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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix

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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is an anti-ageing eye treatment that works to repair, fortify and hydrate the eye area. The formula strengthens the delicate skin around the eye area with Estée Lauder’s 360° matrix technology, while a concentrated infusion of hyaluronic acid intensely moisturises skin for 24 hours. With continued use, signs of ageing, including the look of lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles are reduced.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix


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I have what they call a “tear trough deformity” which leaves me with very dark lines under my eyes. Trying to avoid dermal fillers I have been trying everything to get some plump back in the troughs to reduce the dark lines.  WOW this product delivers! Within days of once a day usage others were commenting that the dark lines were much lighter. Fingers crossed this trend continues and they diminish further but as it’s a miracle product.  The packaging isn’t great. It has a “massaging stick” in the kid so when you pull it out it has product on it and you use the stick to massage it into your skin. Not hygenic so you need to clean it. A pump would have been much better for such an expensive item. The stick doesn’t reach the bottom so you need to use something else to get the rest of the product out. For me I left it upside down after use so by the next night it was all in the top of the bottle.  The sheer enormity of the benefits this product delivered to me completely outweighs the poor bottle design. 
This night repair eye concentrate saves my eyes from signs of anti ageing and I do see results. It has a lightweight serum like texture that absorbs into my skin instantly without any stickiness or tackiness. It reduces puffiness and fine lines around my eye areas with improvement to dullness and uneven tones as well. I have finished two bottles and onto my third bottle. It is expensive but a pea size amount is all I needed for both eyes so a very little product goes a long way.
I have been using this for about 2 months now, I have tried many eye creams and although I am still quite young and only have mild fine lines and creasing around the eyes, I have never been overly impressed with the effects of any eyecream. It wasn't until I used this eye-cream that I believed in the extra effort of using an eye-cream. My fine lines have dramatically reduced and are practically non-existant, my under eyes feel moisturised and bright. I use this morning and night, although it is only intended for night use. My day eye-cream just doesn't cut it anymore when I know what a fantastic product can do. The applicator is a joy to use and after 2 months the novelty of using it has not wore off, I find it very effective at applying the product and there is no wastage from over squeezing a tube or dunking my nail into a pot. My biggest gripe with this product is the price, its so expensive, but I definitely think it is worth it and will be repurchasing as soon as I run out. I recommend this product to all my family and friends!!
This is a lovely product. When applied it melts into the skin, at first it’s like a delicious thick serum but it sinks right in under the eye area after a few seconds. It looses its glossiness leaving behind a very smooth looking and unshiny undereye. It moisturisers incrediblely, diminishing the lines surrounding the eye. I loved how the product felt and rehydrated my eyes. To me this product made a difference in how the skin under my eyes looked and felt. I looked less tired, and much brighter. I would recommend this product to someone that wants a well moisturised eye area without the fear of clogging the delicate skin there. The only con is the price tag.
I have searched high and low for the perfect eye cream and this is one of the best I have found! My particular concern is fine lines mainly from dehydration but also a little from age. This gel like serum plumped the eye area immediately and had lasting results. Eye creams are such an expensive experiment when trying something new but for dehydrated eyes- I can not recommend a better product. I love that it didnt feel sticky and that the tiniest amount goes a long way
this is hands down one of the best anti ageing eye treatments i have tried, the estee lauder advanced night repair range is amazing and I have tried a few products from this range. this concentrated matrix being a concentrate has double the power of a normal eye cream. using this my fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, my eye area looks more youthful, intensely hydrated and smooth, the results are remarkable. So easy to use, you only need a little bit of serum applied to the eye area and its lightweight formula works wonders. This is kind of a combination of an eye serum and cream in the way it works for super hydration. Even though this product is quite rich it is not greasy. I really love the little applicator for distributing the gel like cream as it gives just the right amount of product to be massaged in. My eyes look brighter and smoother, well worth the price, an amazing product I would rave about, LOVE it, I highly recommend it
Being a long term user of both of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, it is only logical for me to jump on board with the newest addition to the Advanced Night Repair family, the "Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix". Perhaps it does not have the most informative product name, but this new product is a hybrid of the eye cream and the eye serum.  Because it is a "concentrate", it is twice as active as the eye cream or the serum alone.  For me, this product is the perfect replacement to my existing eye products, reducing two steps to one. The product has a gel-cream consistency.  It is packaged into a brown bottle and an applicator is included which is actually an extension of the lid.  The concept is that the applicator/"massage stick" will transfer the gel-cream out of the bottle, and the product can then be applied directly onto areas around the eyes, at the same time the "massage stick" is meant to massage those areas.  The gel-cream is fairly lightweight.  Immediately after use I can feel a tightening sensation which indicates that the product is already working.  I like that it is easily absorbed into skin (makeup can be applied immediately afterwards), and yet it provides excellent hydration and plumps the skin instantly and also throughout the day.  I have been using this product for a few months now, and I found that the gel-cream has reduced the look of my fine lines. I also noticed a slight brightening effect.  The skin around my eyes are normally prone to milia formation, but so far I haven't had any new ones forming whilst using this product.  I am very pleased with the both the short term and long term results. That said, as I have been using the eye cream and the eye serum from the same line for a few years, I was not expecting any less from this new gel-cream. As much as I like the product itself, I am not sure if I like the applicator at all.  After using the applicator a few times the way that it is meant to be used, I found myself transferring the product from the applicator onto my fingertips and patting it into my skin.  I found that the warmer temperature of my fingertips helps the product to melt into the skin.  I also do not like the idea of having the applicator going all over my skin and then dip it back into my bottle of $115 eye cream and let the bacteria and dead skin cells bake in there.  This product would have been perfect if it was packaged in a pump bottle instead.
I have also always been a huge fan of Estee Lauder products so I decided it was time to purchase this new, very promising and unique eye treatment. The Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, comes in a little brown bottle and has a massaging applicator wand with a ball shaped tip. This tip is designed so that the product is applied directly to the skin and to massage the entire eye area. I would have to say this applicator tip is one of the only things I dislike about this product as I don't find the applicator does much for my eye area and I prefer to pat on the product with my finger. The texture is in-between an eye serum and cream, so it really does absorb well and leaves no heavy or greasy residue. The product is quite concentrated and only a tiny amount is needed for both my eyes. There is no noticeable fragrance, which is a major bonus for me as I cannot use eye products which contain a fragrance! As soon as you apply this eye treatment to the eye area, it has an instant cooling, soothing and hydrating feel. I have some dryness and puffiness around my eyes, with a few fine lines starting to form. I find this product really does help hydrate, smooth and nourish my eye area without feeling heavy or causing milia or irritation. It definitely helps my concealer and eyeshadow glide on easier, as it creates a lovely smooth base. I sometimes use this in conjunction with the Advanced Night Repair Eye which has a thicker gel texture, and my eye area is certainly smoother than before. This eye treatment is expensive but as I said only a small amount is needed because it is concentrated, so it will last a while.  I would recommend this eye treatment to anyone who wants an effective, high-tech anti-aging product. I think it would suit all skin types, but may not be moisturising enough for anyone with very dry skin around their eyes. I will most probably repurchase this product as I do really like the smooth, lightweight texture. Pros: Hydrating and lightweight  Non-sticky and absorbs well Creates a smooth base for make-up  Helps smooth out dehydration lines Cons: Expensive  No significant improvement for puffiness  Applicator tip can be tricky to use
Beauty is most definitely skin deep, and if you begin with skin that is clear, smooth, hydrated, even and with a natural, radiant glow, everything else, from your makeup to hair and down to your nails, will just fall into place. You might even have the confidence to go makeup free whenever you like, revealing the real you, and you'll be amazed by the confident power that will simply radiate off of you. Truly special and magical, if you know the feeling I'm talking about. Good products, correct for your exact skin type, are the key to achieving beautiful skin, as well as a dedicated, concentrated, twice daily routine of double cleansing, serum or facial oil, and moisturiser. Plus a weekly clay or cream mask and chemical or manual exfoliator. As you get older, and face what comes with that like ageing skin, something else to add to your skin care routine twice a day is an eye cream, something I've only just done myself and can already see and feel the difference it's making to the delicate area around my eyes. What brand you use is entirely up to you and your personal taste, there are lots of good ones out there on the market, but one I use often and keep coming back to because of the quality in price, value and product, is Estee Lauder. Their Advanced night repair serum is one of their products that definitely earns the title of cult status, simply one of the best serums, day or night, you'll probably ever try, so their new night repair eye concentrate matrix had to be good too right? Oh, yes, indeed it is. After my nightly face routine of double cleansing and serum, I dispensed a small amount of this very rich looking and feeling serum, and dabbed it around my eye area gently with my ring finger on both sides, and the texture was wonderfully cool and soothing, and though the texture was rich, it absorbed straight away with no excess greasiness or residue left behind. My eye area immediately looked brighter, and felt softer and smoother, and when I woke the next morning, it still looked and felt bright, smooth, hydrated and rested. Having a brighter, smoother area around my eyes really made a huge difference to how the rest of my face looked when I did my morning cleanse and makeup application. I didn't need my usual concealer under my eyes, and I felt and looked bright and radiant and rested all day long, and with each application every night the results just get better and better. It's the first eye cream/serum product I've used so far, but it's made such a difference already in how I look and feel. I barely need any each application, so the hefty price tag of $115 is completely justified, I've barely used half the bottle as it is, and the results you get instantly and long term really do show how vital adding an eye treatment product to your skin care regime is. Beauty is above and beyond skin deep, and products from brilliant brands like Estee Lauder, that work effectively from the first use and in the long term, go a long way to really give you that every day feeling of power, confidence and happiness, that you get from nothing else in this world. Beauty can change your mood, day and life, from skin deep and beyond, radiating out from you in the most beautiful way.
This oh-so-luxurious product is worth it! If you have sensitive skin I would advise to use something light such as a serum rather than a cream to avoid skin irritation. This lightweight product can be used both morning and night. The biggest pro about this product is how hydrated it makes your face feel. The only con is the price tag.
Estee Lauder has created an amazing skincare range in the Advanced Night Repair. I am already using the serum on my face so I was excited to try the night repair eye concentrate matrix. I was told by the Estee Lauder consultants, even though it's a serum, it's also an eye cream. The packaging of this eye serum is beautiful, as always. It looks luxurious. I apply a little bit of the serum around my eye area and the texture feels really light and soothing. Over the course of the week, it looks like I appear to be less tired because the dark circles are minimised and the skin is hydrated. This is so important to me during winter because during winter, all parts of me are super dry, irritated and longing for hydration and nourishment. I recommend for anyone to try this! It's a beautiful product.