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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Couture Kit

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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Couture Kit is a makeup set that contains a Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Liquid Lipstick and a matching Royalty Gloss Lip Definer. The Royalty Gloss Liquid Lipstick is a lip gloss with a mirror-shine finish that creates the illusion of fuller lips. The Royalty Gloss Lip Definer is a waterproof lip liner with a creamy formula. 

Available in 10 shades.


Garbo & Kelly Royalty Gloss Lip Couture Kit


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I am new to this brand and absolutely love it. This duo kit is so handy because I have the lipliner and matching gloss lipstick in matching colours, so convenient. The formula of these products is so creamy and hydrating. The liner is easy to use to get a nice precise line. The lipstick gives a gorgeous shine and is really well pigmented, the formula plumps lips and my lips definitely look fuller when I wear this gloss. It lasts really well which is a bonus, even after enjoying a coffee. I have this in a lovely nude shade called London and wear it all the time. I love Garbo and kelly for its quality, love the packaging, this kit is great value for money, feels nice and light to wear and love the mirror shine. I highly recommend this product.
This is not a product for the fainthearted! Using the bold, luscious gloss together with the lip definer, will provide a much fuller pout. For everyday use, I love using the nude coloured gloss alone to provide a subtle hint of colour and hydration. For going out, I usually choose brighter, bolder colour glosses together with the definer to ensure that the colour lasts all day and night. The range of colours is really wearable and easy to match with a variety of skin tones.  The gloss has a high-shine moisturising formula that provides amazing colour pay off. It applies very smoothly across the lips, without leaving streaks or the 'sticky' feeling that cheaper glosses sometimes have. It is also filled with moisturising ingredients that leave the lips feeling soft and well hydrated. The definer is a matte liner, which works well to balance out the effect of the gloss, and ensure that it lasts without smearing or smudging.  My advice would be to exfoliate the lips and apply lip balm prior to using the gloss, because the gloss is very high shine and can highlight imperfections on the lips, particularly when choosing the lighter coloured glosses.
I have this kit in “London” which is a nice soft nude colour which I prefer for everyday wear. Best feature, how nourished and moisturised by lips are all day long! I can give myself a beautifully fuller lip look with a nice shine. It’s now my every day lip kit!