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Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is a hairdryer designed to guard against extreme heat damage and preserve the hair’s natural shine while it dries hair. The air temperature is measured 20 times each second by an intelligent heat control system to reduce the risk of hair damage associated with extreme temperatures. The styling concentrator precisely aims airflow where required and Dyson’s Heat Shield technology ensures the surfaces of the attachments stay cool, even when handled closely during styling. The motor is housed within the handle to rebalance the dryer’s weight and shape and to minimise the risk of hair being sucked into the dryer.


Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer


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I like anything on the market

This is seriously amazing. It’s a completely new way to dry your hair. My hair is completely dry in 5 minutes, is never humid or frizzy, and doesn’t get damaged from the heat. Perfect for damaged bleached hair.

Everyday a good hair day

I’m amazed at how good this is!! This hair dryer is worth every cent, my hair is so much healthier and smoother, as it doesn’t damage with excessive heat. It packs a punch for its compact size, dries quickly and is super quiet. Superstar product!
I thought long and hard before investing in the Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer, I actually paid $699 for mine and I have had it for 3 years now. I was fascinated by the design, how light the tool was and how quickly it dried, I decided damn it was a must have. I watched several you tube videos as I wanted to manage the tool to suit my hair. My hair has always been long, thick and colored unfortunately that meant long long drying times that didn't help my hair health regardless of what I used to protect it. I also have silly waves and frizz so struggled with home styling. Well no longer this Dryer has been life changing for me and I love every single thing about it. I no longer find doing my hair a chore, its quick so much quieter and the results are outstanding. My hair is so much healthier minimum frizz and I feel well groomed and my hair looks healthy again. I enjoy using the tool and love the magnetic attachments - Thanks Dyson for making it so easy Xx
I was wondering what all the hyped fuss was about. Well I must admit the design and engineering is Five Stars when it comes to rating this Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. I use for salon styling my hair and its high performance provides an experience like no other hairdryer I have ever used. This hair dryer is unbelievably fast drying delivering professional results and stores anywhere easily with its amazing storage hanger. The settings offer a variety of options for styling and attachments that are super easy to change the while I'm styling my hair. I can't believe how light and easy it is to grip and noise factor is extremely low. What I really love most about this product is that my hair didn’t feel dry after using it. Instead I walk out of my house like I have had my hair done by an hair expert.  A great innovation from the leading "Dyson". I absolutely recommend this for optimum hair. 
At first I was so in love with my Dyson Supersonic... but then noticed how much faster my ghd Air, Parlux and even my Remington hair dryers worked on my wet, dense hair. My hairdresser was the same - she envied her boss for owning one but after 6 months, the salon staff went back to using their Parlux hair dryers instead. Sure it handles like a dream, and the filter is really easy to clean. Yes it is a bit quieter than your average hair dryer and possibly a little lighter as well but I felt as though it needs more power and a stronger setting again to really get the job done for those of us with thick or unruly hair. Sadly I have since on-sold it because it didn’t excite and delight me like I had expected it to.
This is worth the hype and then some. I have shoulder length spiral curls and rarely use heat styling devices because of the heat damaging factor.  Firstly it’s a sleek and lightweight device. The diffuser attachment is the perfect width and depth to cup my curls from tip to root.  I was surprised at how quickly and gently it dried my hair without creating anyway flyaways or frizz. In fact my curls seemed shinier and fuller after use.  The times I have used the Dyson I’ve received even more compliments on my curls or I’ve been asked if I’ve changed my hair in some way.  Dyson you did that! 
This did take me a little while to get used to! I am used to quite a heavy blow drier that does exert a lot of heat. This one is the complete opposite - it is very light and the air that it blows is not too hot. After I got used to it, I found my hair is not as dry and the little extra time in drying is worth your hair being more healthy. I am yet to try the other attachments but so far so good!!
This hairdryer is worth the hype. I was initially so impressed with how it looked and how light it was but it also dried your hair so much faster than a regular hairdryer, because of its lightness it is so much easier to style your hair too. I feel like this hairdryer is less damaging for your hair because even at it's hottest setting its nowhere near as hot and burning as the conventional hairdryers.
Having long hair means I constantly have to dry it when I wash it. I recently purchased the dyson hair dryer with an aim to cut down my drying time to half, especially on those nights where I am just exhausted and want to get to bed. PACKAGING: You get the Dyson hair dryer unit along with attachments for defusing, straightening etc. You also get a silicon heat matt which is very handy. The Dyson hair dryer is light weight, with a smooth texture to touch. The attachments are all magnetic, which is a fabulous touch. PERFORMANCE: There are 3x hot and cold functions including the cold air blast, you can customise the amount of cold or hot air as you like. Its very quiet when its turned on, much quieter than a conventional dryer. You can feel the power of the device and it moves air much faster than a traditional hair dryer, which means than you cut your drying time by half. It makes my hair shinier and smoother, and I think its because the drying time is considerably less. 
I know I’m late to the party getting one of these. But recently purchased one. A game changer. After intensive research decided to make the buy as I do not want to heat damage my hair. First of all it’s a sleek and stylish piece of equipment. Dry’s your hair with out burning it! My tip is that if you turn down the heat completely it pretty much has the same effect as the cool shot without the awkwardness of holding down the cool shot button.
This is a very interesting hair dryer to use and I have noticed that it does dry my hair faster than your conventional hair dryer. It's also easier to style your hair with it while experiencing less hair damage or that burnt hair smell I experience sometimes at the hair dressers. My only complaint is that it's rather large and unwieldy so I still have a smaller hair dryer for travelling. As someone with small hands it took a while to get used to how large this was.