GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub

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GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub is formulated with natural sea salt and peppermint oil. This scrub will effectively eliminate impurities whilst invigorating and purifying, leaving the scalp balanced and restored. Suitable for all hair types. Detox, refresh and restore balance to hair and scalp. Safe for use on colour treated hair. Over 70% natural, sulfate, silicone and paraben free. Cruelty free and vegan friendly. Made in Australia.


GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub


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GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub

After reading the reviews of this scalp scrub on beauty crew and never having tried a scalp scrub before after winter I noticed how extra dry my skin had been I decided to give this a go. 140grams in weight the scalp scrub comes in a tube that stands on its lid, great for ease of use. When I first open the lid the smell of peppermint delighted my senses, I love the scent of peppermint! The granules made from natural sea salt made the perfect texture and right abrasiveness for my scalp. After shampooing I started from the front of my scalp and worked it through the rest of my scalp in circular motions. I felt a cooling sensation after stimulating my scalp and after a few minutes rinsed it off. After using this scrub my scalp felt clean and refreshed, I would highly recommend this scalp scrub.
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Wonderfully relaxing

I really liked this scalp scrub for so many reasons. It’s lovely and refreshing on my scalp and leaves it feeling really clean. Compared to previous scrubs I’ve used which were too thick and pasty, this scrub was easy to apply and work through to my scalp. Having a lot of hair this was definitely a bonus. This is the also the first scrub I’ve used that hasn’t left behind residue. Previous scrubs have left bits behind that I’d still be finding days later. Being in a tube it’s also perfect for keeping in the shower and as the tube doesn’t leak it doesn’t leave slippery spots for later. This is a great product and gets ticks all around from me.
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Fresh clean scalp

Fabulous product if you have a an oily scalp! If you want to clean your scalp and increase circulation, along with getting rid of dry skin, this is the product you have been looking for. The mint fragrance is so refreshing, especially if used on your scalp on a summer day! I've given the product a fair go and feel comfortable to recommend this to everyone. Girls and boys! Or anyone who has over dry- shampooed or has shampoo leftover in their scalps. This product will remove all the gunk and keep your scalp clean and fresh, for a while!
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Left me feeling fresh

I am so impressed with this stimulating scalp scrub. I have never used a product like this at home, I normally leave that to the hairdressers. But I am so glad I have now tried this! Its such a beautiful feeling when you’re rubbing it in to your scalp and the freshness of the peppermint made me feel wonderful. It is strong peppermint to the point my eyes watered a little in the shower when applying it so keep that in mind but I also think I used too much. I have really thick long hair so found the first time I used it a little hard to evenly spread it as it is a thick consistency but then I combed it through in the shower and its heaps better. I would definitely recommend this product and I will buy again. It is a really good price at $16.99 and they shampoo and conditioner looks good too. I will look at using all 3 together.
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Fresh and Relaxing

The GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub was unlike anything else I have tried in the past. It was similar to a peppermint foot scrub but for your scalp. I was expecting it to foam like a shampoo when I massaged it into my scalp; however it was a little tricky to spread as I went and I found myself using more than I thought I would to get enough product to cover my scalp. It was relaxing and pleasant to use once all the work was done to massage it in. I found that my head felt really refreshed after using the scrub and it smelt amazing. Overall I loved the product and the way it made my hair feel.
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Lovely Scalp Massage

I'm happy that this product has a tamper-proof seal and is made in Australia. I like that it comes in a tube so it’s easy to dispense and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the shower caddy. The thickness of the scrub is perfect – not too runny, and not so hard that it’s difficult to squeeze out of the tube. The two ingredients I can immediately recognize is the sea salt which gives the scrub an abrasiveness, and the peppermint oil which is of course oily and has a beautiful scent. I have quite a lot of hair so I find it difficult to get through my hair to my scalp and, because of my hair absorbing a lot of the scrub, I find that I have to use quite a lot of the scrub each time. I do find the abrasiveness of the sea salt effective in giving my scalp a good massage, and the scrub does lather up quite well. Once I've finished massaging and rinsing the lather out of my hair, I follow up with shampoo and conditioner otherwise my hair feels oily. I can’t tell if the scalp scrub has made any improvements to the condition of my scalp, but I've also not had any adverse effects either. My hair feels clean and soft afterwards, and I do enjoy giving my scalp a massage. I would recommend this scrub to anyone who wants to give their scalp a massage, or try and increase hair volume. The product itself is excellent. The directions for use don't advise whether to shampoo and condition the hair afterwards, or whether to just rinse the product out and dry the hair for best results, and it would be helpful if this was stated on the packaging.
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Stimulating Scalp Scrub

The first think I noticed and was impressed with was how the tub sits upside down on the lid I like this as there is little to no product wastage. The next thing I noticed was the peel back seal under the lid ensuring the product hadn’t spoiled, leaked or hadn’t been used. I followed the directions and applied a small amount onto my scalp onto wet hair then worked it into the scalp. I found the exfoliant very subtly cooling on my scalp and found the exfoliating beads very relaxing and gentle. After using I found my hair to feel very soft and clean. I will definitely be keeping up my use of this exfoliant on my scalp to see what further results can be achieved.
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For clean hair and scalp!

I find the idea of a scalp scrub to be great! We use a scrub for our face so why shouldn't we use one for our scalp? After all, our scalp is prone to getting dirt, oil and residue from haircare products so it's important to keep it clean and healthy. The GROW scalp scrub is cruelty free, vegan and does not contain any parabens or sulphates with 79% of the ingredients being natural. I would section my hair off and squeeze a bit of the scalp scrub onto my fingers and then rub it in. I did this for several sections and then rubbed it all together. The granules are very gentle and would work well for all hair types. I noticed the product does lather similar to a shampoo which is nice and it has a lovely peppermint scent that's uplifting. After scrubbing it in for a minute I rinse the product out of my hair. My scalp and hair is clean to the touch and feels refreshed. When I dry and style my hair I can tell how lightweight my hair feels. It's a great product that can be used 1-2x a week to keep your hair healthy.
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Great Restore Hair Scrub!

I have used a lot of restore hair scrubs before and this one was really effective. It was such a deep clean and a really pleasant scent too and my scalp usually reacts badly to some new hair products but there was no reaction and I have used it a couple of times now. I use hairspray daily and this product really removes all the impurities, really quickly and with no double washes. Also, I have colour treated hair and my colour hasn't been affected or faded at all. Moreover, its great to use products that are cruelty free and paraben free but was still very effective.
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Definitely loving this product right now

I've used this product twice now and have to say my hair feels much lighter and more lifted at the roots. My hair has never grown past mid back but I have already noticed some quick growth in it (coloured areas have dark roots). It has definitely improved the state of my hair and it is now so much easier to style in the mornings and needs minimal maintenance through the day. I also love the smell of this product! It's minty smell makes me feel fresh and clean. I love how it has a grainy texture so you can get deep into your scalp area and know it will scrub away dirt and oil. Definitely recommend this product and will be trying the rest of the range!