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Dyson Corrale™ Straightener uses patented Dyson flexing plates that shape to gather hair, delivering enhanced styling with less hair damage, whilst also providing cord-free versatility. Achieve outstanding style anywhere, at any time – quicker.

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Dyson Corrale™ Straightener


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Game changer….no more tangled cord!

I can confidently say that the Dyson Corrale Straightener in Black Nickel / Fuchsia is a game-changer for professional hairstylists or anyone looking to achieve salon-quality results at home. First off, the design is stunning. The sleek black nickel finish paired with vibrant fuchsia accents not only looks chic but also reflects its premium quality. The straightener feels comfortable to hold and maneuver, which is crucial for long salon sessions. What makes the Corrale truly exceptional is its flexing plates technology. These innovative plates, made from manganese copper alloy, adapt to the hair's thickness and texture, ensuring even heat distribution and reduced heat damage. This level of precision is essential for achieving smooth, shiny styles without compromising hair health. Temperature control is another standout feature. With three heat settings—165°C, 185°C, and 210°C —I have the flexibility to adjust according to different hair types and styling needs. This versatility allows for effective straightening, curling, or waving while minimising heat exposure. I recommend 165°C and heat protectant spray safeguard your hair from heat damage without compromising on style. One of the Corrale's standout features is its cordless operation (LOVE)!!!! This feature not only enhances manoeuvrability but also eliminates the hassle of cords tangling or limiting movement around clients. The rechargeable battery provides sufficient power for one full styling session. The included charging dock ensures quick charging in-between clients. In terms of performance, the Corrale delivers exceptional results. The plates glide smoothly through hair without snagging, making it easy to create sleek, professional-looking styles. Whether I'm working with fine, straight hair or thick, curly locks, the Corrale handles it all with ease, leaving behind smooth, glossy strands. While the Dyson Corrale comes with a higher price tag, it's a worthwhile investment for professionals like myself or any hair enthusiast. Its advanced technology, ergonomic design, cordless convenience, and exceptional styling capabilities make it a standout choice in the salon industry. So, whether you're a professional hairstylist or just a hair enthusiast looking to channel your inner diva, the Dyson Corrale is the straightener you didn't know you needed—until now. It's a hair revolution in a sleek, fuchsia package, ready to transform your mane into a masterpiece with every swipe.

Excellent but expensive

I found the Dyson Corrale straightener to be an excellent hair straightener but for the price I was expecting it to significantly outperform my existing GHD hair straightener. Frustratingly (given the price of the Dyson), I often find myself still reaching for my old straightener, for day to day use. Pros: - the cordless option makes styling easier (and also makes it feel less heavy and bulky than it appears); - the heat can be adjusted for your hair type; - it doesn't feel like it is damaging your hair and leaves hair silky; - It is easy to style my hair so it still has some volume and doesn't sit flat against my head. When I want more volume/movement in my hair, rather than a pin straight look, I prefer the Dyson straightener. Cons: - it's expensive - I waited for a sale to purchase it and it was still more expensive than my other hair straightener; - the battery only lasts around 30 minutes, however, this is long enough to style my medium length, frizzy hair. I return it to the charging cradle whilst sectioning my hair, so it continues to charge. I have not personally found the battery life an issue; - the charger cradle and plug are together quite bulky so they take up a bit of real estate on the counter top or in a drawer when storing - and I pull out the whole lot if I am using it. I often end up just reaching for my other hair straightener, particularly if I am in a hurry; - my hair doesn't feel like it 'glides' as smoothly through the Dyson as my other straightener. Whilst this is really a very, very minor thing, it is, oddly, one of the reasons I still sometimes prefer to use my other straightener; - the end result between the Dyson and my other (less expensive) hair straightener seem very similar to me. Overall, this is a great hair straightener. If price is not an issue and if you don't already own a good quality hair straightener, this one is worth considering....especially if you can pick it up on sale. I personally did not find it enough of a 'game changer' that I would purchase it again if it breaks as there are other high quality, less expensive options that meet my limited needs and appear to achieve a similar result for my hair. [For reference, I have course, medium, naturally wavy hair that I always straighten as it is a frizzy mess if left to its own devices. I prefer to wear my hair straight but with some volume (ie. not flat against my head) and I don't curl my hair].
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The Dyson Corrale is simply the BEST

Thank you BeautyCrew this is hands down the best ReviewCrew to be a part of. Every time I wash my hair, after letting it air dry, I have used the Dyson Corrale, and it is a pure treat every single time because it makes my hair look amazing and is a joy to use. I have been raving to my friends about how amazing the Corrale is. When you first pull it out of the box, you may notice that it’s a bit heavier than some other brand names on the market, but you don’t notice this weight when using it. Its is a pretty black and pink straightener, which looks nice displayed. I have wavy/curly hair, my hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. I love that with the Dyson Corrale, I only need to go over a section once and its straight, super smooth and sleek. I feel like this is so much gentler on my hair, and not to mention it just saves so much time. Having used the Corrale for a few weeks most days, my hair is still in great condition and hasn’t had any heat damage whatsoever. This is so different to other straighteners where I can feel the damage to my hair and need to do regular hair masks to counteract this. Some of other fabulous features are: - three heat settings, so less damage to my hair. It even helpfully beeps to tell you it’s on the heat setting you have selected. The two lowest settings work wonders, and I ended up only needed the lowest heat setting to get smooth and sleek hair because the Corrale is so efficient. Which as someone who gets blonde foils regularly is great because I’m all about minimising heat damage. - it has flexible plates that grip your hair – no going over sections more than once or missing parts of your hair! - cordless – I cannot tell you how much I love this feature. It great that I can style my hair anywhere/on the go if need be and not need to be near a power point. - for my hair, personally I found the battery life to be great, I usually have it on the lowest or second lowest setting, and the battery lasted for at least 45 minutes. It only takes about 20 mins for me to do my hair, so even if I am fussing around with the Corrale, or styling the battery life is good enough for me to finish all of my hair. - if the battery runs out you can just plug while doing your hair. The cord is extra long, and the stand is so convenient to rest the straightener in, and the stand is able to charge the Corrale while you rest it. - it has a lock so can you pack your straightener away without needing to wait for it to cool down. Also, this is going to be super handy for when I am finally able to travel again. - the Corrale turns itself off if you haven’t been using it. So no more panics mid-way through the day that I have left the straightener on and will burn down the house. - the velvet case is luxurious and will protect the Corrale/make it easy to carry in your bag. As a person who relies on hair tools to make myself look presentable, I have used many straighteners over the years, and the Dyson Corrale is the best!!! The masterclass itself was so lovely to be a part and hear about the research and development and tech that Dyson had invested in developing the Corrale. It was also great to learn how I could use the Dyson Corrale to style lovely looking beachy waves and lots of different varieties of curls with the straightener – making the Corrale so versatile. I really like how using the Corrale makes my hair look great and that boosts my confidence so much. It has so so so many great features to LOVE! If I hadn’t been on the trial, my biggest hesitation would be the price. At this price point you may need to think about it since it’s an investment. But having using the Corrale for a thorough amount of time, I think its price is very much justified for the amazing results, especially for me when a straightener is a tool that I use daily. So I need my straightener to be long lasting, top quality, durable, convenient, gentle on my hair and deliver perfect results every single time, and that’s what the Dyson Corrale delivers. Now excuse me now, while I am off to do some budgeting and some saving since I am now a Dyson hair tool convert, I think I’ll start saving up for the airwrap. If you use a straightener on the regular, the Dyson Corrale is the ONE to save up for, I highly recommend it.
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Worth the splurge

So much to say, so let's get started : Out if the package I immediately was surprised at the weight of the straightener. It felt solid, it felt well engineered, and ready for action. On the flip side however, the bulk and weight made me a bit anxious about its ease of use - would it get too heavy? Could I manoeuvre it well? My fears were short lived. Once you get used to the weight of the device, you can use it to your advantage. The lower heat setting really does the job well in my fine hair, without feeling like it's burning off, using that with the weight of the device straightened my hair really well. Considering this can be used cordless, this allowed ease of use despite the weight as you don't have to contend with the cord. While fine for my shorter shoulder length hair, this may be an issue for those with longer locks. Of course, you can use it corded at any time. My favourite thing of all however is how the barrel doesn't get hot. With my shorter hair, getting in and around my face, curling hair etc tends to be risky due to accidentally touching my face with straighteners. No issue here! Can even hold the barrel to curl your hair - making it soooo much easier to manoeuvre! My hair also didn't feel damaged like it can be after styling - less frizz, so much smoother, all with a lower heat setting. The only downsides is literally the limited battery life off the cord, and the price. The price, while steep, can be justified for those that use straighteners frequently and want to splurge on themselves - I don't think you'd be disappointed.
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Superstar Straightener

I was extremely lucky to be able to trial the Dyson Corrale hair straightener and I do believe it’s a game changer. As a hairdresser myself I am all over just about all the products and tools out there in the market and I really do believe the Dyson is a cut above the rest. When you first take it out of the box it does look like it would be heavy to use but it’s surprisingly light. You also don’t have to have this on the highest setting either. In fact, the heat setting of 165 degrees made it more than achievable in creating smooth, shiny and straight hair and gets rid of the frizz. This obviously is much kinder to the hair as it doesn’t feel like you are damaging it at all once you have done this and applied heat protection with it. Two of the biggest features though which make it really stand out are of the fact that you can use it cordless (huge benefit) and then just put it on the charging dock that it comes with and also when you grab pieces of hair to straighten, it doesn’t lose tension which means you don’t feel like you have to pull down on the hair and so looking after the integrity of the hair. You really can see that Dyson have put a huge amount into the design and features of the Corrale. Other elements of the Corrale are an auto shut off which I love and also a flight ready feature for the day we can travel again! Comes with a heat resistant pouch as well if you ever want to put it away but I have mine permanently on the dock. Aesthetically, I love the fuchsia colour too! Yes it may be higher in price, but in this instance, you really do get what your pay for so well worth it.
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Revolutionary technology, incredible straightener

The Dyson Corrale really blew me away. It's incredibly expensive but well worth the price. There is no other hair straightener like it on the market - it's creative, inventive and fast. To truly appreciate a Dyson product - I truly believe one must understand it's history. Dyson invests a lot of time to try and bring the best products to the market and the Corrale is no different. It is the first hair straighter to have flexing plates. At first I didn't really understand the need for it and it wasnt until use I could appreciate the even straightening of my hair. It truly makes the straightening process a dream. I also found the process to be smooth and fast and was able to use the straightener on a low heat to achieve fantastic outcome. That's always a win for me as there's less damage - I would still use a heat protecting regardless. My hair is quite damaged having undergone a few bleach sessions so it is typically quite dry and tangly. After using the Corrale to straighten my hair, my hair was smoother and silkier which I definitely appreciate. You have the ability to use the Corrale corded and cordless. I personally loved using it cordless. There is about 30 mins of battery when cordless and although initially I thought that wasn't enough time - I found the Corrale was able to straighten or curl my hair before it ran out of battery. The magic of the Corrale really stems from its multi-use as a straightener and curler. The edges were designed to be able to achieve easy curls and I love it. I'm terrible with curls and managed to curly hair loosely easily. I truly think the cordless nature of the Corrale has been fantastic for curls without having to manage and manouever a cord around your head. Overall, a revolutionary product in my books. It is worth noting the Corrale is heavier and thicker than your typical straightener. I personally think the weight has been distributed well, fits perfect on my hands and feels luxe but some may find it heavy/big.
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Dyson has done it again!

The Dyson Corrale is a great looking, high quality hair styling tool. With its game-changing flexing plates, my hair glides through effortlessly and the added cordless functionality mades curling and waving so much easier with no messy tangled cords. Having colour treated hair, I love that the Dyson Corrale offers three different heat settings and the option to use the lower setting of 165 degrees celsius, gives me some peace of mind knowing that this straightener is less much damaging to my hair. I did find that I had to go over the same section of hair 2-3 times, but my hair felt softer and shinier than with my other well known brand straightener. Also, while the Dyson Corrale left my hair straight and smooth, it was not as poker straight as with my other straightener. I actually don't mind this though, as it left my hair with some nice gentle volume which I prefer. Also, having very thick hair, which takes longer to style, I would love if the battery lasted a little longer. I found that I had to plug it back into the charger after 30 minutes. Of course, for people with a standard amount of hair, this would not be an issue! I would recommend this product to anyone who has colour treated, or damaged hair and is concerned about using excessive heat on their hair. Also, if you want to try waving and curling, I found this tool much easier to use especially when cordless. I really love this tool and am looking forward to many years of great styling. Its price is much higher than for other well known hair straighteners, but in my opinion it is in a class of its own and is well worth it. It is going to save many expensive trips to the hairdresser and will pay for it self many, many times over.
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The Hair Goddess!!

I was very excited to be chosen to participate in the online virtual masterclass for the new Dyson Corrale Straightener and it was a great event that I was honoured to be able to attend. We had the opportunity to learn all about this amazing product from the professionals who showed us how to use it properly and gave us the chance to ask any questions, which was very helpful and useful. It also helped give an insight into other people’s hair problems. The masterclass was run very professionally and it was great to see everyone involved in this experience to launch this wonderful new product into the market. It was awesome to see the Dyson Corrale in action and the best way to use, as this was helpful when it was my own turn to trial it out on my own hair and see what results I could achieve myself. When I opened up the box for the Dyson Corrale Straightener the product felt pretty heavy in my hand in comparison to my usual hair straightener, so I was a bit worried that it would be harder to use due to the extra weight. But when I started to use it, it felt alright as it gave me nice control and helped me to maneuver it over my hair quickly. I only needed to run it through my hair once to get it silky and smooth, which was a nice surprise. It heats up pretty quickly so you can use it even when you are in rush. There are different heat settings to help cater for your specific hair needs. The OLED display helps to indicate the heat setting and battery life, which is helpful when using this item. The stand is easy to use and helps to hold and charge the Dyson Corrale Straightener, and looks great sitting on my beauty bench. I love that this hair straightener is cordless as this is key unique selling point. It was wonderful that the battery lasts for about 30 minutes, which is a fair amount of time to achieve silky smooth hair. Its great as you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in your way when you are tying to style your hair as this can make it difficult sometimes, so I really like this cordless option as you can also style your hair anywhere not just the bathroom power point. The other added bonus is that you can also take this straightener with you in your bag or when you travel which is wonderful, all these extra elements make this your dream hair straightener. The colour is adorable in a pink and black design as it makes it more girlie. The tourmaline plates help you straighten your hair with less damage, which is important when I colour my hair and it’s fragile already. It’s good that the hair straightener doesn’t get hot on the outside and burn your face or fingers if you hold it too close. The 10-minute auto shutdown is wonderful just in case I forget to turn it off on my rush to work in the morning. The price point for this product is quite high but if you go to the hairdressers to regularly straightener your hair it would be worth it to buy this item and do it yourself and have perfect hairdresser looking hair every single day, not just when you visit the hairdressers. I love the Dyson Corrale Straightener as it’s a very luxurious tool and is an investment to guarantee you stunning looking smooth hair every time you use it.
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Game changing!

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is incredible! I was completely blown away, and I now get to enjoy amazing hair all the time. I honestly didn't even notice the weight of it, and the cordless feature is a game changer. I have wavy (frizzy at times), fine hair - but a lot of it! The Corrale straightener doesn't burn my hair or damage it. The first thing I noticed was the lack of heat I felt in my hair. The ability to change the temperature allows me to use less than 200 degrees on my hair. I use the lowest setting and I only have to run the straightener through my hair once. The result is a sleek, smooth, healthy looking head of hair - as if I've just walked out of the hair salon. I can't recommend this straightener enough, it looks like I've just had a blowout. I find it actually lasts a longer than using a normal straightener. I live in a humid part of Australia and my hair can get frizzy or kinky, even when it's straightened. I haven't had that problem with the Corrale which is great going into our hot summer. I think the price of the straightener is definitely worth it given all of the amazing features. Not only is the straightener cordless, it has a charging dock, that conveniently notifies you when the straightener has started charging. The straightener can be reattached to the cord during use if you're low on battery. There's an OLED display that shows the battery level as well as the different temp settings you can use. The straightener automatically turns off after 10 mins of inactivity, which is such a handy safety feature for those days you're rushing and forget. There are countless others, but I think the best feature is how healthy it keeps my hair. I could never imagine going back to a standard straightener after this. I've never had so many compliments on my hair! Your hair health will also thank you!
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FOR BACKGROUND: My hair is medium length, dyed (shade: mushroom/blonde), wavy but hangs semi straight and is regular thickness. I do not regularly use a hair straightener as I am currently working from home however on days when I do go into the office or go out I generally wear my hair out, having blow dried and straightened it. MY PROS: - Cord-free!! I don't need to put it down when sectioning my hair - and I don't need to maneuver around a cable either! SO good. - It took next to no time at all to completely straighten my hair - MAX. 15mins tops! - For my hair type, I only need to use the straightener over each section of hair once (no double or triple go overs!) and I only need to use it on the lowest temperature setting. - My hair doesn't feel super hot after going through the straightener unlike when I've used other straighteners in the past and my hair has fallen on my face/neck and semi-burnt me. - After straightening, the Corrale left my hair feeling SO silky, glossy, soft and not frizzy - in fact, it was the straightest I've EVER seen it but not flat or lifeless at all. - I love the extra part at the ends of the straightener blades as I don't burn myself when I accidentally bump myself. With my other straightener the heat pads go right up to the end and I couldn't tell you how many times I've accidentally done this. - The outside of the Corrale doesn't get super hot to touch - I could hold it in my hand and although it's warm, not burn myself at all. MY CONS: - The weight - it is twice as heavy as my regular hair straightener. In saying this, although I was a little shocked at how heavy it is at first, after opening the box, taking all the bits and pieces out, and having a bit of a play, I quickly got used to it and now I barely notice it at all! - The battery only lasts 30mins. I know my hair doesn't take that long to do BUT I feel like I could only really take it out with me on the go if I took it out with me for touch ups - I'd definitely be taking the cable with me if I was staying somewhere overnight and needed to do my hair the next day. - The price - it is a little exxy at $699. Though, if I did have a spare $699 around AND my current hair straightener died, I'd totally buy it.
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Luxury that delivers - for the right hair

Is it worth the hype and price? I found several pro's to the Dyson that made this question a resounding 'yes' - for me. At first I found the sound quite disturbing. A bit like hair being snagged. I soon realised that this was the plates 'grabbing' the hair and I didn't need to clamp so hard on the plates. Problem solved. Also reassures me that it's probably doing less damage than others! Not having the cord I found much easier to create curls and be able to stash in a bag for a night away. My hair usually takes 5-10 mins to style so I had no issue with the battery. I only need to charge every 3 uses. However, I did find lack of battery life quite surprising. If I had curlier hair, this may be an issue. Speaking of the battery, it's really not that heavy! It's also super quick to heat up. I have dyed blonde hair and have always had an issue with dullness. This is the first straightener I've used that gave a glossy result. Amazing. You also DO NOT need to crank up the heat like with other straighteners. 165 degrees was absolutely adequate. There's never any frizz when I straighten, and my curls last for days. Can't ask for more. Overall, I really enjoy using it and would recommend.
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Great machine, but less great price

Well, I have to say this product has all the tech behind it, and it looks the goods. After watching the provided Zoom session, which was very informative (thanks Beauty Crew!), it gave me useful tips on how to use. I was rather concerned about the weight as I have tennis elbow, however it was not really noticeable when using. The hands-free is off course great, no cords to get tangled. I did still find it a little tricky to get used to the slightly bulkier size, but it's getting easier. The battery drains fairly quickly but lasts about 30 minutes - may not be enough if trying to do an involved style. But you can plug it in, although I thought the cord was excessively long. It did a good job straightening my hair, and it seemed to last a lot longer than a normal straightener did. I still found my hair was a bit frizzy, but it is also due for a haircut so has some dead ends. It did curls and waves quite well too. I would definitely buy this over others - but like all Dyson products the price point is excessive to me. There's no way I could afford $700, although I do note it is cheaper on EBay. Maybe $200 at the most? It seems priced for commercial use, for salons rather than the general public. But if you used in a salon the battery life might be a problem. Anyway a huge bonus to be sent it to try, and a great product overall!
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Amazing, but expensive

I was one of the super lucky ones that got to try out the Dyson Corrale Straightener as a part of the Review Crew. When I first tried out the Corrale, I thought I should test it out by setting the heat to 185 degrees. When using other straighteners, I would normally crank the heat to the highest it could go in order to achieve the results I wanted (rookie mistake). This ended up causing significant damage to my already super thin hair. So when I tested out the Corrale and I was setting the heat to the mid-range setting, and found that my hair felt as though it was breaking as I was straightening it. However, once I dropped the heat down to 165, I was still achieving the same styling results without causing as much damage to my hair. One of the other features that I love about the Corrale is that the outside of the tongs does not get super hot – this means that there is no chance of accidentally burning my cheeks or neck (which is something that I have done quite a few times in the past). I love that I can choose whether to use the straightener as corded or cordless. The battery when using the cordless function at 165 degrees lasts for approximately 40 minutes which is more than enough time for me to straighten or curl my entire head. Especially since you only have to go over each section of hair once – another one of the benefits of using the Corrale. After multiple uses, I found that you don’t have to use much tension when straightening or curling your hair. The more tension you use, the more damage it is likely to cause. Another thing which I really like is that the straightener turns itself off after 10 minutes. Meaning I no longer have to worry whether I left the straightener on once I’ve left the house. The only downfall I’ve found so far is the price. As much as I like the straightener, I don’t know if I could justify paying $700 myself for it. It is definitely a splurge item so could be perfect as a present idea for a birthday or Christmas.
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Game changing hair straightener

The Dyson Corrale Straightener has to be one of the most revolutionary and game changing hair tools. Dyson are known as an incredibly innovative company, and this does not disappoint. Thank you so much Beauty Crew for allowing me to trial this product. Off the bat, yes it's an expensive tool, but I really think this is worth it if you are someone who styles their hair often. You save so much time due to the unique heating plates which mould to your hair. This means your hair does not fall out at the ends. This is such a game changer as it makes it so easy to style your hair. The straightener itself looks beautiful and it's cordless, which to my understanding is revolutionary. This makes it, again, so easy to use. Dyson advises that it lasts for about 30 minutes on a charge. It also comes with a charging dock, and you can also use it with the power cord attached. This means it's so flexible to use and provides you with a bunch of options if you also travel with a hair straightener. It has an 'airplane mode' sort of feature as well which allows you to bring this as carry on, as it contains batteries. As someone who's a bit of a hair styling novice, I found this easy to use and was able to both straighten and curl my hair. The first thing I have noticed is that my hair looks so shiny and smooth, all on the lowest heat setting. I can definitely see that if I was to use this every day, it wouldn't be as damaging as other straighteners. I really look forward to using this to style my hair in all sorts of ways, especially for special events such as weddings! I feel confident that I can pull off a lovely hairstyle with this straightener, and I really enjoy using this tool.
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In love with this Dyson Corrale

Using the Dyson Corrale Straightener has come to be my favourite part of my day. The initial concern that it was too heavy quickly settled after only minutes of using it. This straightener is super easy to use and creates a salon-like finish which I absolutely LOVE! My favourite feature is the wireless functionality, which gives me the option to take it off the stylish docking station and take with me wherever I go. Something I found AMAZING was the fact that it doesn’t overheat, a problem I have found with other straighteners. I have bleach blonde hair and was really happy with how smooth it felt on my hair and even with the max heat, my hair wasn’t damaged. Overall, I am really impressed with this Dyson Corrale straightener, it is a really beautiful straightener with amazing features allowing you the option to style your hair anyway you like while still leaving your hair super healthy! Would highly recommend :)
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Not what I expected but I am pleasantly surprised!

The experience of opening a Dyson product is like no other. The presentation takes the whole experience of trying something new to a whole new level. Upon opening the box the Corrale was heavier than expected however the weight does not hinder use at all - in fact you forget quite quickly that it is slightly heavier than your average straightener. What I found amazing about the Corrale is the way it straightens hair, it doesn’t leave it dead flat stuck to your head crispy the way traditional straighteners do. It manages to smooth the hair, straighten it and someone still leave it looking like it had volume. I was super impressed by this. The charging function is also very handy, 30 minutes of cord free power was a very exciting step in technology to see and can see this greatly benefiting also professional hairdressers. The technology and research that went into this product shows and I truly believe Dyson invests 100% into their products. I know I learnt details about the Corrale I would never ever realise had to be considered in the product development. This has replaced my existing straightener and is highly recommended from me and my frizzy unruly hair!
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Amazing hair straightener!

Dyson Corrale Straightener is an amazing hair straightener. The plates are made of manganese copper alloy plates that flex around your hair to gather it effortlessly, giving you extra control and less hair damage. It has 3x different heat settings for minimal hair damage, and it glides so well over the hair that you only need to go over each section once (unlike multiple times with other hair straighteners) to get the desired result, meaning way less damage. The design is so pretty, and the charger stand is equally as beautiful, I’ve got it sitting on my dresser in my bedroom and it looks great! It is also cordless (up to 30 minutes from fully charged), which is AMAZING! I can straighten my hair in any room of the house. I also usually struggle curling my hair, but found it SO easy with this! The results of this hair straightener are amazing, I get comments saying that my hair looks so “straight and healthy” every time I use it. I love this hair straightener, and whilst $699 seems like a high price point, after trialing this, can say it is most definitely an investment that is worth making. Highly recommend this hair straightener.
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Sexy hair! Yeah yeah!

Wow! This is the most luxurious hair tool I’ve ever used! It’s slick aerodynamic design not to mention the fact it’s cordless(!!!!) makes it so easy to get around all those weird spots that kink up around your head. It’s cute pink and black design is just beautiful. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a Dyson product. It’s plates catch hair that falls out while styling as well, which means you won’t leave long strands everywhere later when you go out (hi, I’m a malter). The tourmaline plates ensure you straighten and style your hair with less damage. My hair styled so well and it definitely didn’t damage my hair the way some straighteners in the past have. I was very happy. It heats up suuuuuper quick! It’s incredible! And you can choose what heat you want to style your hair. The only reason I’ve rated it four stars instead of five is I would say is the weight is a bit heavy but there’s always a trade off. Did I mention it’s a Dyson?! And it heats up in like a minute? The cordless functionality is a game changer for sure. Yeah! If you can afford it, buy it!! I would definitely recommend this beautiful product!
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Did not expect this...

Remember those days not being in the mood to vacuum that mess again and again, just one area where the pet, kids or your partner just made mess again? Dragging out the giant clunky vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard/storage, dragging cord out and finding closest power output (hoping here there is no stuff to move out to access the power plug)...then putting it all back. Then Dyson comes out with sleek, minimalistic cordless device that just hangs on the wall always charged and ready to go? And you just take it, walk around, mess gone, click the cordless vacuum back on the wall...ah bliss. So... When was the last time I had a fab hair day and actually made an effort? Dragging that device out of the box, not having power outlet near my mirror and all tools I need, getting tangled while flipping my extra long hair around and about, leaving the device to cool with cord lying everywhere, placing it back in the box, in the cupboard later on....having to do hair treatment to restore hydration to my ends...Do not remember when I wore my hair down and looking nice (oh, last year's 'special' event?) ....until now. [drumroll] Dyson - The Game Changer. Take the Corrale device off the dock, move about, pop it back on the dock. Go. Having lightened/bayalaged hair bits, very fine texture, plenty of hair that reaches tailbone...damage was evident and logical. So to take care of it, repaired it with -plexes and I needed to avoid heat styling. That meant fuzz ball hair style (I have wavy to frizzy straightish fuzz)...that just hangs in there. Looks like a broom. Then Dyson does it...said something like: our new innovation has flexy plates that corrale your hair, 100 times per second checks and adjusts temperature, evenly distributing heat trough all hair squished in between plates, keeping hair put (does not slip sideways and gets caught and ripped), 3 heat levels options (you adjust what you need for your hair type/results you want), 30 min on battery charge cordless (lower heat setting longer battery life, highest 210 degrees less)...etc etc For my hair state and type, this device is a game-changer. Since getting the Corrale styler (3 weeks ago), I have used it after every hair wash (2xweek). My hair same healthy, soft, shiny and silky. Claim that does not damage hair as other stylers can, yup, correct. On one battery charge I style my hair twice on mid setting (185 degrees C), so charging Dyson once per week. This is when I do fast and fab Corrale and Go styling. I keep the styler on its dock that takes so little space (size of my Galaxy s10+). Having no power outlet near my mirror, this cordless one gives me freedom to actually see what I am doing now! Walking around the house, on the go I do finishing touches while sipping beverage. It is freedom that cordless feature gives that means everything to me! Oh...and results! Hair ends are usually stiff when I was styling with my old device, and did not move in a healthy fashion after (felt dry). After Dyson, hair does not lose body, hair from tips to ends soft and flowy! And shiny. And silky. Just bliss. Even more amazing thing: I can finally wear wavy spirally locks! And beachy waves...and everything. Not just sleek straight hair after ironing it. With this styler I am wearing hair differently each time. Changing texture and shape. I could never have this before! Last time when wavy locks were attempted was by a professional stylist and best tools on the market, plus finished with hairspray... 15 minutes later I took picks, on which my hair was straight! People who were with me witnessed what I meant by: my hair does not, can not, will not do anything but hang down fuzzy or straight (if ironed), can not hold any style...my hair was straight. yup. All that effort...poor guy. Strangely after doing my hair with Dyson, style and textures I do now stay (I use heat-protect/conditioning spray before styling). And stay. Also on a windy day (previously on a windy day my hair wood look like a giant puff, so had to be braided or in a bun all the time)! All day unchanged! And first time since I can remember...I got random compliments from people while passing by on my hair! This made me realize: yes, there is something to this gadget. Rambling again...in short: cordless, 3 heat setting, fast charging, not damaging (to my hair), leaves hair soft to the ends, silky, shiny, creating different textures in a jiffy while going around and about sipping beverage, makes style actually stay put (unlike in past, my 'locks' created by other styling devices would go straight in about 15-20 minutes.) without using hairsprays or texturizers. Comes with heat resistant well made travel mat, charging dock, magnetic click on cord (that attaches either to the device or dock). Using Dyson Corrale to me is like using my paddle brush. That easy. And that fast to create hair style that looks (way) better than my fuzz fur hairdo. Price? It is (per quoting of my local hairdresser in Sydney on my hair length/amount and styling that I do at home myself "from 350$") not even two visits to a hairdresser.
Incentivized Review

Game Changer!

The corrale is INCREDIBLE. After 2 babies I have a mess of new greys, different lengths of post partum regrowth, and to top it all off my ‘old’ hair and ‘new’ hair are two different textures - one of which is style resistant, frizzy ringlets. Let me tell you, I had tried EVERYTHING. Expensive and cheap stylers, creams, sprays. Nothing kept my baby hairs from frizzing and curling after 20 mins. That is, until I tried the Corrale. One pass at 165 degrees with no products and my hair was sleek, straight and SHINY - for 3 whole days! I went out, went for walks, slept on it, tied it up multiple times and all it needed was a quick brush and I’m ready to go. I still can’t get over it. The cordless feature is SO convenient. I can style my hair anywhere I want! And have rarely used more than half the battery doing any style on my medium length hair. Curling is so easy as I’m not getting tangled with a cord, not to mention the flex plates that keep my section of hair together from root to ends for a complete, perfect curl. My favourite part is that I only need to use 165C for styling! Love that I don’t have to compromise the health of my hair for amazing results. If you style your hair, especially if you think you have frizzy, uncontrollable hair - I highly recommend this! It’s unlike any other straightener I’ve tried and I don’t think I could go without it.