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With glycolic acid to assist skin renewal, Elucent’s Anti Ageing Eye Cream improves texture, firmness and tone around the eye area. The dermatologist-recommended eye cream also contains a blend of vitamins to hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Elucent Anti Ageing Eye Cream


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I bought this on the recommendation of a friend.  I felt for the price it was under whelming.  I like eye cream to be light but found it a little cloying and noticed little difference in my skin after using it for over a month - pass ! In effect it under performed after much hype and promise.
What a little winner that came with a magazine purchase. I’ve been on the hunt for my HG eye cream for years and didn’t think this would be it but I was pleasantly surprised.  The cream is a thin cream that applies like silk, so smooth and luxurious. It immediately soaks into the skin making the rest of my skincare routine a breeze. A half pea size is more than enough for me and there is no irritation t9 my sensitive skin. After a few weeks of use my fine lines were definitely reduced and I didn’t look as tired (I needed that!).  I’ve been using this for a few months now and can honestly say I’ll continue to purchase when this tube runs out. 
A good eye cream that leaves the under eye area hydrated and moisturised. I haven't noticed a difference yet in terms of reducing puffiness and dark circles however it is likely a product that needs to be used in the longer term to see anti-ageing benefits. The texture of the product is light and easily absorbed into the skin and can be used in the day time before concealer. I find concealer looks better and application is a lot smoother when using this eye cream underneath. The tube packaging is convenient and easy to apply. Overall a good quality product that I enjoyed using.
I am always on the lookout for a fabulous eye cream that works and I was pleasantly surprised with elucents anti ageing eye cream. This is a really smooth silky cream thats easy to apply, it sinks in immediately with  no greasy feel and feels really light and comfortable to wear. Its really gentle on the delicate eye area and is perfect for sensitive skin like mine as it does not irritate. I definately noticed results after using this, my fine lines appeared to be diminished and my eye area looked younger and smoother. The alpha hydroxy acids really work well in this formula, however they make it feel a little tingly, which is no big deal. I like to apply this cream at night before bed for best results and to try to combat ageing. I have tried a few products in this range and really like them. I would recommend this eye cream for fine lines and anti ageing
I have been using eye creams for over 30 years and although the ageing/sun damage around my eyes is quite minimal I still apply eye creams every morning and night to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to improve the skin texture, firmness and tone.    I also love trying new eye creams so I was excited when I was gifted a tube of Elucent Anti Ageing Eye Cream.    What I particularly like about the Elucent eye cream is the addition of 4% AHAs, plus vitamins B3, C and E which are known for their anti-aging qualities.  I can’t remember ever having used an eyecream that contained AHAs so I’m quite excited to have this active ingredient helping the delicate skin around my eyes.    The white gel cream is very light in consistency, glides effortlessly over the skin and absorbs very quickly.  I haven’t experienced any tingling or irritation while using the cream.  The cream is also fragrance free.    The eye cream is packaged in a soft, plastic tube which holds 15g of product.  Only a small amount of product is needed so the small nozzle applicator is perfect for dispensing just the right amount of eye cream.    I’ve been using this eye cream each morning for about four months (I use a different eye cream at night) and so far I am enjoying the small improvements I am seeing.    I am more than happy to continue using the Elucent Anti Ageing Eye Cream to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to improve the texture, firmness and tone of the delicate skin around my eyes.  
I love to try different eye cream brands every few months, then I found this eye cream and got hooked because of the texture is so nice on my lid and under eye. It absorbs quickly and leave my skin around eyes moist. It blends well with any concealers I used and doesn’t leave patchy look after.  Great eye cream and worth every cents! 
Ive always liked a great eye cream but now as I head further into my mid/late 30’s I love a great eye cream. I like to keep my routine pretty simple so the fact that this anti aging eye cream by elucent isn’t too heavy for day use but still hydrating enough for night is perfect for me. They have also packaged it beautifully in a tube so no tub fingers which is great especially when you have nails. My eye area looks less dark and puffy which is perfect and my fine lines are minimal. I’ve enjoyed this product and will more than likely repurchase when empty. Which takes a bit cause you don’t need heaps.
This applies effortlessly to the delicate skin around the eyes which is one of the things I want in an eye product.  There is no dragging of the skin at all as this slides around the skin.  It can be put all around the eye area - both the lid and underneath the eye too so it's very easy to quickly put it on.  I like simpleness like that in beauty products.   Another great thing about this eye cream is that it can be used for both day and night.  It soaks in fast and leaves no greasy residue so eye make-up goes on beautifully over the top.  After applying it onto my skin it only takes a couple of minutes before I can start to apply my make-up.  Concealer goes on much better with this eye cream on.  It helps to prevent any caking in my lines as this eye cream makes a protective barrier from moisture loss too.   It is nice and rich for night-time use as well and when I'm tired at night I love how easy it is to quickly put on all around my eye.   It feels very hydrating to wear and my smile lines bounce back better when wearing this.  My skin is more resilient against creasing.  I wake up with fresher looking skin around my eyes when after using this on my skin at night.  It minimizes the appearance of the lines around my eyes a lot.  I don't look as wrinkly around the eyes when using this consistently.  I don't think my under-eye circles are so bad when I use this regularly too. The ingredients are impressive with 4% AHA and Vitamins B3, C & E.  The formula itself is like a gel-cream and has no scent.  It comes in a 15ml tube with a nozzle-tip to easily squeeze the required amount out and talking about the required amount, I like to slather this on more generously at night but in the morning I tend to put it on more lightly so that it works better with a sunscreen over the top.  With the AHA's in this formula I like to use a good SPF over the top for daytime.  That is my best tip for using this formula plus to put it on more sparingly for the day.
I received this eye cream in one of The Parcels by Marie Claire. I was surprised how pricey this cream was for the Elucent brand and I was also excited to see that the eye cream contains glycolic acid which is one of my favourite ingredients in skincare. The packaging is a typical 15 ml plastic tube. The formula is a rather watery lotion like. The cream feels lightweight on the skin, applies easily, absorbs quickly and does not leave any film on the skin. This is great because it makes a perfect base for underneath make up. I haven't noticed any rolling or balling up and I do think this eye cream is great for both a daily and nightly use. It does hydrate the under eye area and I definitely feel the smoothness of the skin, I think thanks to the glycolic acid. I really can't say much about its anti aging properties, but I am sure the hydration it provides is enough to keep wrinkles at bay. The cream is very gentle, fragrance free and has never irritated my skin or caused any problems. I wear contact lenses and always want a relatively gentle cream for the eye area. I must say I actually enjoyed using this product and look forward to trying some other products from the Elucent range.
Nice hydrating eye cream. Is it age defying? Who knows. I find such claims really baffling to evaluate: I simply can't remember the intricacies of my face from day to day & often wonder whether anyone could tell. Having said that: this does what I want it to do - namely moisturise my eye area vet well without  leaving a sticky film. That makes it a good base for sunscreen & concealer.  Has gained a spot in my skincare routine.
This eye cream is soft and glides on easily without stretching the skin. My skin felt soft and hydrated. I would recommend this product.
An extremely light and gentle  feeling eye cream that reduced the dark circles under my eyes. Love the fact that its fragrance free and did not clash with my perfumes.
Probably need to use it for longer to really assess the long term benefits but short term it left my eyes nicely moisturised and softened.
This cream was easily absorbed, but it didn't do anything. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't very good either. On the plus side, it didn't cause concealer to break up quickly.
love it did not have many lines around the eyes but ones I did have have diminished in appearance.
I like the tube that the eye cream comes in.  Works really well for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes but doesn't do much for the darkness under my eyes.  A little bit pricey for the size!
Easy to apply and beauty use.
really nice and easy to apply and I liked the texture.  Great.
An excellent eye cream.
it is a very soft Cream which is good. I have at the moment very sensitive Face skin but I had no Problem with this Product, I was a bit cautious and have to put some of my Creams away .