Eau Thermale Avène

Eau Thermale Avène CLEANSING FOAM

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Eau Thermale Avène CLEANSING FOAM is a foaming cleanser that will gently cleanse and remove makeup from the face and eyes, while working to reduce shine in the t-zone. The formula contains glutamic acid, an amino acid that inhibits the enzyme involved in sebum production. Gentle moisturising agents and sebum-absorbing microcapsules help mattify the skin and reduce shine throughout the day. Ideal for combination skin.


Eau Thermale Avène CLEANSING FOAM


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Gentle and effective

This super easy-to-use cleansing foam is another staple from the Eau Thermale range. A very gentle no-nonsense cleanser with virtually no scent, it is perfect for my son who has combination skin with dry patches as well as breakouts, and sensitive skin prone to redness. I recommended it to him when he was reacting to some aggressive products which were supposed to rid his skin of impurities and it has really helped him. Although it would not be a prolonged choice for a dry complexion (mine), I do use it sometimes without any problems. It rinses off so easily but without that squeaky clean feeling that you just know will leave your skin dry and taut. Unusually, it actually lives up to its claim to be safe for use on eye makeup - I have rarely found this even in dedicated eye makeup removers, but it is absolutely true. I would still double cleanse heavy makeup ( a hard habit to break) but for ordinary days it does the trick, and I would recommend this to most skin types except very dry. Nice to have a product that can keep most of the family happy!