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Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo

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Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo is a moisturising shampoo formulated with real botanicals that gently cleanses and hydrates hair, leaving it soft and smooth. The shampoo is silicone and sulphate-free, and EWG verified™.

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Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo


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When my scalp get itchy I always use sulfate-free products and I was happy to introduce Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo into my routine. I also love that it is silicone free so I won't get any buildup. I find the honey fragrance to be heavenly and the results to be pretty good too. Smooth, shiny hair at a budget price.
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Clean crisp

Used on my daughter was sensitive cleaned hair gently and left a beautiful smell in her hair afterwards
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New favourite shampoo

Got this product from the beauty crew to review and have been using it consistently for the past 2 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it. My hair is coarse and damaged from bleach and I found this shampoo to be moisturising, but not greasy. It leaves the hair feeling clean, even being a sulphate free shampoo. It has a lovely scent that faintly lingers and I would definitely repurchase this after I finish the bottle. When used in conjunction with the conditioner, hair is left noticeably softer and not overstripped of moisture.
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Delicious Shampoo

This shampoo smells amazing. It’s delicious and creamy and soaps up really well with just a small amount. I also love that it is cruelty free! I’ve been using this on both mine & my daughter hair. It was lovely in her fine soft hair, but my colour treated hair found it a bit drying. Overall great for the price
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Soft, clean hair - lovely scent

I’ve been really impressed with this shampoo and conditioner combo. The size is generous and a little goes a long way. I love the honey smell and that both products left my hair feeling soft, clean and hydrated without being weighed down. I think they’ll be perfect as the air gets drier going into winter. With these two I’m able to wash my hair every three days and condition once a week without becoming a greasy mess. I would recommend this line to others with a similar hair type - fine straight hair, previously permed so needing a little extra TLC. That said, I have had the same if not better experiences with other products in the past but at this price point I don’t think you can go too wrong.
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Nice smelling but disappointing

The scent of this shampoo was lovely, but unfortunately, I found it made my hair really dry and frizzy. The price point was a plus, but I just think this product was unsuitable for my hair type.
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Beautiful smelling shampoo

Really enjoyed the beautiful scent of this shampoo. The honey smell really comes through and the other botanicals make the scent very very nice. Not as harsh as some other shampoos which is a little bit of a let down as I prefer to get a really good clean from my shampoo. Overall and especially For the price point really enjoyed and would recommend.
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Not for me

I was excited to try out this shampoo, however I was disappointed. I get a itchy scalp from dry skin. I was hoping it would reduce this, however it felt more itchy than it usually is. I also felt it smelt artificial.
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Soft, Bouncy & Voluminous

Great affordable product! Leaves your hair soft and full of volume. The scent it leaves on your hair for days. I have dry, stressed hair and my hair just absorbed it. Makes styling easy. I used the shampoo & Conditioner together.
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Helped with my frizzy hair!

I wasn’t sure on the shampoo at first as I felt my hair was getting more oily. But after a week of using it I started loving it! It lathered really well which can be difficult as I have thick hair. And after using the shampoo my hair has been a lot less frizzy! Would definitely use and buy again!
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Smells great

This shampoo smells absolutely amazing and feels very lush going on. You don’t need much for a really good lather either. Unfortunately I feel like the shampoo wasn’t very moisturising but the conditioner that goes with it was great! I have recently gone from blonde to brunette so my hair is dry and still recovering from the bleach. I think lightened hair or dry hair in general would definitely need a more moisturising product.
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Really nice for dry hair

This shampoo is very moisturising but doesn’t leave my hair oily. It was really easy to use as a little but went a long way. The smell is amazing, it is kind of exotic and like a spa. The packaging is good, kind of slim line so will fit in any bathroom, even ones one the smaller side. My scalp felt really nice after use and didn’t feel flaky or dry.
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A New Favourite

I've always loved Herbal Essences shampoos because of their scents, and this one is no exception. The product lathers really well and left my hair feeling clean but still nourished. My hair is generally normal-oily and I didn't feel like this shampoo made my hair any more or less oily than usual which is a plus! Afterwards, my hair felt super soft and smooth. Definitely will be repurchasing this once I run out.
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Great shampoo

This shampoo is lovely. It is easy to apply and use as needed. I have begun to use this shampoo regularly and it has really made an improvement to the look and feel of my hair.
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As sweet as honey

I have been using this shampoo for the best few weeks and I really like it ,it doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily or weighed down.The smell of this shampoo is amazing! It's just an relaxing moment to enjoy the shower with this product. This shampoo leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing also very gentle on my coloured hair helped prolong colour. The conditioner really nourishes and leaves dry ends sealed and feeling soft. I would recommend this shampoo and conditioner to anyone wanting a soft shampoo needing hydration ,coloured hair also works well with this product. Over all it hydrates really well and only small amount needed I will repurchase it again.
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Amazing everyday shampoo

I loved the Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo. This shampoo left my hair feeling soft and smooth and not as though it was not stripped of its natural oils. It also has a beautiful subtle honey scent. Such an amazing low budget shampoo - would definitely recommend.
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Gentle on fine hair

I generally like all of Herbal Essences products and this was no exception. I have fine hair and this shampoo was gentle enough without being too harsh on my hair. I wash my hair every day and would usually use a conditioner every time however the Herbal Essences Daily Moisture Shampoo gave me such smooth, soft and silky hair that I started skipping on my conditioner routine! It also has a nice subtle smell and I love that it doesn't have any nasties in it. Will definitely buy again.
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I really wanted to like this...

I was super excited to be able to ty this shampoo. I love herbal essences, I love that they're a cruelty free brand and I love the packaging of this range. However, this shampoo really did not work with my hair at all. I have oily hair and I am prone to dandruff, however, I had been using another herbal essences shampoo and conditioner prior to trying this and they work really well for me (no dandruff and leave my hair super shiny, soft and clean) but when I used this Honey & Vitamin B range, my hair was awful. While I did find that my hair was shiny, it was frizzy, got dirty/oily so much quicker than usual, and the amount of dandruff that I got from this was the worst part. While the packaging and brand is a win from me, I'm definitely not a fan of this range for me.
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I have coloured, straight hair. I had been using the product twice a week for two weeks and immediately I noticed that the shampoo was leaving my hair abit more dryer than usual. It was also stripping my hair of the hair colour. So I stopped using the product. It's a good shampoo but it's nothing special. It smells great, and works well as any other shampoo would, but it's not a shampoo that I would.consider buying again.
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Good budget shampoo

This shampoo feels really silky when you lather it and it lathers well which was a plus for me. The scent isn't overpowering either which is always a bonus. I did find that I had to shampoo twice otherwise it felt like my hair was dirty and oily still. Definitely a good product for its cost.