Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Razor

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Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Razor is a body razor with five blades surrounded by self-lathering, flexible gel bars that work to deliver a close and comfortable shave. The razor is also enriched with body butter moisture bars that glide over skin while softening the surface.

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Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Razor


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Gillette Venus Comfort Glide Razor

I often find that my skin is left irritated and itchy following shaving without foam, so I was attracted to the idea of a razor with a soothing bar attached and the possibility of eliminating the need for shaving foam. The razor is pink and comes with two replacement heads that have a slightly fragranced soothing bar attached to either side. I found the the fragrance was negligible and would have been happy with a non-scented attachment. Both the razor and the blades/head are bulky and cumbersome to use. The soothing bar was effective at moisturizing and lubricating my legs sufficiently to allow shaving with water only, however the bar does not last for very long and I found that it disintegrated quite quickly and fell off and down the drain. Although the actual blades and products feel high quality as I have come to expect from Gillette, I believe that my money would be better spent on other razors in their range, rather than this particular product - for that reason I would not repurchase.
Gillette is a brand that I have been able to trust. Having the moisure bar built into the razor is so convienient and it’s great for when your travelling as you don’t need to use shaving cream as well (although I still do at home). The candy pink colour of the razor is nice and girly and this razor leaves my legs feeling smooth.
I'm still a shaver, I find lower body waxing, painful, messy and so time consuming. I love that I can do a quick tidy up in the shower with a razor whenever needed. When I first saw the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Razor I thought "well now this sounds too good to be true" but  the Olay moisture promise sealed the purchase for me.  Now this is an attractive girly razor and comes with a handy suction cup for shower storage. The moisture bars do exactly as promised nourish,exfoliate,smooth and the razor just glides like silk over those totally showgirl pins :) I felt like I had had a spa treatment on my legs and all in a few minutes in the shower. The scent wasn't my favourite a bit sweet and sickly but it did dissipate. Overall this is a great razor it gives a top finish and I was very happy with the result. 
First, a disclaimer: My sensitive skin reacts awfully to most kinds of hair removal, including shaving. Naturally, I despise shaving and view it as a chore and am always on the lookout for a razor that is both effective and gentle. This qualifies for about three uses. I admit it's the Olay in the moisture bar that attracted me to this razor, but unfortunately it runs out pretty quickly. I do like the feeling, though. Other razors with moisture bars tend to just leave a trail of slimy film, but this one actually feels moisturising. When the Olay bit runs out, this reverts to a regular razor, which is by no means bad, but what's the point of paying double for something that lasts only a handful of times? The chunky blade also results in more nicks and cuts that get worse without the soothing moisture bar. The scent is completely unnecessary, and probably leads to irritation for most people, but is easily washed off when rinsing. I much prefer the regular Venus razors, as this feels too gimmicky and the benefits don't outweigh the cost in any way.
The Gillete ComfortGlide razor has a Barbie pink handle that feels squishy to touch and has ribbing for a slip-free hold. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit into the curve of your hand. It has a suction cup wall mount that I hang the razor on after each use which I find so convenient.  The razor has 5 blades in a disposable cartilage with a moisture strip to help the razor glide over my skin. The razor is surrounded by self lathering moisture bar that flexes so there is no discomfort. The razor gives me a close shave and the blades flex to the curve of my body. Post shaving my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch without any itchy or dry feeling like some razors leave you with. I have been using this razor for over 2 months now and I'm happy to say that I've never suffered from any nicks or cuts from it.  I'm really impressed by Gilletes well thought out design. It's like they thought of everything: comfortable to handle, close shave, skin hydration and skin comfort.  The pack contains two disposable razors and since the handle is reusable, I will just buy the refill razors next time but I highly recommend this razor for anyone looking for a cute, comfortable, easy to handle razor that'll give you a close shave. 
This is a great razor from Gillette. It comes with a handy shower hook so you can hang it up in your shower in between shaves. It gives a smooth shave and the moisturising bars on the razor means you don't need soap or shaving cream when you shave. It makes it more convenient and saves time and I didn't get any shaving rash or skin irritation after each shave. My skin felt nice and smooth thanks to the body butter moisture bars and the razor glides effortlessly over my skin. The razor is easy to handle and with 5 blades gives you a close shave without the head being too hard/bulky to maneuver around your body contour. Changing the blade is quick and easy, with a little snap you can easily remove the head and put in a new one. The blades were also long lasting. Overall this is a great little razor from Gillette that gives great shaving results and I would recommend it to everyone.
I only use Venus Gilette razors (the normal blue ones) so was intrigued by the whole comfort glide idea eliminating the need for soap or shaving cream. I was super sceptical; I nick myself all the time, my skin dries out fast and if there's no cream to protect it while shaving I get bad razor burn. But I decided to trust Gilette and what do you know, it works on its own without the need for creams etc. There are however a number of flaws: the head is chunky so manouvering across knees is a nightmare. I nicked myself a lot more with this razor. Plus the soap runs out quickly and gets used up unevenly so you have to replace the razor after only a handful of uses, I won't purchase again as I think it's much more practical with a slimmer less chunky razor head, plus while it does work, I find the soap attached is a bit too gimmicky.
Never having used a razor with a moisture bar I was a little doubtful before using this product.  I loved it!  Such a smooth and close shave and left my legs feeling so soft and moisturised and no irritation.  I won't be going back to soap and ordinary razor.  On the downside a little expensive.
I have to be so careful when using shavers as I have to be careful that I don't cut myself.  I have other Gillette blades that I have used and always love trying new ones on the market.  I saw this one, it looks good and I was due to buy a new one.   It's so comfortable in your hand and easy to just glide over your legs, underarms and even your bikini line.  With the added Olay Moisture on the blades it smells nice and feels smooth too.  The razor glides so easily over your parts that you want shaved.   With 5 blades, I am give a very close shave.  I have an area of my leg that is numb so have to be careful there but no problems with the comfort glide.   I don't have to use any extra soap or conditioner to complete the shaving.  Just wet the razor and off I go. So easy.  I like the razor hook we are given in the packaging as it does hold the razor quite well in my shower.   When the time comes to change the blade, its just a quick un-click and lock in another one.  I find that the blade lasts me quite a while too.   Really happy with the close clean shave I get and the lovely fragrance it gives you.   I won't be changing from this one for quite a while now.  I do love it and will continue buying.  
Its the easiest and fastest razor I've used. Was smooth to use for me. I have sensitive skin but had no problems with this and had great smooth results. Seems messy for travel and like it would breakdown but I change razor heads frequently so should not be too much of a problem at home. Overall, thats aa very good razor to use, also very comfortable.
Perfect for all areas - under arms, legs and bikini! Really smooth, doesn’t leave a rash, and is comfortable to use. The soap leaves  lovely scent as well, and the refill is super handy I would highly recommend this product. Especially since it doesn’t leave you with any sort of razor burn or anything! Plus it sticks to the wall!
Awesome! The smooth roller effect and body butter bars moisturised my dry skin and minimised my chances of cutting. A painless and precise result that can only be achieved at a waxing salon! Ah no thanks!! Never look back! Downside was the lather caused by the body butter bars. Hard to view hair when shaving.
Gillette Venus Comfort Glide Razor was a wonderful experience to use. The butter enriched bars combined with the razor's flexibility left my legs feeling smooth and soft. The butter enriched bars have lasted about 2 weeks so you would need to replace the head of the razor this often. Overall i was really happy with this razor and would recommend this product to my friends and purchase again. 
I'm a big Gillette fan, I usually wax my legs but when I miss My wax appointments intend to shave. But I'm always worried about shaving because it tends to make my legs dry. With this razor I had none of those problems. The grip on the handle was pretty good and easy to use. And the moisture bars made my skin pretty smooth and moist. After shaving my legs felt it was properly moisturised which is amazing. I would recommend this to everyone. 
It's a nice All -in -one shaver, i don't have to apply any shaving cream on top before i use it, i just have to wet the part i want to shave before hand and do it during shower. and I still feel moisturised after the shave, it's definitely one of the best I have ever tried. Save me time, and also super easy and smooth to use.
Excellent product, really impressed. I will use this time and time again. Excellent product, really impressed. I will use this time and time again. Excellent product, really impressed. I will use this time and time again. Excellent product, really impressed. I will use this time and time again. Excellent product, really impressed. I will use this time and time again.
I don't think I'm the only one who thinks hair removal is such a chore - but at least this razor makes it somewhat more bearable! The gel bars really help to make the blades glide quickly over the skin, significantly cutting down the time it takes to be hair-free. The skin also feels soft and smooth afterwards. Talk about a win!
I am used to using a moisture bar razor so was really excited to try this product. Upon first use I got a really close shave however my second and third shave didn't deliver the same results. I think this was due to the moisture bar applying thickly in the first use rather than evenly distributing which lead to me having to go over certain areas more than once after my first shave.
Easiest and fastest razor I've used. Was smooth to use for me as I usually use an old fashioned safety razor. I have sensitive skin but had no problems with this and had great smooth results. Seems messy for travel and like it would breakdown but I change razor heads frequently so should not be too much of a problem at home. Overall was a good razor, my legs felt soft after and weren't crying out for moisturiser. Zero cuts!
I was expecting a lot from this venus shaver, but was sadly disappointed. It was reasonable on the first use, when using outside the shower. Subsequent use however felt like I was dry shaving and wasn't a very close shave. The razor itself was brilliant, but I think it would be better served with an all round balm bar or perhaps as a good old fashioned razor and shaving foam duo. I would consider tyring it again if it was on special and cheaper than my regular product, but the only real bonus I found from using this product was being able to safely shave with my toddler lurking in the bathroom.