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Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer is a lightweight fluid that perfects, sculpts and illuminates the skin. It can be worn alone or as a makeup base, or mixed with foundation to add radiance. It also doubles as an eyeshadow base, blush or bronzer when applied on top of foundation as a highlighter or contour. Suitable for all skin types.

Available in nine shades.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer


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I am new to Giorgio Armani products and this is one of their signatures. There are many shades available with Fluid Sheer, from dark tan to allow contouring of the face, to pink work as a blusher. I use Fluid Sheer mainly for highlighting my cheeks and ridge of the nose. It gives a very subtle glow which is very natural and gives your skin a very radiant look. This is definitely one of the better highlighters I have used as some highlighters just gives a very unnatural bling to the face. I will definitely purchase this product again.
I have this product in number 5. It's an orange shade with fine gold shimmer. I love using it as a liquid blusher. The texture is very watery and easy to blend. Like the name suggested, the colour is sheer but you can always build it up to get the desired colour. I love how it gives my cheeks a hint of colour and because of the thin texture it feels super light weight on the skin. It gives me that water colour effect which is so effortlessly beautiful and perfect for the summer time. The gold shimmer is very fine so on the skin it looks like you're glowing from within. It's perfect for natural makeup look, beachy makeup or any occasions I would say . And not to mentioned it lasts for the whole day. This product is just simply beautiful, amazing quality and feel so luxurious. The only downside I could think of is it's quite expensive but again, a little bit goes a long way so 1 bottle would last for a long time. It would be a perfect treat for yourself or anyone you love.
I won this product along with foundation in a competition and really love it. This is not a brand I would normally buy because of the price, however it does deliver excellent results. I have worn this alone and it gives a lovely glow and my skin a nice sheen, I used it with a bronzer for a healthy glow. I also use it under foundation at night as its a great primer that gives a radiant youthful look to my skin. The fluid glides on easily. This is a lovely product and feels so luxurious, a real treat.