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Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine

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 Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine is a high-shine lip colour formulated with the consistency of a balm and the shine of a gloss. The pigmented lip tint applies easily and leaves a soft, weightless texture and non-greasy finish on lips.

Available in 18 shades.


Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine


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Girorgio armani ecstasy shine is a lipstick of pure bliss, gorgeous shine and pigment for stunning professional looking lips. This is so glamorous and decadent, the rolls Royce of lipsticks. It comes in 18 beautiful shades, so lots of choice and I have to say at $56.00 it's well worth the outlay. This lipstick comes in a high end luxe case, is highly pigmented has gorgeous shimmer and shine and plumps and hydrated lips perfectly. This feels so light and non greasy to wear, even considering it's a gloss, it's pure luxury, it looks elegant and chic. I love the nude, the best Iv tried. I adore this lipstick, such a luxurious treat, I highly recommend it, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, definitely 5 stars
Very pigmented, very shiny, very easy to glide onto the lips and it is super super moisturing. However the colour does transfer and re-apply is necessary after few hours. Overall, I love the colour selections and highly recommend for girls with dry lips. Definitely will re-purchase it when I run out.
The epitome of make up perfection, Is Giorgio Armani's lipstick collection.  And this velvety red is a creamy kiss, So smooth you do not want to miss, The vivid colour that stays all day, And the hydration felt without delay!  For the colour is bold and debonair, With a passionate, striking Italian flair! The packaging is elegantly sleek, And ever so 50's French chic! For a seductive pout of 'ecstasy', It's worth every penny for me! And to my fellow 'Beauty Crew', I'd recommend this to all of you!
I have tried this lip product a few times in store and I love it. First of all, the packaging is GORGEOUS. It's all red, feel so luxurious and it's actually slimmer than other Giorgio Armani lip products which means it's still just as pretty but will take up less space in your purse. This lipstick is very moisturising which is perfect for the winter time or anytime for people with dry lips. It soothes my dry patches and because of the glossy finish it makes my lips look plumper and fuller. Just like what the brand described, this product gives a beautiful high shine gloss but it's not sticky or greasy at all. It's also very light-weight almost feel like you don't have anything on your lips. In term of pigmentation, It's not the most pigmented lipstick I ever use, but consider how moisturising it is I would say it's quite pigmented for a 'balm' like lipstick and you can always build up the colour. Because it's not a matte lipstick so it does have a bit of transfer but it still leave a very nice stain. It stay moisturise for the whole day but you will definitely need to reapply after the meal which I don't mind because it feels like I'm treating myself whenever I put it on. PROS: -nice packaging  -wide colour range  -moisturising  -lightweight -make your lips look fuller  CONS: -can transfer  -need to reapply throughout the day  -can be expensive  Overall, I love this lipstick especially the shade 201. I will defintely purchase it when this shade is back in stock 
Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine range is nothing short of divine. I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of 101 skin (nude), 400 (Four Hundred (beautiful red) and 401 (Red Carpet). The packaging is phenomenal, bold red in colour, heavy oval casing and a magnetic close like no other; click!  It truly is pure luxury and the perfect Christmas lipstick.     I love the wet shiny finish of Ecstasy Shine; the pigment is build-able so you can do one coat for day and couple for night. Being a gloss it might need to be topped up if you are eating but it does leave a light stain so it isn’t always necessary. This amazing lipstick leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated (like they have had conditioning treatment). I now have glossy kissable lips with a killer shine!   Pros: Hydration +++ Beautiful colour range Scented but not over the top Beautiful texture Wet shiny finish  Looks fabulous!! Cons: Don’t wear it on New Year Eve or you’ll be hitting the boys off with a stick! Maybe I should have said this in pros?????      I would recommend Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine, it's very glamorous!