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Garbo & Kelly G&K Essentials Bag

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Garbo & Kelly G&K Essentials Bag is a cosmetics bag for organising and transporting makeup. It includes an inner storage section and hidden compartment underneath.


Garbo & Kelly G&K Essentials Bag


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Okay this is gorgeous and luxurious, but I'm not altogether sure it's worth the crazy price. I received this as a gift and have been using it well over the past few weeks. It is an efficient way of organising all my makeup and holds everything I own. It's also incredibly handy for travel as you can conveniently have everything in one place without having to dig for makeup items at the bottom of your bag. The packaging is of course gorgeous and classy, so won't go out of style with time. I will sometimes clear this out and use it as an evening purse when I'm travelling to save space and it works awesomely well.  My favourite part about this is the hidden compartment, I put my most luxurious items in there and I love that it's a separate section. The only downside to this is how expensive it is. It is great quality but it lost a star because I can't really justify spending almost $60 on a makeup bag. Ultimately this bag is beautiful and works wonderfully, and I would recommend it to those who have a bit of money to spare.