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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer is a lightweight primer that can be applied before foundation and contains emollients and oils to enhance the finish of makeup. The formula features a triple blurring complex, with light-diffusing technology that helps blurs fine lines, wrinkles and pores, evening out the skin tone. It also helps control shine by absorbing excess oil on the skin. Oil-free and non-comedogenic.


Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer


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I am a firm believer in a flawless base as an essential start to any makeup look. A smooth, refined texture, no trace of large pores and rough spots, a glowing complexion – this sort of beauty stands on its own and only needs a touch of colour to enhance it. And so the search for the perfect foundation to start the look – the right shade, consistency (matte or glowing?) and coverage (light or full?) goes on (and on). But no matter what the base, it still needs its own primer to create a smooth canvas. I tried Flawless Start Primer as part of a gift-with-purchase,and have been using it every day. Like Prevage City Smart, it comes out as a tinted cream but is colourless on application. The formula contains blur technology, designed to cover fine lines and pores to improve skin texture, at the same time as controlling shine. A very light paste-like consistency, it is so, so easy to apply. I smooth it on with my fingertips and blend it over my face. On first use my complexion felt so smooth, like porcelain and as for the pores around my nose and chin – what pores? In short I had the perfect canvas to apply my foundation, in this case Clinique Even Better Foundation, and after this step my skin did look both glowing and flawless. There was no sign of the“pilling” or little balls that can form in cheaper primers containing silica.  I can confidently say that the blurring technology worked – it covered imperfections and enhanced my complexion exactly as promised. In terms of controlling shine – I rarely have shiny skin so this is hard to assess, but where some primers can feel greasy on the skin, Flawless Start is oil-free and felt smooth and dry the whole day. The first day it certainly surpassed my usual work day make-up look and even my colleagues noticed, which definitely made my day! With such an impressive base, as expected, I really needed minimal make-up – a touch of blush, a flick of mascara and a nude lip – to complete the picture. I was so impressed with the results of this primer that I will definitely repurchase the full-size when I’m up for a new one. At $48 it is certainly not a budget item but it performs far better than cheaper brands I’ve tried and cost-wise is actually more reasonable than some mid-range primers. Which is not bad for a luxury brand!
I really like this primer as it evens out the complexion very well and provides a good surface for makeup. I have no issue with it and my super sensitive skin. It is rare for me to find a product as good as this is but find a different brand I like more. The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer is one I keep reaching for. If I wasn't as devoted to the NP I'd think this was as good as it gets. It boils down to personal preference and the kind of makeup you use. For liquid makeup, especially Elizabeth Arden liquid foundation, I don't believe you can better this primer. I tend to use cushion foundations most of the time so that could colour my preference a little. This Elizabeth Arden is definitely one I'd recommend anyone trying as it is a great base for foundation and keeps makeup looking good all day. I do know beauties who have given up on primers until they tried this one and they love it. It is my 2nd choice primer, both give great results.
Grab your wallets, you're gonna want to get your hands on this! Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer is one of those products that will honestly change your life (well, your makeup routine anyway).  I have quite oily skin, so finding a foundation that works for my skin is a bit of a nightmare in and of itself. Liquid foundation leaves an oily sheen, and powder foundation ends up looking incredibly cakey. I've tried a couple of different primers in the past (all in vain) in an attempt to make my foundation last just that little bit longer, but most have felt so heavy on the skin that I can practically FEEL my pores clogging up.  The Elizabeth Arden Primer however, is a total game changer. True to its name, it really does leave your skin flawless! It comes in an easy to use squeeze tube with a simple twist cap. The product has absolutely no fragrance whatsoever which is always great!  I was a bit concerned when I first used the product as not only did it look darker than my skin tone, but it also looked like it was going to be quite heavy. This was so not the case! The primer is velvety smooth (almost like a mousse), and blended into the skin straight away, without any sort of residue. It felt so smooth over my face and just a tiny amount was all that was required for my skin to obtain this beautiful matte base.  Immediately I could see that my pores were much less visible, and my skin looked smoother and softer. The real difference came once I started applying my foundation though. Because the primer had done its job, leaving a nice smooth base, it made applying foundation SO much easier!  After using it on several occasions throughout the Australian summer, I am truly impressed by how long-lasting this primer is. Ordinarily on a hot day, I'd be left with an oily sheen across my forehead and cheeks within a few hours. Not this time! The primer really did its work and even towards the end of the night, while my lipstick needed some touching up, my skin still looked flawless! No creases, no oily sheen, nothing!  This product works amazingly on its own as well, especially if you're short on time and don't get the chance to apply foundation. It smooths out the skin and does a great job at hiding the minor imperfections.  My only con would be that the primer is a little bit on the pricey side. However, a little goes a LONG way with this product - even when used daily I'm sure it'll last a couple of months, so it is totally worth it!  I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone! It's suitable for all skin types, but those with combination/oily skin will notice the biggest difference using this! This has definitely become my go-to primer anytime I need my foundation to really last the day! 
Beauty, makeup in particular, is all about expressing your unique, personal and creative style. Only when you feel beautiful from the inside will it radiate out and make you look beautiful to everyone around you. Makeup is my only creative outlet that I have, experimenting with different styles and looks with the help of my huge collection of products, tools and brushes. One sweep of a brush or dab of a sponge is enough to completely change your look and mood, and there's no need to worry about making a mistake, just remove it and start again, making yourself into the person you want to be. A flawless base is like an artist's blank canvas, where true beauty begins. No makeup look can start without a good quality foundation primer, as a certain famous makeup artist said, not to prime is a crime, and it is very true. A good primer is like an undercoat to paint, it helps even out your skin tone, hide blemishes and redness, blurs out imperfections, adds radiance or matteness and helps prolong your foundation so it will stick around all day and night long. I have a good, big collection of primers, each one serving different needs so I can create many different looks and styles, depending on my mood or style that day. I've tested many different primers from brands such as Maybelline NY, Lancome, YSL, Estee Lauder, and this fabulous one from Elizabeth Arden, flawless start instant perfecting primer. I am a big fan of any makeup or skin care product that adds a shot of radiance, like beauty sleep in a tube, who doesn't want a product that instantly boosts radiance and make you glow from within. This product adds a beautiful amount of radiance to your skin that shines from beneath your foundation, or worn by itself, makes you skin flawless, blurred and glowing all day long. The price tag of $48 is very much worth it, as the tube is generous in size, the quality is beautiful, and it lasts a long time needing so little each time. I prepared my skin, my blank canvas, with my usual double cleanse, serum, and moisturiser, and after waiting a few minutes for it all to fully sink in, I smoothed on a thin, even layer of this primer, working it into my skin with a specialised skin care brush from real techniques, something I've recently discovered to boost the radiance and tone of my skin. Used to apply serum, moisturiser and masks, this brush works the product deep into the skin, which boosts the benefits of the product and improving the tone, evenness and condition of the skin, boosting the natural glow too. Anyway, back to this Elizabeth Arden primer. The results were instant and so beautiful, my skin was smooth, hydrated, soft, blurred and definitely a lot more radiant and glowing, like I had just had an instant, professional facial treatment. My foundation applied smoothly and more evenly, and was definitely a lot more radiant in appearance, even from beneath my makeup. It made my makeup last a lot longer and better, and the more I use it, the better my skin condition appears to be. Makeup is my complete, personal, creative outlet and identity, and using products like this Elizabeth Arden Flawless start instant perfecting primer makes it so easy, effective and fun to release my inner makeup artist every single day.
This has become one of my favourite primers! I have really oily skin so I usually struggle to keep my foundation put for the whole day, however when I use this primer my foundation lasts all day with no creases or shine.  The soft tube packaging is really simple but practical - it fits in my makeup bag easily and it's never leaked or caused over-spillage. The formula is a really light and moussey consistency that easily glides over the face - I only need a pea size amount to cover my whole face. Straight away I can tell it has smoothed the surface of my skin, minimised the appearance of my pores and balanced out my naturally shiny skin with a natural-matte look. I have been using a number of different foundations over the last few months and they have all worked really well with this primer as the base. It makes my skin look radiant and smooth so I highly recommend this to everyone as it appears to suit most skin types!  Pros - light consistency so doesn't feel heavy on the skin - smooths skin surface and minimises pores  - practical packaging, perfect for travel - excellent base for a variety of foundations, helps makeup last longer without creasing  - really effective for oiky skin as it reduces shine  Cons - none I love it!
I've tried a few Primers over the years and always been satisfied until my chemist gave me a little sample of Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Primer.  I have not looked back from when it hit the shelves.  It's quite a small tube of 30mls which I thought I'd probably use in a week but not so.  You don't need much to apply on your skin before make-up.  Firstly, there is no strong fragrance scent, it's just totally soft.  The feel of this product on your face is so smooth, soft and velvety.  I just wait a few seconds then apply my under eye concealer and then my foundation, Elizabeth Arden again of course.  The first time I used this product I was amazed at how beautiful my foundation stayed on all day and night.  I am 59 and I find it's the best primer I have used.  I am happy to say that the tube lasts me a good 3-4 months because you really don't need a lot of the cream to apply.  It definitely looks flawless from beginning to when you then take it off.  I love this primer.
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer is a wonderful product that definitely needs to be added to your makeup routine.  Not used a primer before?  Used before foundation, your skin will become flawless, poreless and so smooth, you will love applying your makeup! After you have moisturised, wait a minute for your moisturiser to soak in, then squeeze out a little of the primer, it does look brown when you squeeze it out, but rest assured, it goes on colourless and blends into your skin perfectly.  The texture is like a thick cream, but once applied to your skin, it blends in superbly and feels luminous on your skin.  Don't use too much thinking you will cover all your flaws, only a small is needed.  It really has no smell. After applying the primer, my skin felt amazing!  First, it was really soft and almost silky to touch.  If you didn't want to apply foundation, you could just apply a little concealer and some loose powder for a light, natural day time look.      When you apply the foundation, you will only need to use a small amount for spectacular results.  Dab the foundation or blend in with fingers or your foundation brush.    You will see how wonderful your skin looks.  Your foundation will blend in quickly and leave you with skin that is flawless, smooth, soft, minor imperfections like redness, freckles, pimples and pimple scars are minimised.  Pores are also hidden, so overall this product is a true wonder. My initial thoughts were how good my skin looked.  It looked much healthier and my pores were minimised which is fabulous.  Fine lines were blurred and my pimple scars which are pink were definitely less visible and this cheered me up. The product is great and because of how good it made my skin look and feel, I used it most days.  I feel my skin looked better than it has in a long time,   Just make sure you use it sparingly, and use just a small of foundation too, a little but on your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin and then blend it in. The main advantage with this product is how wonderfully smooth and flawless your skin will look.  As you only need a small amount, the tube will last you along time, making it really good value for money.  The tube is easy to use and you can control how much of the product comes out.    Your makeup will go on much easier and your skin will look healthier, smoother and more radiant too!  This primer really is a girl's best friend! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants their makeup to look flawless or those you just want to have more naturally radiant skin.  It can be worn alone or before your foundation.    The primer will also make your makeup last longer, keeping you more fresh and happy with less touch ups required, which is great as  when you keep reapplying makeup, you can clog up your skin or be left with skin that just looks like you have too much makeup on.  I love this product, it's a great addition to your makeup routine and your skin will look fabulous!
This primer is easy to apply and immediately covers any blemishes and uneven skintone on my face. I use my fingers and lightly dot this all over my face and then I blend easily with my fingers. It gives my face a smoother, an almost radiant finish. In the morning, I apply my facial moisturiser and then follow with this primer and my face is prepped if I want to apply any foundation. On some days, I don't apply anything else and my face still looks clean and fresh for the entire day. I recommend this easy to use primer for anyone who wants to achieve a smooth, natural flawless base for their makeup. Otherwise, you can go out looking beautiful with this primer alone!
Luxurious daily primer. This is my go to primer of the this year, I feel Elizabeth Arden have really upped their game in quality and marketability in the last few years. This is a super smooth, rich, almost mousse like cream that effortlessly conceals and glides over pores for a flawless perfect base. This cream applies beautifully, with an easy slip, less is more I find. I use this under foundation and CC cream and feel that it helps with base makeup application, creating a smooth canvas too work with. I love the sleek easy squeeze tube which is perfect for a traveling working mum. I have issues with oily combination skin and now that I am approaching my mid 30's having some textural issues, this perfecting primer addresses all my skin care concerns and preserves my makeup throughout daily wear, it's a winner! Invest in this Elizabeth Arden Instant Perfecting Primer if you, like me, are concerned with textural issues and makeup longevity you will not be disappointed.
The Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer from Elizabeth Arden is lightly tinted, but goes on basically colourless when applied to the skin. I really like the silky, mousse-like texture, it’s a pleasure to put on and once applied, it doesn’t feel greasy or slippery. In fact, I would describe the finish as dry and powdery (in a good way, though), which is rather unusual for a silicone-based product. It’s great for creating smooth canvas in preparation for makeup application and also provides a light blurring effect. If you have noticeable wrinkles or pores, it will certainly make a difference thanks to the inclusion of the hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts. On my dry skin it didn’t provide enough hydration to keep the makeup fresh through the day, but I bet it would be great on normal or oily complexions, that require more oil control.
I absolutely love this product. It is easy to dispense  and does not blob out all out once. The texture is very light but in a perfect cream format.  It glides on and leaves no residue. I have oily skin and it blends into my skin well. The primer is not oily and a small amount is needed. The primer adds instant radiance to my skin and sometimes I don't need makeup. My skin glows and the product lasts all day.