Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

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Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner locks in moisture to repair dry, damaged hair. Moroccan argan oil blends with macadamia and pomegranate oils to nourish and protect hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants, vegan and made from recycled materials


Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner


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Good things come to those who try to do right

Esanno conditioning products are top of the range. Initially I was attracted to the recycled bottle and the lack of nasties in it. I am delighted with the results. Softer feeling good hair. I feel rewarded for considering the environment when I use this brand. Well done and thankyou

Leaves hair feeling hydrated and soft for days

I purchased this conditioner in conjunciton with the shampoo of the same set after being drawn to its pretty packaging in the aisles of Coles. Made with 93.6% of natural origin ingredients, with a soft pretty smell, I decided to give it a go. As someone with very long, blonde hair - I am always on the lookout for a budget friendly conditioner that restores moisture to my hair without making it feel limp or unclean. This conditioner did not disappoint, keeping my hair feeling soft and smooth for several days between washes. I found the conditioner a fairly good consistency for application, however I found it a bit difficult to get the last of the shampoo out of the bottle (however being able to stand the bottle on its head certainly helped). I'd definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for a shampoo to help with dry ends.
I picked up this condition with the paired shampoo when i was shopping in Coles. I am always on the look out for natural and sustainable products and as someone with very dry long hair, I as interested to give an Argan Oil based Conditioner a go. SO far I have been pleased with it.  It smells great and is a good consistency which ensures it doesn't run off while I am finishing the rest of my shower routine. The only thing I've had to watch is to ensure I wash it all out, as on a couple of occasions I was left with a 'sticky' patch.  Overall I would definitely recommend.
I am always attracted to Essano packaging - the rose pink  with silver writing is so pretty and they are another natural, synthetic-free and cruelty-free brand, which is awesome. I received this conditioner and matching shampoo in a beauty subscription box, and being travel sized I promptly used them for travel! My trip to Queensland involved a lot of pool time so I gave this little pair a good try out. Although the shampoo wasn't that effective and I had to use a LOT to lather my hair, I found the conditioner really did make my hair nice and shiny and soft, even after a chlorine-treated pool. I could massage it in to the mid-lengths, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse off and it looked and and felt wonderful afterwards. Only one drawback - I really don't fancy the scent at all! I'm not sure if it is the Argan OIl or Aloe Vera, which is a main ingredient. Whatever it is, it has a very strong scent, which lingers in my, admittedly now soft and shiny hair, when I use this. Aromatherapy and  the effect of scents are a big part of my life, so for this reason, and regrettably, I probably wouldn't repurchase this conditioner.
My hair feels so great that I can't stop touching it.  Yes indeed, I seem to be very obsessed with myself and I least with my hair, thanks to Essano. I had 50 ml travel sized bottles of both the Shampoo and Conditioner. I just left them sitting in the cupboard because my scalp and hair are very touchy and after reading what the box had to say that the two bottles came in I really didn't have much confidence in these products.  Don't get me wrong,  it's not that the information on the box was bad, in fact it was the total opposite. I was just not trusting that something that was plant based and 91.2% of ingredients were from natural Origin, and 10% of those were Organic..was this really going to make my hair happy?  I did however like the sound of Argan Oil, Vitamins A, C, E, Macadamia and Pomegranate oils, Aloe Vera, and plant proteins.  My hair was doing ok so I figured I shouldn't tamper with it.  So these bottles just sat there, but the time came and I decided to take the lid of one of the bottles and see what this product smelled like, and that was it.  It smelled so divine that I decided to give it a try.  One of my daughter's is a hairdresser and has taught me to always have a dry hand towel that I can use to dry my hair while in the shower before I use my conditioner.  This way the conditioner is better able to coat the hair rather than simply sitting on top of the water that's in your hair.  So after towel drying my hair I went to apply some conditioner, but had a battle to get the conditioner out of the bottle, as its quite a thick consistency.  Tip here is to make sure you store the bottle upside down to make access easier.  You don't need a lot of the conditioner and just smooth it through the lengths and ends of your hair.  I applied it to my hair and it worked wonderfully to make sure there were no tangles.  I have very long, but fine hair and it loves to tangle, so something that helps with that is a must for me.  I left it on for a while and then rinsed it out.  Once my hair was dry I loved how it looked and felt.  Very healthy looking with a wonderful gloss and it feels so very clean and super smooth and soft.  My hair smells divine.  My hair actually has some body to it which is amazing and normally it's quite limp. I love the pink bottles, as pink is very much my colour.  I read that the bottles are made from PET which means they are made from 100% pre-used recycled material and they can be recycled again. I will very happily purchase full sized bottles of both the Conditioner and Shampoo.
I have fine,dry and chemical treated hair. I am always looking for a product to condition, moisturise and smooth my hair to prevent further damage and control frizziness.  This product caught my eye with the pink packaging. I liked that it was plant based with no nasties. It was great that it contained a variety of oils; argan, macadamia and pomegranate which nourished my hair and didn't weigh it down.  It spread easily through my hair and left my hair smooth and shiny. 
I received the shampoo and conditioner travel size combo in a beauty box. My hair felt moisturised, smooth and shiny after using this comditioner . It also left a nice natural scent on your hair. I actually really like using the combo together. The price is better than what you get, so I highly recommended to try this for all types of hair.
Love this conditioner! I've used other natural hair conditioners that don't give me enough moisture and feel quite watery. This was really nourishing and made my hair super soft and manageable. The consistency is lovely and creamy and has a wonderful fragrance. Will definitely need to try using with the matching shampoo.
I wanted to like this but there's something in this product that weighs my hair down. It's like if you don't rinse out product our of your hair but you actually do.  The fragrance is a little too sweet but ok for me. I'm still looking for a natural brand with good hair products. 
I love the Essano brand - it has wonderful ethics being plant based and cruelty free. I really like the way it leaves my hair looking and feeling, it feels full but not heavy and tames my frizz! I love the smell, the packaging is beautiful and its a soft, silky texture - i'd recommend it to anyone!
I purchased this product as it was plant based and I try my best to use all natural products. It smells really nice and a little goes a long way. I found that it left my hair feeling really soft and smooth but did leave a slight residue no matter how well I washed my hair. I felt like I had to wash my hair more regularly for this reason, so I probably wouldn't buy this product again.
The argan oil shampoo/ conditioner was the first duo I tried from the Essano haircare range and I really enjoyed them. I had long, fine and dry hair so I was looking to find a conditioner that would help restore my damaged hair but not be filled with chemicals - this conditioner was perfect to try as it is plant based and sulphate free and stated it was effective in restoring the softness and shine in your hair. The packaging is gorgeous and feminine and it is really practical as it has a flat lid which is really handy for when it is nearly empty as you can store it upside down to get the last of the product. It also provides detailed description of the ingredients used which I think is great. The product itself is great as not only does it smell AMAZING, but a little  bit goes a really long way. I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair and leave it for 2 minutes and straight away you can feel how soft and hydrating it is for your hair. The only downfall is that you have to ensure to rinse it really well  (and not use too much) as otherwise I feel there can be a little residue left. This conditioner (with the matching shampoo) really did restore my damaged hair and made it look much silkier and softer. The only reason why I haven't re-purchased since is because afterwards I tried the Essano Coconut Milk haircare duo and I am obsessed with it as it is a bit lighter in texture and more effective in removing build up, so it makes my hair look more voluminous :)  Overall I do recommend this product to others wanting to restore their dry and damaged hair - just be sure not to use too much product at once. Although it might be a little more expensive compared to other generic brands, it is definitely worth spending the extra few dollars to get a good quality product that isn't full of chemicals :)
I've got super long, fine, dark blonde hair and i have to admit Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner is ticking all the boxes!  I find that a little product goes a long way, keeping in mind i only apply conditioner from my mid lengths down, it soaks in pretty much instantly. My hair feels genuinely soft after each use and it always smells amazing too! TIP - if you are like me and always end up having way more conditioner than shampoo left over - use a little conditioner to shave your legs! you do not need much product at all and your pins will feel super smooth!
I really like this brand but I didn't feel like this conditioner was anything amazing. It does the job but it's too pricey.
I love this conditioner (along with the matching shampoo). My hair can get quite dried out but I found that after a few days of using this, it felt really soft and started to look a whole lot healthier. I have very curly, very (unnatural) blonde hair that can be impossible to manage if not taken care of properly. This conditioner has been great at calming my frizz down and I'm finding I'm not having to lop the ends off quite as much. Definitely recommend for people with dry, curly hair!
I'm always keen to try a new conditioner for my dry ends but this one didn't hit the mark for repurchase. although I like the plant based, chemical free formula I felt as though it didn't offer as much hydration as I expected and left my hair with a slight residue as if I didn't wash it out enough. Pros Smell Plant based No harsh chemicals Cons  Didn't leave hair smooth Ends felt dry  Not enough moisturizing power  Overall wouldn't purchase again  
I have to admit that I don't always use the matching conditioner for the shampoo, but in this case, I've been using the beautifully fragranced Argal Oil conditioner along with the shampoo every day and my hair has been thanking me by looking healthy and soft!  This conditioner smells so good! It's a pefume intensity which lingers in my hair throughout the day and also leaves my hair easy to style and manage. My hint is to use less and then see how it works with your hair and then use more if needed. If you use too much conditioner at first, it can give flyaways and make the hair too soft, so less is more in this case. It is free of nasty chemicals and is plant based and comes in a pretty pink bottle too!  I recommend this wonderfully scented conditioner for anyone to use along with the matching shampoo for daily use to keep hair clean and soft and glossy. 
Love this made my hair feel so soft and smelt beautiful, could notice a big difference in my dry ends after a a couple uses