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Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo is a shampoo with a 3ActionFormula that goes deeper into the scalp to provide dandruff protection. Conditioning ingredients help relieve dryness and prevent frizz and split ends. It locks in moisture and treats dandruff, leaving hair unbelievably soft, sleek and easy to manage.

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Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo


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Not recommended

I was never a big fan of head and shoulder products because of the level of chemicals in them. But I was very excited this time to see the parabens and phosphate free products in their line. But again to my disappointment it’s not the right product for me. My hair are already very dry and frizzy and this shampoo made it worse. It took me forever to derange my hair. Won’t be using it again. It left my scalp even more dry than before and it was such an uncomfortable feeling. Although it smells nice and fresh to use but the end results are not very good.
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After using this product for two weeks both Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky shampoo and conditioner my hair and scalp feel terrible I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner for year which has helped managed my scalp issues After washing with this shampoo my hair does not feel clean, unless coated in a fatty substance, a second wash made it feel worse My scalp feels dry which has lead it to be sore and irritated Even my hairdresser noticed my hair condition was not great It has taken me three washes over a week to get it feeling semi normal but my scalp is still sore and irritated Would not be something I would be interested in continuing to use
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Smooth and silky!

Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky shampoo left my hair feeling lovely and smooth - no scalp itchiness or dryness. It was moisturising without being too heavy or oily afterwards. The smell was great - not too overpowering and very pleasant. It is, however, a bit expensive when compared to other products on the market, which would be a barrier to buying this product again and again. I've never used Head and Shoulders shampoos or conditioners before but this was a great introduction to them - it seems their products live up to the hype.
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Great Shampoo

I tried the Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo with the Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Conditioner. My hair was unbelievably smooth after just one use. I noticed a significant reduction in the itchy and flaky scalp I have been suffering. A little goes a long way and the lather is wonderful, I have a lot of hair so this will last quite a while I am happy with the overall results. I have started using this on my daughter and my husband has also used it and noticed a significant change The price point is reasonable for a quality product.
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This head and shoulders smooth and silky shampoo lathers well, cleanses well and rinses out easily. It works well in conjuction with the head and shoulders smooth and silky shampo. I found the scent a little overpowering but it leaves the bathroom smelling nice after using. My dandruff did decrease using this shampoo but it didn't remove it completely. I'm so glad that this scented formula did not irritate my sensitive scalp It leaves my hair smooth after air drying naturally. I haven't used head and shoulders for years but I am impressed.
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Loving the results so far

This shampoo is the real deal. It smells fantastic, comes in a slick bottle, and is available even in my local supermarket, which means I can easily purchase it when my supply is running low. Even after a few uses, I’m loving the results already. Used in conjunction with the Head & Shoulders conditioner, I’m seeing great results in my hair, and even better results compared to the few times I’ve tried more expensive brands. Highly recommend this shampoo for your everyday use, you’ll definitely see and feel the difference.
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My hair loves me for using this shampoo

Head & Shoulders has done it again with another value for money product, that produces amazing results, for a reasonable price. As the name suggests, my hair is left silky smooth, and because I have curly hair, it’s also tamed my otherwise out of control curls. One of my go-to shampoos, this shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and smelling fresh too. The slick bottle design is also easy to bring around with me on work trips as it fits easily in my toiletries bag. Give this a go with the H&S conditioner, they make a fantastic duo.
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Protects from dandruff and nourishes hair

It lathers up really well, so you only need to use a small amount each wash. I have already noticed a difference with less dandruff and my hair feels light, clean smooth, and silky and is formulated without the nasties. It also smells amazing, has a floral scent to it. My hair felt extremely refreshed and less itchy already after the first wash! I find it to be gentle and it does not strip the moisture from my hair. It doesn't weigh my hair down nor does it leave any residue behind. I would definitely recommend this and would buy it myself.
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Awesome products!

The Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky shampoo is such a lifesaver especially to those who suffer from dry scalp like me. This new range has help me with my scalp and hair fall problem. For the past few month my scalp has been dry due to the weather plus I have just bleached my hair 2weeks ago. I’ve tried a lot of dry scalp product but they just didn’t work. Lucky, I got the chance to try the head & shoulders silky and smooth shampoo. This range is really the best in keeping my scalp healthy and my hair smooth and silky at the same time. I have also noticed that I have less hair fall now which was really surprising. Not to mention the fresh scent of this product. I highly recommend Hair & Shoulders Smooth & Silky to those who suffer from dry scalp, dandruff and dull hair. Head & Shoulder is really tried and tested and this range is my new favourite.
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No More Itch and No More Frizz!!

Very happy with this shampoo. It has a pleasant fragrance - not overwhelming - and lathers well. I've noticed that pesky "dry scalp" itch is gone and my hair is soft, shiny and easy to style. My hair has been a bit frizzy lately - especially the areas where there is a lot grey. It has a pleasant fragrance - not overwhelming - and lathers well. I've noticed that pesky "dry scalp" itch is gone and my hair is soft, shiny - and after using this shampoo, my hair behaves a lot better. I was able to go one day without shampooing (I try to shampoo every other day) and my hair was still shiny and easy to restyle on the "non shampoo" day. I'm happy with this shampoo and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a dandruff problem.
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100% happy

I have been battling a combination of oily/dry dandruff for 17years. I have tried everything from supermarket brands through to high end expensive salon brands, natural hone remedies, diet changes and multiple scalp treatments without success. I am a couple of weeks into using the anti dandruff shampoo / conditioner combo and 100 percent happy over the results. I am wearing my black clothes no longer worrying about the white flakes that become visible throughout the day. I’ll recommend this to all my friends and family
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Dandruff is the enemy and we must destroy it

I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I remember when dandruff shampoo and conditioner smelled smelled like medicine and had the texture of home-made slime. I haven’t used H&S for many a year and whenever I think about it, ai still think about the ads with Sofia Vegara and how she casually mets her son at her front door and has a bottle of H&S with her. Like, who does that? Anyway. This conditioner smells nice in that very generic fake flower way, is quite thick and lathers up really well. I miss that with a lot of shampoos - they don’t lather up. I want my lather! The actually getting-rid-of-dandruff thing is highly effective, so points there. Sofia knew what she was talking about, even if she needs to readjust her front door routine. My hair felt smooth and clean and there weren’t any white flakes that made me look like a cookies n’ cream chocolate bar had melted on my head.
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I really noticed a difference with this product

This head and shoulders conditioner is a perfect pair with the shampoo to help combat dandruff and flaky scalp! I loved the smell, and the way my hair felt so smooth and silky and visibly noticed my scalp become less flaky. Perfect for the season transition period :) My hair felt bouncy and not weighed down and the price point was a very reasonable cost in comparison to the benefits. Smells great too! I would recommend Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky to anyone who has flaky or dandruff issues and still wants some lovely smelling hair products. I really noticed a difference with this dandruff smooth and silky product. Will continue to use this product, especially within the winter / seasonality change periods.
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Great for fine and thinning hair

Scalp problems are relatively new for me. I am in my late 50’s and have developed thinning hair and a flaky scalp. I used to wash/condition my hair everyday but now with my hair thinning I have had to reduce that to twice a week. This has given me a greasy scalp with terrible flaking and itching. Ordinary shampoos/conditioners have had no effect on the flakiness. I was really happy with this shampoo. I didn’t need to use a lot of product and it lathered up beautifully. My hair felt hydrated after using it and didn’t feel stripped. My hair and scalp felt clean and fresh. I am sensitive to fragrance and did not experience any issues with this product. I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner from this range and together they have improved the condition of my scalp. It is less greasy and has less flakiness. I would be happy to recommend this product for fine and thinning hair. The only thing I wasn’t 100% happy with was the packaging. I found the base of the product a bit too small and it was easy to knock over the bottle in the shower.
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Worked well for dandruff

I liked that the shampoo helped out with my dandruff and itchy scalp, however it had been a while since I had used a shampoo with SLS. I have quite frizzy hair and although it did a good job at cleaning my hair and lathered well it also made it feel really dry. I would probably recommend it to someone that doesn't have frizzy/ curly types of hair because of the SLS. I liked the smell of the shampoo, and it felt nice when washing but i don't think i will continue using the shampoo and just try out using just the head and shoulders conditioner.
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Beautiful, shiny, flake free hair

I’m super impressed with this shampoo. I don’t know what Head & Shoulders have done but this is amazing. I suffer from dandruff and an itchy scalp. Most days it’s very noticeable and quite embarrassing so I was very excited to try this shampoo paring with the conditioner. I found the shampoo to be very nourishing for my scalp, I feel as though it really hydrate my hair that I didn’t have to wash it for a few hairs and it didn’t get oily during that time. I double cleaned, formed up nicely and felt like it did a fantastic job without stripping my natural oils. I’m very impressed with this shampoo and surprised that I was left with beautiful, shiny and flake free scalp / hair.
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Great shampoo at a reasonable price

I've always been a fan of the Head & Shoulders range and their Silky and Smooth Shampoo is no exception. With my itchy scalp and I've noticed this has worsened with age, I find it hard to get shampoo products that doesn't cause me any irritation - especially one that I can get from the supermarket with ease. After multiple uses, I found my hair to be silky and smooth and used in conjunction with the conditioner - it definitely reduced the amount of dandruff and the irritation lessened the more I used the product. While Head and Shoulders is an affordable brand, you can always get this on sale in your local supermarket or Priceline. Highly recommend this product to family and friends.
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Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo REVIEWcrew

The Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo is a pretty good dandruff shampoo. It comes in a good simple bottle that did not leak. My hair felt clean after using it, but maybe a bit dry, so I think a conditioner does need to be used after it. It works well with the matching conditioner, which made my hair feel smoother and softer (compared to using just the shampoo). The shampoo (and the matching conditioner) has a strong noticeable scent that stayed around after rinsing and drying my hair. I am quite sensitive to fragrances so I do not think I will be able to continue using this shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend the Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo (and matching conditioner) to people who are looking for an affordable dandruff shampoo that are not sensitive to strong scents.
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Lightweight nourishment

Like all head & shoulders shampoos, this one lathers fantastically. A little goes a long way, so you don’t need to over use the product. The consistency is a bit thicker than a normal shampoo as I would say this is a ‘shampoo milk’ and not like a gel. It feels like you have cleaned your scalp properly, without stripping it of all it’s natural oils. Within the first few washes it helped to hydrate my scalp, and reduce the dry and flakiness. After using for more than a week I noticed I had little to no flakiness. Because of the nourishment my hair has felt and looked healthier, and has become bouncy. The scent is a nice light fragrance. It is fruity/floral that’s not overpowering and lasts until your next wash.
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Good results and great value

I have very fine hair and sensitive dry scalp, especially leading into the cooler season. So dandruff has always been an issues for me. I have tried Head & Shoulder products before and in the past it has given me good results. I must say it has not completely cleared my scalp & hair of dandruff 100% in the weeks that I got to trial the Head & Shoulder Smooth & Silky product combo but it definitely has showed significant reductions with the dandruff. I think with continued use, I could achieve those results. I do feel less self conscious about my hair and dandruff on my scalp since using the shampoo and conditioner. The itchiness has also reduced and I don't find myself having the need to touch my hair or scalp as much. The packaging design was simple and easy to use. There is plenty of product to last you months. So I'd say this if good value for money. The product itself had a very nice scent ( a little too strong sometimes) and lasted a long time. The product was smooth to apply to your hair and easy to lather up. Even without the parbens, phosphate & parrafins, it stills lathers up great. You would only require a small size amount to the achieve results. It was easy to rinse off. My hair was less frizzy and did feel a lot more smoother since using the shampoo & conditioner together. It was fine using it on coloured hair, I did not find it fading my hair at all. The fact that it was free from the mentioned additives was a bonus for treated or coloured hair. Hopefully, with promising results I can reduce the amount of times I will need to wash my hair every week down to 2-3 times. i would continue using both the Shampoo and Conditioner together and will continue to use this product throughout the cooler months as this is when I have more obvious dandruff. Given that the product and brand is also easily accessible in supermarkets, this product has been a win. I would recommend it to anyone on a budget, has scalp issues or fine hair, as we all know it can be difficult to find products that work well for fine and sensitive hair. The Head & Shoulders brand has once again stood up to its name and delivered good products and results.