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Essie Colour Range is a collection of nail polishes that help create salon-quality manicures at home. The nail polish contains no harmful DBP, formaldehyde or toluene. 

Available in 100 shades.


Essie Colour Range


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Great range of shades and a good price (when on sale ;) I used this line of polishes the longest now as they were one of the first ones (mainstream non indie brands) to ban formaldehyde from the formula ages ago while opi was still using it. Have a few colours and depending on the shade I mostly use 2 coats to get the right opacity. Wearability depends on how much I scrub dishes, wash stuff, do house chores and scrub things in general. On average I can pull out 3-4 days. Which is a record in my world. Usually I apply the polish for the event and then have to take off next day as it already has chips. They are of better than average quality. Still did not find that perfect nail polish that will last more than this.
I have tried a few different brands of nail polish in the past couple of months to find the best one for my toenails ready for summer.  And I have a found a winner for me.  Iv only used the basic range and at present have vanity fairest and madamosselle. These.shades are both a natural pink colour.  This polish is so easy to apply which is great for people like me who are not the best at doing their own polish. I applied 2 coats and got the natural look I was after but with a nice hint of pink. It dries pretty quick and even without any streaks.  Seems to have stayed on well so it's a very good colour stay polish as well I think.  I'm keen to try the ballet slipper colour next.  If your after a polish thats easy to apply and looks pretty good too then this is the one.  Also I picked it up half price at priceline which is bonus too
I've been in love with the brand Essie ever since it arrived in my Marie Claire The Parcel many year ago and have been collecting colours ever since. It applies beautifully, dries pretty quickly, there is an abundance of colours to suit every occasion and with base and  top coat it lasts a week! It is also easy to remove. I would recommend this brand and this product.
I love Essie nail products.  There are no terrible chemicals to worry about and the colors are absolutely beautiful.  I feel the nail polish dries much faster than other brands I’ve tried. My favorite shade of all time is Ballet Slippers.  It’s a sheer pinky color and looks pretty with mostly all of my wardrobe.
There's  not a great deal I can add to all the fantastic reviews that have gone before me.  I have used Essie Nail Polish for quite a few years now, I'm a bit staid and tend to stick to safe colours. The reds are beautiful as are the nudes and sheers. Essie Polishes are a joy to use. They going on streak free with good coverage in two coats. My absolute faves right at this moment are Sweet Tart the most beautiful nude that throws a lilac hue with a some silver that you can only catch a glimpse when the light hits it. In fact, i lost my bottle of Sweet Tart and after turning the house upside down i had to buy another bottle and then i found the original bottle that had slipped into the sidetails pocket on my lounge chair, so now i had a back up bottle, i wasnt sorry about that. When I put this shade on I always want to give myself a full manicure because the end result makes me feel so good and my nails look like they have been professionally manicured and they have been by me and Essie. The other shade I'm loving at the moment is Sugar Daddy a beautiful pink sheer that just enhances my nails perfectly.  If I give my nails the attention I love to give them when using Essie Nail Polish ie a soak in a nice conditioning bath, pushing back my cuticles and base and good quality top coat I can get at least 10 days out of my manicure. About the 10 day mark I get a little bit of wear on the tips of my nails (they're a medium length at the moment) and the obvious growing out at the cuticles, it's time to reapply.  Priceline always have good sales and I always take advantage of those. Essie is a great brand and should be tried by everyone. 
Loving my first purchase of a Essie nail polishes. At first I thought these were more on the pricey side- and yes they are- but offen there are specials and discounts for them and sometimes 2in1 etc. So when they went on special I purchased one! The brush is smooth and fine and the application of the nail polishes glides really smoothly and softly! Not one lump in site or crack! It dries super quickly and allows for ease of second application quickly! The end result is very smooth and no lumps bumps or smudges- this is one of the first nail polishes I have purchased that doesn't smudge straight away- the end result is awesome! It looks quite thick and does apply quite thickly too but its ok because it dries quickly! The colour is divine and looks super shinny- but a great neutral pink which is pretty and feminine! The end result lasts a good 5- 7 days without chipping or cracking and that's impressive. I really love this nail polish and the end result I purchased- I will continue to buy more in the ranges!
This is my first ever Essie nail polish and I am already just a little bit in love. From the colour selection to the durability it is truly an outstanding nail product. The brush makes it super easy and quickly to apply and it dries quickly. I tend to apply one coat allow it to set for a minute or so and then do a second coat when I use it. After applying two coats of this nail polish it takes 1-2 minutes to dry fully, but it will guarantee that it will last without any chips or cracks for days to come! The finish is very glossy looking and makes my nails look oh-so gorgeous! Pros: - Fabulous colour selection - Colours look vibrant - Does not chip - Long-lasting
Amazing range and quality! I am a HUGE fan of Essie polishes - they are one of the only nail polish brands that 'work' for me. I have a lot of trouble finding nail polishes that won't chip on me. Even after a base coat, multiple coats, and a top coat, majority of polishes chip within a day or two on me! Essie's don't. With just two coats, they stay put all week. Only after a week do they start to look a bit dull and I consider reapplying them. This is very impressive considering I do a lot of scrubbing and gardening! The most recent colours I have picked up are a Winter 2018 three pack of minis. It contained a gorgeous emerald, ruby red, and light shimmery gold. All are completely opaque in 2 coats, and have incredible formulas. They are creamy, shiny formulas that apply seamlessly. No streaks or clumps with these! They dry quickly, to the point where if I paint them on and fuss around reading or so 40 minutes they will be 100%edly dry and ready for a top coat. The colours themselves are stunning - a faint shimmer runs through them, giving them incredible depth in the light. They are the perfect shades for winter, and as they are colour cohesive I can mix and match them for fun nail looks! The brush is excellent - not too big and not too small. Most importantly, they are firm, so they don't flay and spread polish beyond the nail. The nail polish bottle is so pretty! They are glass bottles with interesting details and 'essie' embossed on the side. It looks girly but not childish - it is fun and light. They look gorgeous lined up on my vanity. Such a huge fan of these polishes and will continue to purchase them!
As far as naipolish is concerned this polish is great. It has lasting power, awesome colours and is easy to apply. I love the pastel type colours that Essie makes and have a range of 4 different ones, “Chillato” a white based pastel yellow, “Haute as hello” a very flattering pastel orange which makes the feet appear more tanned when wearing it, “Lilacism” a purple pastel and my personal favourite “ Mint Candy Apple” not only does it have a fun name but the colour will score you compliments wherever you go. They usually last for about two weeks on the toes without chipping when applied with a base coat, although I do need to apply 2 to 3 coats for even colour saturation. I would recommend this product for anyone that loves a fashionable, long lasting and flattering polish.
I love the colour range that Essie offers and was so excited to try them but I have found that no matter what my prep is, all Essie colours stain my nail beds, even if I only wear them for a short period of time and take it off I end up with yellowed nails which are gross, but if you are ok with this and change regularly enough that no one will ever see your true beds than the colour range is out of this world. I found that the chipping rate is about the same as other brands like OPI and Rimmel, I wouldn’t buy again because of the yellowing.
I bought my Essie nail polish after seeing it so raved about on online reviews. I purchased mine in the shade 'Fifth Avenue' as I wanted the perfect red. Boy, was I not mistaken. The polish comes out on my nails the exact colour it is on the bottle- something I have found not all polishes do. I find the square glass bottle much easier to maneuver in your hand and harder to knock over than the typical cylindrical bottles. The brush is perfect I am able to do 3 stripes on my nail from middle/left/right and I get an even coverage every time. I usually do two coats of this and it lasts me a few days which is AMAZING for a home regular nail polish. I have since grown my essie collection and the bottles look so chic all lined up in my bathroom cupboard with their trademark appearance. It is great to have a nail varnish at home which is affordable and also ticks all of the boxes
The "ballet slippers" colour is classic and so chic! It’s a gorgeous pale pink, suitable for all occasions, all year round. I received this as a gift and having never worn Essie nail polish before I was so surprised at how long lasting it is, especially when used with their top coat! It lasted a full week with no chipping and I’m notorious for chipping my nails! I would definitely buy this in the future.
A mani / pedi is a sure fire way to make you feel cared for,think a little differently about yourself AND look more polished (see what i did there ??) and with over 100 shades to choose from...from the softest,sheerest pinks to unbelievably gorgeous navys (and everything in between),Essie is sure to have a shade that will grab you. Nail polish is a little like lipstick...if you want to treat yourself to a little "something",but can't quite explain to the bank why you dropped hundreds on a new pair of shoes,or thousands on a new bag,a polish that will pick you up for under $20 is easily do-able (and every bit as satisfying). Essie is right up there on the top shelf when it comes to enamels,and with good reason:it goes on thick (rarely needing multiple coats.It is so thick it almost looks like an expensive shellac nail job,but much easier to change when you get tired of the hue,and definitely much cheaper,but not so thick that it is a pain to use and hard to control ),the colors are unique and hip without being overtly trendy (that aforementioned navy-ish shade i am talking about,"Butler Please" is as wearable with a blazer and heels as it is with a bikini and sarong.It is a personal fave of mine for my tootsies in summer) and the formula is formaldehyde and toluene free (formaldehyde hardens the polish,and toluene creates the smooth texture we love...but these are far from what you would want on your body,as they are toxic and not desirable at all). Now,how does it stand up to everyday wear ? After all,who has time to re-do a mani daily...well,as a nurse (and someone whose hands cop a beating that would have even the best of the best polish begging for mercy),i can say,(perfectly manicured) hand on heart,that these babies stand up under horrific conditions....for 4 - 5 days before looking like needing some help (without being too precious,but with the addition of a topcoat..just to add a little layer of "something" to help).And on my toes,that colour stays beautiful for a good week (last summer,whilst on holidays in The Whitsundays,i went diving,swimming,walking...on rocks,beaching and i still didn't top up for 6 days or so.Plus,i was able to show my feet off in sandals and thongs without feeling a need to hide. As i mentioned before,the range of shades is mind blowing...i have around 10,all in different hues that i wear depending on mood,clothes,season etc.and that rainbow expands all the time (Essie brings out a new collection every season or so),so technically,you could wear a different shade every few days,and still take a year to get through them all.And,if after all THAT,you still aren't convinced,let's do a little name drop or two:Kate Middleton chose to wear Essie's "Allure" when she got married,The Queen is said to have worn her favorite,"Ballet Slippers" for decades,Katie Holmes wore "First View" to the Met Gala last year and Angelina Jolie is a "Mademoiselle" fan (enough to take a look yet ?). Go ahead and treat this pricepoint,you can get one every payday and still not get "buyers remorse". TIP:Whilst you are unlikely not to find a hue that's you,if some vision comes to mind that even Essie hasn't come up with yet of the "perfect shade",try getting a little creative.Mix and match a few shades together and custom blend something that only you will ever truly have.What about mixing "Ballet Slippers" and "Playing Koi" with a pop of "Mixtaupe" to make a popping shade of rusted orange that is ever so slightly toned down for a summer soiree in white floaty dresses.
If you’re after the perfect nutral shade then look no further! I love this product because it’s easily accessible and affordable! I always apply two coats and leave enough time in between to dry  Tip - once you have the perfect coverage then dip your finger tips into iced water and let ur nails dry naturally! Creates the perfect shine to the already high gloss finish! 
If you're looking for the perfect pale almost nude pink you will love Ballet Slippers.  I have short slightly rounded nails and love this colour for everyday wear.  It is long lasting and chip resistant.  I am fairly busy and find the tips didn't ship easily.  Great value for money.
This was my first time using Essie polish and I am so positively surprised! The product has the perfect consistency and it applies beautifully and with Essie Good To Go top lasted a week without any chipping. I love its subtle and shiny finish. I tried the lady like colour and didn't really like it but I will definitely be buying more colours from this range.
Beauty is definitely more than just a slick of makeup, it is everything from hair care, skin care, perfume, and nails too. It's about pampering and colouring and caring for yourself from the top of your head to your face to your body and down to your nails. When I pamper myself every day, I do from head to toe, and nothing makes me feel better or more alive and feminine. I used to think that my favourite brand of nail care and polish was OPI, I'd used it and loved it exclusively for years and I had a whole rainbow of their colours, lined up like little colourful shoulders on my dressing table, knowing each colours name like an old friend. I now have a close second favourite whose name is Essie. I discovered it by accident at my local beauty salon, and bought the most gorgeous, pale pink colour and tried it that very afternoon. I applied my OPI base coat, then two thin, even coats of the Essie, finished with OPI top coat for a big hit of shine. The result was the most perfect, pale, glossy, peachy pink nude colour I had ever seen since OPI bubble bath. My nails remained shiny, glossy, and chip free, and so peachy pink for a full seven days, I kid you not. I am now planning to add to my collection of my new best nail friend, Essie. They are affordable, effective, and have a whole gorgeous rainbow of colour perfect shades to choose from. They last, they apply so easily and smoothly, they don't crack, chip or flake until you decide to remove it, and it removes just as easily as it applies. If you are after a new, affordable, colourful product in nail colour, you need to meet my new best friend, Essie.
LOVE this colour! It's perfect for the summer as it feels very nautical to me. The gel process works pretty well. I did notice some chipping on certain fingers after about a week, but this was also because I pick at my nails/skin. The brush makes it very easy to apply as it can cover most of my nails with one or two sweeps.
I love this colour. I think it it is pretty and girly but still abit funky. The thick, flat brush makes application easier and the paint is a good consistency. Two coats if enough of the colour to make an impact without being thick and gluggy. With a topcoat on the polish lasts without chips around 6 days, which for me is a miracle.
Firstly, the colour I tried out was beautiful.  A nude with a slight mauve tint, I received so many compliments.  Will certainly be my new go to shade - but I will be buying some other shades to try for sure. I used two coats, although the colour pigment was strong after one.  I just prefer the very opaque look.  Polish applied really easily with no bumps, also the brush covered almost the whole nail with one stroke! This polish lasted a week.  A WEEK.  I always chip a nail on the first day of wear, but this lasted through work, gym, cooking, dishes, and everything else. Used with the base and top coat this is my new go-to nail product.  I had used Essie in the past but had forgotten how good it was.  It was always great, but I am certain it has improved.