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Garnier Olia Bold is a permanent at-home hair colour. The pigment-rich hair dye provides a high-impact colour result. The formula contains no ammonia and instead uses oils to deliver colour into the hair. The dye visibly improves hair quality and delivers an anti-dullness and anti-dryness effect to enhance hair softness and shine. The resulting colour is long-lasting and provides 100 per cent grey hair coverage.

Available in three shades.


Garnier Olia Bold


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Colour used: 9.2 Rose Gold I have naturally medium blonde hair and this grabbed the pinkish hue very nicely.  Garnier colours always smell good, don't burn and come out with great shine and softness. Fashion colours do tend to fade quickly, though, and the pink washes out reasonably quickly, but it's a gentle fade and as long as you don't mind a rosy gold left over, you'll be fine.  Can always use a silver toner once the pink has gone to tone down gold.
Used this as a reviewer, I've been using Garnier hair colour for a few years, always worked well. This time used the purple colour, colour looks nice but more of a red than purple, and the colour comes off during subsequent washes. Will look out for how long it will last over time.
Loved the variety of colours, got the rose colour. The application process was easy to follow,  although i did find my hair got really dry and it took forever to wash out. The colour was applied to the grey areas first but it still didnt cover the greys effectively. Very stubborn grey hairs. The colour was a lovely rose pink tone, which i loved. Great DIY kit, easy to use and I applied all the conditioner in one application.
What a fun product. I was nervous about the results, as I wasn't sure how red (or violet) I was going to be. But I was surprised to find myself only a little darker than my normal brown hair, with hints of red. So that was great! Then, it is easy to apply, doesn't stain the whole bathroom red (so no scenes from Psycho here), and a pretty neutral odour. The colour does fade somewhat over a 3-4 week period. But I am also very active, and sometimes wash my hair numerous times a week- so maybe that played a part. But I didn't mind, as if it had been a complete disaster, at least I know with washes, it does eventually fade. Definitely worth a try if your keen to try something new and different.
It was a pleasure trying the new Garnier Olia Bold. I have dark hair colour and haven't dyed for a while. So when applying shade 4.26 Rose Violet it resulted in a subtle red look. Indoor no one even notices the colour but it's certainly vibrant under direct sunlight. The instructions were clear. Product was easy to apply without the unpleasant smell from normal dye products. And I think it covers most of my grey hairs. Last but not least, my hair doesn't feel any different to before dying, which is another plus and this product doesn't seem to damage my hair and make it dry. So, very happy with the final result.
This product is so simple and easy to follow and use! The product appeared darker on my hair as I had previously dyed my hair dark brown, but in the sunlight the colour appeared nicely and subtly which I really loved! As it washes out it goes lighter bringing out the purple undertones a lot more. I really like this product and would definitely use it again!
I get to trial new Garnier Olia bold. It was really easy to use . This easy to use colour kit comes with everything you need to apply colour to your hair. Easy to follow instructions card , gloves , mixing bottle, of course colour and activator. This is very easy to apply and has fantastic results. I have been really happy with the results this colour last about 3-4 weeks. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Very easy to find in every supermarket and all chemist shops . It’s a must try.
I absolutely enjoyed trialing this product unlike other hair dye this wasnt very smelly, I literally didnt feel like I needed to do it outside like I have previous ones. It's easy to apply the product with the bottle which doesnt create much mess. My hair felt softer and more shiny, even been complimented on a glow my hair gives.  The only downside about the product is the gloves in the box wasnt great quality. If you have big hands you will need to buy yourself a set.  Otherwise great product and I'll definitely recommend it to others
I was lucky enough to trial the Rose Gold hair colour. I have dirty blonde hair but it showed up exactly how I wanted it to and I love it so much. I have long, thick hair so I definitely needed 2 boxes. It was really easy to apply and went smoothly. My hair felt silky, soft and looked so vibrant in the rose gold colour. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to dye their hair
I love this hair dye! I never dye my hair because I have thin hair and I am worried it is going to dry my hair out and make it look like straw but this product gave my hair a really nice purple tint and made my hair look so shiny and nourished. Would definitely recommend!
Nothing over-the-moon special compared to other brands. The colour was pretty enough if you want glossy rose gold but use deep conditioner, this leaves my hair kind of blah and frizzy. luckily my hair is a light/med brown and for about a week it looks cute. Otherwise, save your pennies and go to the colour specialist at your salon.
I tried the rose violet colour and I have to say it definitely is bold! My hair is naturally dark brown and this dye still managed to transform my hair into a vibrant purple. I love the fact it doesnt contain ammonia and the oils left my hair feeling soft and smooth. It didnt irritate my sensitive skin and didnt sting my eyes during application which some other brands have done in the past due to strong chemical vapors. Whilst it's not a colour that looks natural or even a colour I would normally choose, I was happy with the result as it was a nice change to my usual look. The dye itself was easy to apply with little to no drips and the instructions were easy to follow. I did leave the dye in for a further 5 minutes extra than stated to achieve a more vibrant colour as I have quite dark hair. The conditioner supplied was very generous in size and I had a lot left over to refresh and nourish my hair with later washes. I would happily use this again when after a change from my usual colour as I love the delicate scent and shiny colour, plus my hair felt smoother for days and was easier to style.
Since I have very dark brown hair I was unsure whether this would be for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Since it's nearly impossible to get a decent colour to show up in my hair, I wasn't expecting huge results but this dye gave me a really nice tint. I had the Rose Violet colour and in the sun it gave me a really nice hue. The real win for me here was how it actually conditioned my hair. Dyes normally make my hair a little brittle but the oils in the Garnier Olia Hair Colour really gave my hair a shine and softness I've never had with other dyes. I don't think my hair has ever felt so well conditioned. And I loved that it didn't contain ammonia too. Full of soft hair goodness! Would buy again.
I really loved using this hair colouring from Garnier as the fragrance is lovely and gentle on my scalp. It left my hair looking vibrant and felt really soft afterwards. It was very easy to use. I recommend this product and hope they come out with more colours in future.
I really enjoyed using this product, it was a nice change to do my own hair for a change, has been a while since I home dyed my hair. Easy to use application. The smell wasn't overwhelming which made it an easier process at home. Loved the colour, worked really well with my lighter ends.
Loved this dye! I had light blonde hair to start and this left pretty rose gold highlights which lasted until i next dyed my hair (4 weeks). I found the dye easy to apply with no drips, my only complaint was the bottle was a bit fiddly. The smell was pleasant. Will definitely buy again.
I was lucky enough to try the  COLOUR Rose Violet 4.26.  I was curious to find out how the color would turn up on my very dark brow/black  waist length hair. The first impressions was I loved how this dye does not contain ammonia. also love that it contains Oils which help nourish your hair. I am always skeptical of coloring my hair because I am afraid my hair will get dry and straw like but this was reassuring me that since it contains natural flower oils my hair will be healthy and OK. Love all the inclusions in the kit. the bottle to mix all the ingredients has a great shape easy to mix and apply the color to my hair. Love the generous supply of conditioner inside the kit enough to last you at least 2 weeks . The color does not have any chemical smell. the scent is quite pleasant.  The color did not irritate my scalp and I was quite comfortable waiting for the dye to develop. the product did not drip and was not runny while it was on my hair. usually I put on a hair cap while I am coloring my hair because of the messy dripping of product. this was not messy at all . When I washed the color out , I saw it was quite vibrant and was scared it would stain my tiles but luckily it didn't. It was easy to wash out. When i was drying my hair I was happy that the color did not transfer to my towel. My hair felt so soft and shiny.  The dye did color all my greys perfectly but unfortunately it did not give me a very vibrant color that I was expecting. I know having dark hair you kind of expect that . the color was subtle but in the end I was quite happy with it because I was afraid if it got too vibrant then it would not be appropriate for my office. I would repurchase simply because it did not damage my hair. In fact my hair got shinier and smoother. also loved the subtle color effect on my hair.
I had the opportunity to trial the Garnier OLia Bold in the shade 4.26 (Rose Violet). While the colour wasn’t as I expected going from the picture on the box, possibly due to the fact I had dark brown hair, I loved the final result, a beautiful brown with hints of violet colour. I especially loved the fact that’s it was ammonia free so there was none of that nasty chemical smell and left my hair both feeling and smelling beautiful, thanks to the after colouring conditioner. The instructions were super easy to follow and product mess free and everything needed was included in the box. I will definitely be buying again and would recommend this product to anyone looking for an at home dye product.
I love this dye! I used rose gold. The first thing I noticed was that it smells lovely, not like other dyes. The instructions are easy to follow and it’s not messy. There was no need to scrub my bathroom sink and shower. It’s not as runny as dye I’ve used before, it turns to more of a foam. I did freak out a bit when the foam was bright pink, but the colour was lovely. The only down side is that it looks a little streaky on the ends, SA probably best to wait a few minutes before applying to the ends, especially if you have ombré hair.  I will definitely repurchase!
I trialled the Rose Violet colour. Wasn’t very vibrant as my hair is quite dark but that was expected. A good product but personally with 2 young kids it’s easier for me to go to the hairdresser. I love that it’s ammonia free, smells much better than some other products out there