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Glow Lab Hydrating Shampoo is a naturally nourishing shampoo with shea butter boosted with the super-quenching power of betaine which improves the condition of hair by up to 43% after 1 treatment. FK Restore™ Functional Keratin® penetrates to deeply hydrate, protecting scalp and hair to reduce breakage and frizziness. Enriched with vitamin E, argan and jojoba oil to strengthen, smooth and shine hair.



Glow Lab Hydrating Shampoo


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Thicker feeling hair

The Glow Lab Hydrating Shampoo is packaged in a large plastic bottle with dispensing pump and holds 600ml of product. The pearly white coloured shampoo dispenses easily and has a delightful scent – all I can smell is coconuts when washing my hair. I’m pleased that the scent lingers. The shampoo works to a nice lather and easily rinses out. I have found that after using this shampoo my hair feels thicker. I follow up with the matching conditioner. I usually stick with my salon shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, but I don’t mind trying other brands from time to time and I’m pleased I tried this one. Hubby loves the shampoo and is using it daily, while I will continue to use it perhaps every third wash in combination with my shampoo for blonde hair.

Drying on coloured and chemically treated hair

For reference, I have dry coarse hair that has been colour and chemically treated that is prone to frizziness. Not many shampoos and conditioners suit my hair type, I usually have to go for the heavier, creamier products. Despite this being marketed as a 'hydrating' shampoo, I found that it felt rougher than my usual shampoo as I was working it in. It foams up ok and smells slightly coconuty (despite not having coconut oil). It cleaned my hair well, but somehow it didn't have the smoothing effect of my regular shampoo, and my dry coarse hair felt coarse to the touch. The formula contains gentle surfactants, goodies like keratin, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, argan, macadamia, avocado oils. It sounded very promising with such a good ingredients list. Unfortunately it missed the mark for me. Combined with the conditioner, it actually left my hair frizzy.

Great for dry frizzy hair types

This is a great affordable shampoo range which hydrates and smoothes my frizzy dry hair. I like the smell of it. It's really nice. It lathers nicely but doesn't strip my hairs natural oils and it provides a great clean. I only need to shampoo once with this shampoo. I've noticed my hair feels softer and smoother when I'm using this shampoo and it's more manageable for me too. It has some nice nourishing ingredients in it's formulation and I'll be purchasing this one again. Highly recommend for dry and frizzy hair.