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Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme

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Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme is an eye cream that combines proven repair benefits, exclusive RVF-10™ Cell Boosting Complex and advanced hydration into a single skin-renewing breakthrough formula. The gentle, cushioning formula renews the eye area for a younger, smoother, brighter look, while reducing the appearance of crepiness, lines, puffiness and dark circles.


Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme


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As I'm in my mid 30's I'm getting more wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes and no need to say dark circles are not getting better either. Thank goodness for this Intensive Age-Renewal Eye Creme reviving my poor skin conditions around my eyes. The eye cream has a silky and creamy texture that melts onto the skin. It absorbs into the skin within minutes leaving the eye areas feeling hydrated but not sticky or greasy. I apply a pea size amount of cream on the eye areas in the evening and I can visible results the next morning. Puffiness reduced noticeably and the dark circles have also reduced a lot with less dullness. The skin feels more hydrated and looking less fatigue. After using a tub of the eye cream, my fine lines have reduced or dark circles have improved too. My overall eye areas have become more hydrated looking youthful. Totally worth investing!
I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but most of the ones I do have are concentrated around my eyes, so I'm always searching for the perfect eye cream. I used this one for a few years, and it's great, but not necessarily worth the price. While the creamy formula felt great and made my eye area look great, I'm not sure whether it actually had any anti-aging effects. It's intensely moisturising and hydrating, reduces puffiness, lines and dark circles, and of course, smooths out fine lines around the eyes. I'd recommend this product to anyone in the market for an eye cream that brightens and energises, and increases the appearance of youthful eyes.  Pros: - contains quality ingredients and skin-repairing antioxidants - nice, thick, creamy formula that absorbs well  - very hydrating and moisturising for dry skin - reduces puffiness and dark circles - masks fine lines around eyes Cons: - jar container requires you to dip your fingers in, and is therefore less sanitary - not sure if it has many anti-aging properties - use quickly or formula may become less effective over time (6 months or so)