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Glam By Manicare® heated lash curler

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Glam By Manicare® heated lash curler is designed using tech smart silicone pads heated to a warm and precise temperature to safely and gently lift and curl lashes in seconds. The curved dual silicone pads cushion and protect lashes without crimping, pulling or damaging. Simply hold the curler with the front facing the face and lightly clamp lashes with the silicone pads and hold for 10 - 15 seconds to achieve a salon worthy lash lift that will last all day. Suitable for curling natural and false lashes. 


Glam By Manicare® heated lash curler


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Love It!

This is such a great little tool! I have very short and very straight eyelashes and this just does the trick. It may take a little getting used to if you do not like things near your eyes however after a little practice it gets much easier. It is a thicker plastic than a traditional eye lash curler. It also does not take long to heat up. It is not too hot to burn the skin and gives me eye lashes the lift and curl I like. I then finish this off with a water proof mascara and my eye lashes last all day!