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Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit

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Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit is a highlighting kit containing both matte and shimmer shades in warm and cool tones for highlighting and enhancing the brow bone, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow of the lips. The highlighting powders can also be applied to the décolletage and shoulders.


Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit


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I've had this palette for just over a month now and I have to say, it is a beautiful palette, but it is for makeup users who want a particular look. All the highlight shades (shimmery ones not matte) are lovely colours, and I think a major strength of this palette is that it does cater for a variety of skin tones. However, I do not personally love this highlighting palette for everyday use. The shades are ultra pigmented so you only need a little bit of product. They are also very (very!) reflective so if you enjoy that 'I can see my highlighter from space' level of glow then I say- go for it, this palette is for you! However, I much prefer a natural glow or sheen on the cheek bones so I find these highlighters a little too intense for everyday. However, they are good for going out and they look lovely in pictures. Also, because they are so intense, they are also what I would call 'glittery' highlighters, meaning you can detect the small glitter particles on the skin, again making them look quite unnatural. On a positive note, the formula itself is very smooth and buttery and the powders glide easily on to the skin and do not sit into any fine lines or drier patches of skin. I have also found that they all look lovely (like so lovely) as eyeshadows! You can either sweep them onto the lid for a glittery looking eye or use them as a kind of lid top over other eyeshadows to give them an extra glimmer! I also find if you use the highlighters wet they create a stunning intense pigmented glittery eye! In terms of the matte highlighters shades, again these are nice and soft and blendable so they sit well underneath the eyes, both nothing super special but still nice. Overall, I do think this is a beautiful palette I just think it is for those who like a more intense highlighter- which there's nothing wrong with, you glow girl!
Absolutely my new favourite highlighter palette. From the moment I started using it, I could tell that this is a very high quality product. The colour selections are suitable for warm and cool tones, and the shade range allows different areas of the face to be highlighted and concealed.  I have never been a big fan of powders, but this palette proved me wrong. It is easy to apply a light dusting over tinted foundation for a natural look, and it can also be used for full face 'baking looks'. It is the perfect combination for the modern day collection.  Each colour has great pigmentation, there is a great balance between shimmers and mattes. It's great to mix up your look, so it's the only palette I need.  Would highly recommend. 
This illumination highlighting kit from Garbo and jelly is truly beautiful. The stunning palette comes in a gorgeous luxe palette containing 6 pretty shades, 4 of these are shimmery and 2 are matte. These are highly pigmented and really top quality, they are also so easy to use. The shimmery shades are so pretty, I especially love the shade Ava which I love to use on my cheekbones and eyelids as shadow. The two matte shades Greta and grace are great as an eyeshadow under my brows, they are subtle and give a lovely glow. Even though this palette is a little pricey at $70.00 a little goes a long way as the colours are quite pigmented and strong so the palette will last a long time. With this palette I can experiment more with highlighting and accentuate the areas I want to glow. This makes my skin look more radiant, I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it.
This palette is totally worth the money!! i have used this basically everyday and it stays on place without any fallout. No matter the weather or what I'm doing the highlighters are always very evident on my face and are very glowy. The best colour I have found is Ava. It is a lovely pinkish and glittery shade which looks so stunning especially in the sun! If you see this product I 100% recommend you to buy this because you will love it so much!! So happy I purchased this item, such a lifesaver
If you are as obsessed with highlighters as I am, you will need to get your hands on the Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit…STAT! A dreamy palette, the formulations are divine. It contains 6 powders with a beautiful consistency, 2 matte shades and 4 very pigmented shimmer shades. There are multiple uses for the palette and I use the shade Greta to set my under eye concealer, which really helps to brighten up the area and counteract any darkness. It can also be used as a setting powder to add a natural, healthy glow to the skin. The shimmer shades provide an intense illuminating highlight and a radiant finish to the skin. I would recommend using a light hand, as these babies are very pigmented, and a little goes a long way! The formulations are very high quality, and they blend seamlessly into the skin, they are soft and buttery, and intensely pigmented. However they aren’t drying and do not emphasis pores or skin texture issues.  I love that the colours can be worn on their own or blended together for your own custom glowing shade. They work wonderfully not just as a cheek highlighter, but also used in the inner corners of the eyes to really make your eyes pop, and also as an eyeshadow! A must-have palette, for any highlighter obsessed beautyjunkie!
Like the bowerbird attracted to blue colours, I was mesmorised and attracted to the gorgeous packaging and contents of this product.   Wow, if I hadn’t seen this on this site, I possibly would not have known it was on the market.   This illumination palette is just gorgeous from the moment you open it.  Flip open the black silvery lid and you will be astounded to see a mirror and 6 creamy powders inside.  4 are shimmery and 2 are matte shades.  There is not one  shade that I would not use.  I am absolutely in love with this palette.  I can wear it day or night and the colours look great.  It really does brighten up your skin and gives instant lift to your cheeks after I applied my foundation and my brow bones look lifted also which is pretty good when you are a little mature in age.  I even used the shimmery Ava highlighter on my eyes as I loved the colour so much.  For the matte colours of Grace and Greta you can apply it to your brow bones, above your lips and down your nose and tops of your cheekbones. The shimmery colours of Ava, Charlie, Lana & Garland are great for the corner of your eyes, cheeks and above your lips and below the curve of your brows to really lift the eyes. I really, REALLY love this illumination palette kit because for my mature age, it really gives me this special healthy glow and I feel like I am beautifully glowing from within too.   I love the names that the powders are given also.  Easy to remember which ones are your favourites.   This is a special kit that I would definitely pay the $70 for because it really is beautiful from the moment you open the packaging.    Love, love, love.
The Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit is honestly so beautiful! The palette itself is so pretty and is my all time favourite highlighting kit! This palette comes with six different illuminating powders - 4 sparkly shades and 2 matte shades. Each shade is simply gorgeous and are full of pigmentation!  The sparkly shades are absolutely divine and you only need to use a small amount of product in order to notice the full effect! I loved experimenting with the colours and using differnent amounts of product in order to find different depths. These four shiny shades could be used quite lightly for a subtle and sparkly glow or you could go all out and use slightly more product for a intense, festival/night out kind of look!  Compared to the shiny shades, the matte powders where definitely more subtle. These powders definitely delivered some shine and were great for highlighting those areas on your face that needed a little bit of an uplift without going over the top!  All 6 of these shades delivered a beautiful glow and were highly pigmented! The colours are beyond beautiful and can be used for all occasions - whether you want a more subtle and gentle glow or something a little more dazzling! The packaging was really well made and looked great! Not only do these products apply really easily to your skin, with one simple swipe of product, but they also leave your skin feeling glowey, beautiful and ready to conquer the day!  I definitely could not fault this product and I will continue to use it every day! I would 10/10 recommend this product! 
Love the light and sparkly textures availed in this compact. If you want flawless coverage with the subtlety of effervescence then this range is just the thing.  My favourite of them all which I use both as blush, eye contouring and lip enhancer is Ava.Big tick on packaging too.
This palette is insanely pretty, ethereal and worth every cent! Just looking at pictures of the palette made me fall in love with the way the colours looked, but in real life they're even more stunning. There are 6 powders altogether - 2 matte and 4 shimmery shades. I've got to be honest, I use the shimmery shades like crazy (even during the day!). The 2 matte shades, Greta and Grace, are amazing for highlighting under the brow bone and even under the eyes. They don't draw too much attention, but definitely help the light to hit the parts of your face you want highlighted. They leave a subtle, flawless glow on your skin. But compared to the shimmery shades, these two are definitely a lot tamer! All the shades are highly pigmented and a single swipe is enough to pick up a lot of product. The shimmery shades in particular are very intense and bright - they would be perfect for a festival or concert! But everyday use is totally fine as well, as long as you use a soft touch! Pros: - The colours!!!! - Highly pigmented - The matte colours leave a beautiful subtle glow on your skin - The shimmery colours are as beautiful and goddess-like as they come! - Leaves your skin looking glowing, healthy and definitely eye-catching Cons: - Honestly nothing!