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Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara

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Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara is a mascara that increases lash volume, length and curl by up to 80 per cent. The vitamin-rich formula locks onto lashes like a magnet for amplified volume and lift, while emollient-rich olive and rice bran esters promote long, healthy looking lashes.


Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara


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I have such fair lashes that they’re invisible without mascara, so I prefer mascaras that provide lots of volume. Although I was able to build some thickness with Grand Entrance Mascara, it did not provide the volume that I had hoped for. The mascara’s formula was not too dry or too wet;and it did not make my lashes feel very crunchy.   I really liked the mascara’s wand that has a subtle curve and short bristles. The wand gave my lashes good separation and definition, and it did not collect lots of clumps. My lashes naturally point downwards, and the wand gave my lashes some curl. Unfortunately, the curl did not last long.   I am giving Grand Entrance Mascara an average rating because its formula is not very volumising. Someone that prefers a natural makeup look would probably love it, but there are cheaper mascaras that could probably achieve a similar look.  
This mascara was above average but not out of this world. I didn’t find this mascara better then any other good mascara. I liked the curved brush of this mascara which gave me uplifted lashes. I gave it 4 stars because it didn’t smudge and it was easy enough to wash  off at the end the day. But it wasn’t a stand out for me.  I would recommend this mascara to someone that wants a good reliable mascara with a curved brush, and dosn’t mind the price tag.
I have been using the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara religiously in the past year as I love how it extends and thickens my lashes - but I HATE the fallout it leaves an hour after applying. I had forgotten I had the Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara in my drawer so I have been using it instead the last few weeks and wish I got onto it sooner - it's amazing! I like the packaging as it's simple but the red is good as it stands out from my other mascaras so is easy to find in my makeup cupboard. The wand itself is perfectly curved to align with my lash line and makes it really easy to apply upwards to get a good lengthening and curling effect.  The formula is jet black and very wet but I haven't found it to be messy to use yet so that's a bonus. Plus there is no fall out throughout the day! It glides on to the lashes evenly and provides a really natural looking length and curl so I absolutely love it - you only need one coat but if you want to thicken your application you can just go back over with the brush without having to dip again because the formula is so wet and non-clumpy. Although it's not a waterproof mascara (which I normally don't like anyway),  I haven't have had any issues with running mascara during these past few raining days which is nice peace of mind :) I often have people ask whether I am wearing false eye lashes and they are shocked when I tell them it's just mascara! It's so good for a lengthening effect and widening up your eyes. And it's versatile for if you want to create a natural or more dramatic look. I think the price is fair for what you are getting - it is much better quality than any drug store brand but still less than $50 so it's a win win for me! Definitely recommend giving this a try :)  Pros -Good packaging and curved wand -Jet black formula that applies evenly without clumping -Lengthening and curling  -Good quality and affordable  -Doesn't smudge in wet weather Cons NONE!
After receiving a small sample for this mascara from our chemist and using it, I found it fabulous with my very sparse, short, light eyelashes, so it was off to buy the bigger one.   The first thing I do love about this mascara is the length of the wand and how it is easy to hold with your hand.  Some handles are thick and heavy but this wand is pleasant.  The brush is curved and fits at the root of your eyelashes and then lifts your eyelashes perfectly.  It certainly gave my short lashes extra length and curl and this deserves my tick, tick, tick on the results of the product.   There are not a lot of mascaras that I do not  like due to them giving the smudge look after an hour.  This fabulous mascara makes my lashes look healthy, no smudges at the end of the day.  I do suffer sensitive eyes lately with some mascaras but this Grand Mascara does not irritate my eyes.  It's not waterproof but I've watched countless of sad movies and I don't get any runs of black teeming down my cheeks.  Definitely I can say my eyelashes look longer, curled and have volume without any clumping on the lashes. After applying this mascara, my lashes look thicker.   I would recommend this mascara to anyone.  It is also this fabulous red stand out container that you can find easily in your handbag. 
Maybe I bought a dud one but I found it incredibly clumpy from day 1. It did look good once I got the clumps out but the product did not last as long as my usual mascaras. Would love to try again but hesitant given first experience. Much cheaper mascaras gave me a better result.
This is my go-to mascara - very high quality formulation that doesn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes.  It goes on easily and has a great curved wand that works well for me - I’m pretty clumsy and always find mascara the hardest part of doing makeup and don’t have any problems with this.  It coats the lashes well and doesn’t clump.  The effect is very nice - thicker, very dark lashes that are longer, and more curled but that still look natural for day or night (I tend to use two coats for night).  Though it’s not waterproof and washes off very easily with a cream based cleanser and water, I never have issues with running mascara or mascara that slides off - something that cheaper mascaras tend to do on me. It tends to last even with a bit of rubbing or a walk in the wind.  It’s deucedly expensive - so not for everyone, but mascara is the one product I won’t skimp on (because of how sensitive my eyes are and because I’m not a spring chicken and if I damage my lashes I doubt they’ll grow back) and this one is worth the money I think - if you can manage it.  It has conditioners and a very nice luxe formulation.
This mascara has a jet black intense colour.  The formula is quite wet and goes on the lashes easily with just a couple of turns of the wand.  This dries pretty fast and so I only need to try not to blink for around the first 30 seconds or so.  I find it's got a relatively large wand head which is curved to fit the eyelashes shape of most eyes.  This makes it easy to sweep up the product from roots to tips in one swoop.  My best tip is that I like to use a large 7X magnification mirror to make sure I get mascara on neatly these days - because at my age it makes things just easier to see when it's so close up.   The effect this mascara has on my eyes is a glamorous, jet black look.  My lashes appear much thicker than they normally are wit this formula and I love that!  It stays on well all day long.