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Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar - Watermelon is a solid shampoo bar that helps to detangle strands and add volume for thicker-looking hair, with no weigh down. Blended with 94% plant-based ingredients, Garnier Fructis Hair Food shampoo bars lather and nourish like a liquid shampoo, but are made with 100% FSC recyclable cardboard packaging, meaning there is no plastic waste. Garnier Fructis Hair Food shampoo bars are a 2-in-1 solution that cleanse and care, bringing out the natural beauty in every hair type.

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Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar - Watermelon


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Gorgeous scent, leaves hair soft

I had never used a shampoo bar before and was curious so I decided to try this one after reading reviews. The thing I loved most was the scent, it has a sweet watermelon candy like scent which is really delicious and lasts for ages. It’s easy to use, just lather the bar, I found it easiest to do this just by wetting the bar and rubbing it in my hands. It does disintegrate and is a bit messy though. I found it’s far easier and less messy to use a normal shampoo but that’s just my personal preference. It does leave my hair feeling soft and silky and styling was easy. I have thick hair and I don’t think the bar was the most suitable product for washing it, I feel it would be better suited to fine hair. I love garnier and this was quite a good product that smells beautiful
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Perfect for camping

I have been waiting so long to Try a shampoo bar but could never decide what brand to use so or was my first time using a shampoo bar Garnier's Hair Food range Straight away was the strong watermelon scent, even before opening the box. It reminds me of childhood days strawberry lipgloss and gum so if you wanna walk down memory lane then, then this product will most definitely bring on some nostalgia.. personally I love it and don't find it overpowering. The product is the shape of a teardrop makes it sense it's easier to grip, but it does become slippery once wet and when it lathers up, as it is completely smooth bar (no imprinted branding or grooves). The instructions say to apply the bar directly to the hair, but I personally found I got a good amount of product/lather just by rubbing it in my hands, and then applying it to my hair. It does lather extremely well I've always worrier that using just a shampoo be dry and yuck it was actually silky and soft to my surprise bar becomes quite soft and almost 'melts' when it's wet. Seems the product to wastes in between uses as it sticks to the container . But from a sustainability this is a small trade-off for ditching plastic
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Perfect for fine hair, watermelon scent is divine!

This was my first time using a shampoo bar, and any product from Garnier's Hair Food range. Immediate impressions was the strong watermelon scent, even before opening the box. It reminds me of childhood days, so if you were a fan back then, then this product will most definitely bring on some nostalgia! The scent is also equally as strong when using it, and also will continue to impart a fragrance if you have it sitting on the bathroom counter/shelf after use- but I personally love it and don't find it overpowering. The product itself is teardrop shaped, which in theory makes it easier to grip, but it does become slippery once wet and when it lathers up, as it is completely smooth bar (no imprinted branding or grooves). The instructions say to apply the bar directly to the hair, but I personally found I got a good amount of product/lather just by rubbing it in my hands, and then applying it to my hair. It does lather extremely well, and my hair immediately felt smooth upon application. I do have straight and fine hair, so the formula seems to be well suited. My hair felt really silky and soft after washing and blowdrying, which I loved. There is some volumising effect, but not a huge amount as I've gotten with other products marketed as volumising. The only 'downside' is that the bar becomes quite soft and almost 'melts' when it's wet, and I have noticed cracks starting to form when it dries back up. There is potential for some product to be wasted in between uses, and sticks to the dish I've placed it on for storage. But from a sustainability POV, this is a small trade-off for ditching plastic!
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Budget and Eco Friendly Bar!

This is a fantastic, budget friendly, plastic free shampoo option! I know you can get this at Chemist Warehouse regularly 50% off. The bar is effective at cleansing the hair without stripping or drying it. There is negligible volumising properties, in my experience, but rarely do any shampoo or conditioners actually help volumise my hair. It is usually post wash products that do this. The sent is exactly like a watermelon candy, so note this if you are fussy about scents, as it also clings to the hair which I very much enjoy! This bar doesn't degrade like others. I have been a little lazy in leaving it in a dry place and it has not melted or degraded in anyway. That being said, always try to drain and dry your bars to ensure they do hit the life expectancy you want from them!
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Great for short -medium length hair!

What I love about this bar is that it reduces plastic waste! The value is evident- the bar is lasting and easily foams which means that a little bit goes a long way. In terms of a lather, the bar took a while to form a decent foam. Maybe this is because I have long hair and I needed more product? I would suspect this bar would be perfect for short to medium hair! What I would also say is that I think the scent is a bit too overpowering. The watermelon scent can be detected from outside the packaging and is a bit on the sickly sweet side. I would also mention that for price, the bar was surprisingly small. I would have expected a bigger bar. This all being said, it is great to see Garnier deliver on a range of sustainable products and I would happily invest in other products in this range to find the best fit because it does mean Less plastic waste at the end of the day!
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Nice shampoo bar intro: squeaky clean, lathery

I've been meaning to try out shampoo/conditioner bars for a while in an effort to reduce plastic waste, so I was pleased to be able to trial the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar for review. My first impressions were - 1. I could smell the product as I pulled the postage satchel out of my letterbox - it is very strongly scented, an artificial watermelon that kind of reminds me of ChupaChups or the Lipsmackers of my childhood, and 2. I like the minimal packaging but it was unclear to me how well it would recycle - the cardboard feels like it might have a waxy coating? On using the shampoo bar I was pleasantly surprised - the scent is fun and intensely fruity in the shower but very strong; however the bar is so concentrated that the small amount you use each time means the watermelon scent doesn't stay so intense after rinsing luckily. I also noted the huge amount of lather which I didn't expect from a shampoo bar. I ran the bar down my wet hair from root to tip in several areas around the crown of my head and that was more than adequate to get plenty of lather. This left my hair feeling quite squeaky clean and I definitely needed a treatment or conditioner afterwards to prevent drying out, but the volume this left was quite nice - I have quite dense hair, straight and often very flat so volume is something I am always looking for. My hair stayed clean for as long or slightly longer than when using my usual shampoo - I normally wash alternate daily but have been pushing this out to every 3 days, sometimes 4. There is a subtle residual watermelon scent after drying but nowhere near as intense as the product or scent during use. It takes a little practice to get the amount of product used each time right and I would estimate that most people would not find that it lasts as long as an equivalent 500mL of liquid shampoo as the packaging claims, but it is a good start. I almost like this enough to make the switch from my usual shampoo - but not quite enough - the reduced plastic packaging is a drawcard though. I would like Garnier to be more explicit about the packaging composition to help people decide on if it fits within their local recycling options, or perhaps Garnier could consider compostable packaging to make it truly a zero-waste option. I would probably buy this again for camping and travel, and maybe eventually make the switch from bottled liquid shampoo.
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Perfect for travelling

The first thing I noticed was the incredible scent of watermelon coming out of the cardboard packaging, it is so strong but it smells Yum! I have been teasing out this product for a few weeks now.. and well it works, it does the job, it's quick and easy to use. I did find it much easier to soap the bar up in my hands first rather than to apply the bar straight to my roots like the packaging suggests. This would be super easy to take with you if you were travelling for a short period of time. No need for big bulky shampoo bottles. I also love that this product is a vegan formula. I would recommend this product to my family and friends for short term use.
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A good product

A shampoo bar from Garnier Fructis is a good start. Hopefully, a more comprehensive range of scents will become available. As there is a demand for them, there are more choices for the consumers who may not like the smell of watermelon. Watermelon scent seems popular in skin care; now, it's in soap form. The watermelon scent is not familiar. However, it may not be the case for the other countries, not Australia. The shampoo bar has a mild pleasant scent of watermelon. I liked the smell as I have a preference for the watermelon scent. I have used the shampoo bar four days a week since it. I have tried shampoo bars from Lush and now from Garnier Fructis. The experience of using a shampoo bar is good. I have fine hair, so I preferred to lather the soap on my hands before applying the shampoo to my hair. Lathering the soap on the hair can cause knots to appear in the hair. I felt that I needed to use a large amount of conditioner as the shampoo bar left my hair feeling dry. I hope to get a watermelon scented conditioner bar or combine the two shampoo and conditioner in one soap bar. I have seen a product that has shampoo and conditioner together. I'm going to purchase it and give it a try. It takes time to acclimatise to using a soap bar to clean hair or body as I'm accustomed to using liquid hair shampoo, conditioner and liquid body wash. I acknowledge that shampoo and soap bars are drying; I wish a conditioner accompanied the shampoo. In the past, I would purchase both the shampoo and conditioner in the same scent to allow the smell to linger in my hair. A container for the soap would be nice as I didn't have a container to store it as I don't usually use bars of soap. The downside of having a soap bar is it needs a container; otherwise, it will become soft. It needs to keep dry with adequate drainage to allow soap to dry after each use. However, it is an alternative to using liquid shampoo and conditioner, which uses plastic packaging. The bar of soap it's not for everyone's scalp or hair texture. I felt that it works better for those with oily hair and scalp than those with dry hair and scalp. Not uncommon for soap to be dry as the pH of the soap is highly alkaline and not recommended for those with sensitive scalp or skin. The scent's not strong, but those with sensitive scalp or skin may not be able to use it. The product's pricing is reasonable. But it may be expensive as only one person can use the soap, and sharing between more than one person is unhygienic. For that price is inhibiting for people with tight budgets. I will purchase the shampoo soap again in the future as I like to have options of solid and liquid shampoos.
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Watermelon Sugar High

I have previously used the watermelon hair food and loved the delightful scent of this range. When I saw the shampoo bar I knew I had to give it a try. This is my first time using a product like this but I love the idea of sustainability. It takes a little to work into a nice lather but once it starts to lather its really nice Personally on my fine hair I don't find this range particularly volumising and although I love how sweet this smells I might give another of the ranges a go to see what would work best for my hair.
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Great Shampoo Bar

I have used the Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar - Watermelon for a couple of weeks and I can say that I'm more than happy with the product. The main thing is that this shampoo compared with bottle/liquid shampoo is zero plastic waste, which is awesome. I have oily hair and this shampoo bar did the job well, I did not see any difference compared with bottle/liquid shampoo. The shampoo bar is very easy to use, just follow the instructions. The watermelon scent is strong, I can smell it even after a shower. Next time that I need to buy shampoo or conditioner I would be considering buying a bar instead of liquid. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends.
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Stick to what you love

So pros -environmental saver -smells delicious, like edible, i want to eat it -does what it says, like this cleans your hair sure But cons -after using salon hair care for many years i just cant get the same results. Sure my hair felt clean but it wasnt that same squeaky clean feeling. The lather wasnt there and i know lather doesnt mean anything or do anything but the feeling is not the same. My hair smelt nice but that smell doesnt last and my hair just didnt feel as soft. Ive used the hair mask treatments and i like them but my hairdresser doesnt haha i continue tobuse them though!!
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Smells delicious.

This product smell is very nice, sweet/lolly type. I love the concept of it being a bar and lasting longer then one bottle but a little inconvenient to find somewhere to put the bar after use for it to dry. I do have fine hair and there was a noticeable difference with it having slight volume to it instead of it being flat. My hair felt incredibly soft after continuous use of this product and also found it helped control my frizz. Not sure if there is also a conditioner to match as I have yet to find one but would definitely buy to give them a chance together.
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Great for kids

This Garnier Fructis Volumising shampoo bar is okay, it smells really great when using but doesn’t leave a smell on your hair afterwards. It is actually a really handy shampoo for using it on my kids. It means they don’t use up the shampoo bottle in one wash haha. It soaps up really well and you only need a little bit. It is a pink colour and a great size. Doesn’t slip out of my hand in the shower. Does give a nice volume to hair. My hair was left feeling really clean afterwards. It’s a fun way to shampoo hair.
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Interesting Concept!

I was extremely excited to try this shampoo bar. Not only do I struggle with trying to prolong my washes as my hair gets oily fairly quickly, I absolutely loved the environmental implications of moving away from plastic packaging. My first instinct was that the shampoo smelt amazing. Once it came time to actually use the product, I was a little unsure, but I found that lathering the bar in my hand, as I would a regular soap bar, and then rubbing the residue in my hair was the easiest way to work it! As soon as I washed my hair, it felt “squeaky clean”, but potentially to the point of a slight drying. Ultimately the thing I was hoping for the most (keeping my oiliness as bay) was not an outcome I received, however I wouldn’t say that it made my hair more oily or anything, it simply didn't make anything better, which I was hoping for. Overall, this is an interesting product with a great idea and for people that don’t have particularly high standards from their shampoo, a great alternative and simple way to have a positive impact on the environment. I can’t wait to see how this product grows and develops!
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Watermelon shampoo bar

I’ve tried the shampoo bar for a few weeks and found the watermelon shampoo bar smells AMAZING, I love that it’s eco friendly packaging, but it leaves my hair feeling extremely frizzy and just out of control. I have frizzy hair though so I’m not sure how it would go on straight hair. I wouldn’t recommend it on hair that is curly or frizzy because it made it unmanageable. The application of the bar is difficult to and as much as it smelt good, and it’s eco friendly, I’ve found I would prefer a shampoo bottle for ease of use and convenience. I wouldn’t personally purchase the product for myself but I definitely say if you have straight hair and don’t mind a bit of application time if you have long hair, then definitely try it.
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Smells Amazing

I love this shampoo bar. I love that there is no plastic waste and it is 98% biodegradable. It comes in a 60g bar and is pink in colour. My first impression is that it smells amazing!! It smells like watermelon. it is labeled as volumising and a 2 in 1 cleanse and care. i didn't notice any difference in the volume of my hair and i don't really know what the 2 in 1 means, its just a shampoo. Compared to other shampoo bars i have used in the past this one lathers up really well and a little goes a long way. after drying my hair felt clean and light. it wasn't weighed down with silicones. it doesn't contain any silicones, preservatives, plastic waste or artificial colours. I also like that because its compact, it is great for travelling.
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Smells amazing

The Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar - Watermelon This was my first time using a shampoo bar and was pleasantly surprised by how good it is. I must admit I was quite skeptical at first but it quickly changed my mind. I loved the environmentally friendly packaging. It smells amazing not only after washing but lasts a few days. Left my hair super shiny and silky. Application was really easy, I was expecting it to be a bit difficult, but it lathered nicely and quickly. Definitely would purchase in future and recommend.
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Great for camping!

Where do I start with this little pocket sized shampoo bar! First of all I must make mention that the smell is DEVINE, it takes me back to my early teens when I used to obsess over the watermelon flavour. The aesthetics of the packaging is pleasing, nice and bright and I love how they make mention that the product is 94% plant derived. I decided to take this bad boy camping with me as it can be hard trying to squeeze in your normal sized bottles of shampoo/conditioned. I applied the shampoo bar to my roots and moved my way to my ends and made a nice little lather. As I have fine hair I found I didn't have to rub the soap very much to have the lathered affect. It washed out nicely and when my hair naturally dried I found it to be quite soft and super shiny! I think this will be a product I will be re-running in the future, it has my tick of approval!!!
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Deep clean

I loved how this product was plastic free. It comes in a nice box and is a lovely shade of fruity pink. It is sort of round ish in shape but easy to hold in one hand so that you can use the other hand to lather up properly. It is very easy to use, but I felt like I had to lather it up a few times to get enough product actually into my hair. It definitely gives a good, deep clean, but was quite drying without conditioner. Once I followed it with a conditioner, my hair was very clean and back to its normal amount of shine. This shampoo bar has a pleasant watermelon scent that was quite strong although I do prefer my products to only be lightly scented as I do find the smells can be distracting.
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Shampoo bar - pleasantly surprised

I enjoyed trialling the Garnier Fructis Volumising Shampoo Bar (2 in 1 Cleanse + Care) in the Watermelon Hair Food formula. I found the product to be an interesting context in terms of saving waste, given that there was no plastic packaging. I enjoyed the lather created by this shampoo bar, and I have to say, it was my first time trialling a shampoo bar on my fine, somewhat oily and keratin-treated hair. I was surprised that I was able to properly able to lather the product, as I anticipated some difficulty, but I was pleasantly surprised. My felt volumised and clean, but not overly so. I paired this occasionally with the Watermelon Hair Food treatment or conditioner, which also worked really well and smelled amazing.