Elucent Even Tone Hand Cream

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Reduce the appearance of discolouration with Elucent’s Whitening Hand Cream, which combines a blend of vitamins with emblica fruit extract and safflower seed oil to brighten and even out skin tone while keeping hands hydrated and smooth.


Elucent Even Tone Hand Cream


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This is a fabulous hand cream for helping with age spots on hands. I have some sun damage and this elucent whitening hand cream is really effective at making these signs of ageing disappear. Easy to use, the handy tube means I can squeeze the exact amount I need. The cream has a luxurious texture and sinks nicely into skin with no greasy feeling. It’s super nourishing and hydrating and leaves my hands feeling really soft and smooth, with the appearance of discolouration being diminished. It helps protect my hands from sun and wind so my hands remain looks ng great. It’s a little more expensive than cheaper hand creams but worth it for evening out discolouration. This cream is also great for nails and cuticles helping to nourish and protect. It feels nice to wear and I really loved it and would highly recommend it.
Each evening I have been using the Elucent Whitening Hand Cream and have found that a brown spot on my hand that had been bothering me for some time has completely lifted! It works well as a moisturizer and has no scent. The key with this product is to be consistent in putting it on and if you do suffer with pigmentation/age spots  you will see results. Will buy again.
This product is good. I did not notice any change of the 'appearance' of my hands however I do not have age spots yet (I am only 30). It does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. Dries very quickly which is what I look for in a hand moisturiser. The part I love about the product is the consistency: a little goes a long way. This bottle is going to last me months! Smells fresh and works fast.
I received this hand cream in one of The Parcels, started using it some time ago and I can say I like it. I think the packaging is quite generous and it is easy to open and close even with your hands freshly moisturised. The cream does a good job too hydrating and bringing comfort to dry hands. It definitely makes my hands look better and feel soft and smooth. I have got an impressions that it speeds up the process of healing too ( I do temper with my cuticles). I have not noticed a great whitening effect but it might come overtime, and to be honest I do not have any age spots whatsoever. My only regret is the lack of a pleasant smell, other than that the cream is enjoyable, not greasy or sticky, absorbs quickly and protects my skin.