic dove smell that we all know and love.  It comes in a flip top lid, so pouring it out is easy and mess free.  Plus it's plastic so I don't have to worry about it slipping out my hands. It has a nice lather to it and I use it for washing all over my body.  My arms and legs tend to be very dry and itchy, especially during winter, and I love how nourishing it is.  It calms my skin and leaves it feeling soft.  My whole body feels clean and it doesn't dry out my skin.
Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash is truly a gem and such good value for money. The scent is light and non-invasive, the formula leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and PH-adjusted so my skin does not feel tight or dried out. The pump applicator make application so easy, the ingredients within the product are not natural, but safe enough for use once or twice daily. I would pay more for this product if it contained more natural ingredients within, but all in all Triple Moisturising Body Wash is a great body wash.
I absolutely love this, is just as lovely and creamy and moisturising as the dove soap block is, even more so! It has a delightful scent and leaves my skin feeling moisturised all over. I buy it often!
This is a fantastic  body wash when you're suffering  from dry skin. Its not too runny or too creamy and lathers up reasonably  well. The scent is pretty and delicate and wont clash with your perfumes. It leaves skin so hydrated that moisturisation after showering isnt necessary. This is basically a body wash and moisturiser in one! The price is fantastic  so Im actually happy to share this particular  product  with the rest of my household and they all seem to like it too. Possibly my favorite  Dove product. I'd  recommend  this for anyone
I stumbled across this body wash at the shops when we were stocking up and I am so glad I did! It has that beautiful, light Dove scent and is extremely soft and luscious on your skin. It makes a good amount of lather and leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished after use. My partner who has forever been a soap man has now actually changed to body wash off the back of using this product. I can't rate it high enough, it is magical!
First of all, I have to say what a generous sized body wash and secondly, "what a beautiful feeling"! Having a dry skin I fell in love with this deeply nourishing body wash from the first use with its creamy texture that lathers up to create a soft, smooth and clean feeling on my skin and the fact that the moisture stays all day is such a bonus. The scent of this creamy dream is so fresh and delicate, very much like the Dove bar soap smell. The flip top is very convenient, no spills, no fuss and that's excellent as my two girls tend to get into all of my shower products and spill everything. My family use this body wash all year round and there is sure to be a comment when someone has used the bath because of the beautiful scent that lingers. My skin is always dry/dehydrated/sensitive and this is my go-to body wash for all of its wonderful benefits.
A favorite of mine. This body wash is amazing, leaving you feeling so refreshed and clean. Smells great too.
I love this body wash. It has the classic clean, soap scent that's so symbolic of the original Dove products. This body wash is used by my entire family and is gentle enough for daily wash. It is non drying, and keeps my skin feeling soft after my shower. It has an easy to use flip top lid so I just pour some out onto a wash cloth to use. It gives me a clean refreshing and satisfying wash. Repurchase/ Yes, many times.
I love this product, it really moisturises your skin without drying it out. It smells great but can be difficult to lather, so I recommend using it with a cleansing puff or something similar. It is very affordable & leaves you feeling clean and fresh.
I only use Dove body wash. You really do notice a difference in your skin. The triple moisturizer leaves the skin hydrated and soft, not sticky like some washes that put emphasis on extra hydration.