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Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun

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Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun has a unique tinted formula so it gives an instant tan as soon as it's applied. The tint also helps to guide in application for a more even tan all over. The next-to-no-odour formulation reduces the unwanted odour of fake tan without affecting its colour. Ella Bache's Great Tan Without Sun keeps skin nourished with moisturising ingredients such as cocoa butter and anti-oxidants such as green tea to keep skin soft and supple and ensure your golden tan lasts.


Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun


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Great natural looking tan

This is a lovely natural looking tan that is so easy to use. There is no mess and no offensive smell so it is well worth the money. It doesn’t streak which is a huge bonus for me, it looks professional and no one would know I’m wearing fake tan. The colour is not super dark however it gives enough colour, especially in winter for a nice natural golden glow like iv just been to the beach. The packaging is really pretty and it doesn’t dry my skin out, it’s actually pretty hydrating. I love this Ella bache great tan and I will purchase it again
This tan applies easily, dries fairly quickly, does not seem to strip my skin of moisture like other fake tans tend to do, and fades out nice and evenly, so for these reasons I think it's a really nice product. The only negative for me is that it doesn't develop as dark as I would like it to, and I don't have the time to tan more than once, so this is not the tan for me (I only tan for special occassions when I need it to be dark). However, if you are looking for a light natural looking tan that isn't drying and doesn't stink, than this may be the tan for you.
This tan is easy to apply, is quite moisturizing and drys quickly compared to other fake tans I have tried. It provides a natural looking tan that wears off reasonably naturally compared to other brands. Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed by this product as I hoped to be- I found that it didn't have great longevity and didn't provide as dark a tan as I like. Having said this, I have fairly olive skin so it may be better suited to those with fairer complexions. Overall, I am unlikely to purchase this product again as I believe there are better options available for those of us looking for a darker tan.
This is an amazing tan! It’s beautiful creamy texture allows for an even application and a lovely natural tone. I love that it contains vitamin E and Lanolin to protect and smooth the skin in between tanning to ensure the tan wears off evenly, a definite must have for both summer and winter. I have trailed dozens of cream and foam tanning products and none compare to the effects of this one, Thank you Ella Bache for a beautiful and natural looking formulation.