Garnier Hair Food Protecting Goji for Coloured Hair

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Garnier Hair Food Protecting Goji for Coloured Hair is a radiance-boosting and colour-protecting conditioner and leave-in treatment for colour treated hair. The hair mask works to revitalise dull colour and protect coloured hair from further damage, leaving hair looking vibrant and healthy.


Garnier Hair Food Protecting Goji for Coloured Hair


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Chemical free and fruity fresh

I have slighty thicker hair that tends to get dry and damaged, but greasy at the roots. I have recently noticed hair falling out when I use traditional shampoos with SLS so I will now only use natural and paraben free hair products to minimise hair loss. The goji scent was nice and fruity though a little artificial for my liking. The best thing about the product was that it left my hair feeling super clean, strong and fresh using less product than I would need to for the regular natural shampoos I use, like Sukin and Natural Instinct. My hair also lasted a few days before feeling like I needed to wash it again. I would highly recommend this product for people who are after a chemical free alternative to generic hair products but don't want to miss out on a nice, heavier scent than natural hair care usually offers. The hair mask can be used for varying time periods depending on the desired effect. I only left it on for two minutes, perhaps it might be more nourishing if left for longer. I think this hair mask is suitable for all hair types, those looking for a natural solution but don't want to leave that sweet smelling fruit scent behind.

Good Hair Mask

I've never really been one to use a hair mask as I can't really be bothered but really needed to start as colouring my hair has dried the tips and need to repair it. Well firstly I was very impressed with the size of the packaging! It is a big tub, like 3 times the size of other masks I've seen so that is a plus! I love the smell it is nice and sweet and the texture is quite a thick consistency. I tend to use it as either a 1 minute mask or as a "conditioner" when I wash my hair and from mid lengths to tips as they are the areas that are dry from the colour mainly. I've also tried in on my daughter's hair as it's very dry & frizzy. Although not coloured wanted to see if it worked and it did help with restoring some of the moisture & her hair is not as dry anymore after 1 use/ It has brought back some of her curls & reduced the frizz after 1 wash ! The only thing I don't like is I do find it a tad hard to apply it's not as easy as a conditioner for example to spread through the hair because it is quite thick and gluggy so I tend to probably use more than I should to get it everywhere!