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HydraFacial is a mild non-invasive treatment which causes minimal damage to the surface of the skin. It is designed to improve the upper layer of the skin by targeting free radical damage. The HydraFacial is a non laser treatment that corrects wrinkles, fine lines, impurities and blackheads. It has also had great results when treating hyperpigmentation. This treatment is safe for all skin types and this even includes sensitive skin. HydraFacial can treat the chest, neck, face, hands and décolletage. It is perfect for post-fraxel patients or individuals with mild sun-damage. The fact that there is absolutely zero downtime and minimal discomfort does not mean this treatment isn’t effective. In fact, results show quite the opposite. 

Benefits include:

• Gets rid of blackheads and dead skin
• Treats acne
• Targets oily skin
• Combats signs of ageing
• Protects against free radical damage
• Decreases pigmentation
• Minimises pore size
• Creates a glowing complexion
• Skin rejuvenation 




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The Hydra Facial is actually what I would consider a treatment rather than a facial. Do not go in expecting a “facial”. This is a treatment that will leave your skin feeling extremely clean, exfoliated and hydrated. A machine is used throughout the process to remove dead skin cells and your experienced therapist will explain every step of the process. Leigh the therapist I had at the Clear SkinCare Clinic in South Yarra, Melbourne was knowledgeable and informed me of the steps as well as having a consultation prior to maximise the outcome of the HydraFacial. I left the clinic with my skin slightly red and tingling but this settled 1 hour later and the results the following day did not disappoint. My skin prior was feeling dull and dry, the following day my skin feels hydrated, clean and glowing. I would definitely recommend.
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Glowy skin in no time at all!

I was so excited to give my skin some wow factor with the Hydrafacial from Clear Skincare Clinics before the party season as part of the Review Crew! When I arrived at the clinic on Clarence Street I was impressed by the cleanliness and vibe. I was greeted by the friendly staff and had a very short wait before being taken to my treatment room. The clinician explained the process and what I would be receiving as part of the hydrafacial. I have a lot of congestion, so the cleanse and gentle exfoliation helped to unclog my pores with painless suction from their hydrafacial pen. And then the best bit, using the pen to get out all of the gunk and yuckiness. This was followed by super hydrating serums and brightening antioxidants and peptides as a booster, which left my skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant. What I loved the most about the treatment was that there was that it was a non-surgical procedure and required absolutely no down time. I was able to get back about my day without feeling uncomfortable or awkward with after effects. My face was a little bit flushed directly after but that colour went down within half an hour. The entire process also only took about 30 minutes and I was ready to go. I was so impressed with the results! My skin was visibly more glowy and hydrated and the texture was significantly smoother. I would highly recommend this to someone short on time who wants a quick skin pick me up, but also anyone that wants a treat for their skin.
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Relaxing treatment

I have got the HydraFacial done in Clear Skin Clinic on Clarence Street. The clinic is very clean and neat. I completed a form and waited for just about 5 mins to get in. Prior to the treatment there was a consultation with the staff to understand more about my skins and the treatments that are suitable. The staff was very knowledge and helpful. The treatment was great. It was very relaxing and I could feel my skin is so much cleaner after removing the excess oil and dirt. In the next day following the treatment I could still feel my skin being so plump and soft. This facial is like a special treat!
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Amazing new way to get a facial

I was given the opportunity to get a Clear Skin Clinics HydraFacial at their city store in Sydney. I was very excited to trial a new way to administer facials and it’s all done by a machine so I was not sure on how it would go and how well it would work. I have to say I was extremely impressed with how it is done and I was totally relaxed and very impressed with the whole process. My skin felt amazing after the facial and was plump,firm and very hydrated. My skin felt super clean and looked so radiant. After a few days there was slight peeling but nothing extreme at all! Ultimately I was impressed with how good my skin looked. Whilst getting the facial I really enjoyed the sensation of the cold blast that you felt from all the serums being put on your skin it was a really lovely experience trying something I had never tried before so it was really good to try something different. The only negative with my experience was that my therapist did not explain anything to me at all and I tried so hard to ask questions as this was a new way to get a facial and she offered no explanation at all. I am not sure if she wasn’t clear on how the machine worked or just wasn’t that outgoing. I found this disappointing as I like to get an explanation of what is happening especially when it comes to my skin and a new treatment as it guides me on whether I should get the treatment again Overall I would recommend the facial but maybe at a different Clearskin clinic and I will definitely be getting another Clear Skin HydraFacial as my skin looked amazing for weeks after the treatment
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Refreshing but quick

I was so excited to be selected to participate in this trial, let’s face it who doesn’t want or need a facial !! As a busy mum who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on a good skincare routine or the occasional facial treat, this was something I really needed. The initial booking process was so easy and straightforward, as was my initial consultation at the clinic. The customer service was wonderful and the girl I had was very knowledgeable. We talked about my skin concerns and what the facial involved, before starting the treatment, this gave me an indication of the process. The feeling of the facial was amazing but I felt like it was very brief and short and didn’t really allow me the time to relax and enjoy the experience. Initially when it was explained it sounded like this very in-depth experience, however it was very short. The results were good, in terms of seeing the amount of dead skin that was extracted, however I didn’t feel or see that I had a glow or really any wow effect on my skin. Possibly this treatment would need to be ongoing to achieve any major results, and for the cost I personally don’t know if I could justify the money. If the facial was longer and involved more treatment and I got an instant response, then this would be a good option as a monthly or special occasion facial to rejuvenate the skin. Unfortunately for me it just didn’t live up to my expectations.
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Great facial to restore hydration

This facial came at a time where my skin really needed it after wearing a lot of makeup for a month! It completely refreshed my skin, and left it glowing, clean, smooth and very hydrated. I have dry skin, that i struggle to keep hydrated, and my skin stayed soft for a long time after this facial! I would recommend this facial to anyone who is need of some strong hydration. The clinician I had was also fantastic, and explained everything to me as she was doing it. The clinic also has a very nice feel to it, and it feels luxurious. The actual facial is enjoyable, and there is no discomfort at all. Definitely treat yourself to this when your skin is in need of some love
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Verdict - I liked it!

This was really a good facial treatment. Not only did I walk away with hydrated, super-soft skin with zero redness, but three days out, I’m still seeing the glowy effect it produced. For better results, the esthetician recommended doing multiple ones. She explained the complete process thoroughly. The only side effect was that the skin around my chin felt a little dry after 2-3 days and remained like that for a couple more days. I would recommend trying one out if you’re on the fence about it.
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The facial to have for a serious GLOW

I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to the HydraFacial at Clear Skin Clinics by Review Crew. Initially, before my first visit I had some trepidation as I was not sure what to expect. I had nothing to worry about because as I walked in the staff were all smiling, warm and welcoming. I also thought the treatment may be painful. That was not the case it all, it was actually very relaxing. The HydraFacial Treatment uses a special Advanced Technology called Vortex technology. The machine looks like it’s very high tech like a laser, however it’s not a laser. The HydraFacial involved a series of steps using Vortex technology (which looks to me like what a microdermabrasion wand looks like – but it’s much better). The series of special steps involve cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and finally infusing a special serum into the skin. There are different serums that can be chosen by the Therapist to suit different skin concerns to be infused into the skin. At the end of the facial my Therapist Olivia pampered me with a LED treatment. What impressed me most was how gentle but efficacious the treatment is. I was primarily concerned with blackheads, pore size and minimising signs of ageing. I was absolutely blown away by how refreshed and glowing my skin was. No other treatments I have had in the past come close to how radiant my skin looked after this treatment. This treatment is without a doubt great for anyone who has special event or just wants to look their absolute best. My skin was still glowing for a few weeks after the treatment. The HydraFacial was so impressive that I ended up buying more before I left the salon. There was absolutely no pressure put on me to purchase anything, It was all my decision to buy a series of treatments as I wanted to continue with the amazing glow.
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Glow-making facial!

I was lucky to have a HydraFacial on a BeautyCrew Review Crew - what an amazing treat! I chose to go to the Clear Skin Clinic in Paddington (Sydney), which was a beautiful, light-filled salon on Oxford Street, and my skin therapist was lovely. The HydraFacial left my skin GLOWING for several weeks afterwards! I've never had a facial with such a visible effect on my skin. Phenomenal! When reading about the HydraFacial before I went in to the salon, I wondered whether there would be any pain from the vortex tip that exfoliates, clears blocked pores and infuses serums. But it was entirely pain-free - very comfortable throughout and absolutely no discomfort at all. To my surprise it was really gentle on my skin. The serum used on my skin was by Murad - a gorgeous brand of skincare. My skin was left super smooth, soft, hydrated and plumped - and the effect lasted for weeks. The skin therapist showed me the dead skin and debris that the vortex machine had removed from my skin - a bunch of lumpy brown gunk! The only consideration is the cost - the HydraFacial was $319 for the deluxe 45 minute version I had - but as a special treat or gift, it's worth it. I highly recommend the HydraFacial for amazingly glowey skin!
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The best skin treatment ever!!!

I was so lucky to take part in the HydraFacial trial team and it was the part facial treatment experience I ever had. I have never had facial treatment before so I didn't know what to expect. When I arrived at the clinic, I had a quick skin assessment with the esthetician which was very informative. The treatment starts with a thorough cleanse follow by a quick facial massage. Then the esthetician applied the hydrafacial tool on my face which is painless and very enjoyable. After the treatment, my skin was so pumped, well hydrated with a healthy glow. All the black heads around my nose where removed. I was so shocked with the result. Further, I didn't get any reaction from the treatment. The whole experience was so enjoyable, the esthetician was super nice and answered all my questions. Highly recommend the HydraFacial treatment from the Skin Clinic. I will go back no doubt and have already recommended to my family and friends.
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Quick, effective, instant glow!

I was lucky enough to get to test out my first HydraFacial, courtesy of Beauty Crew. I went to the Clear Skin Clinic in Paddington. Upon the entering the room, I was advised to lay down and the treatment began. There were multiple stages to the Hydrafacial however I had no idea what was going on at each step. My clinician did not speak throughout the entire section and It would have been good if they could have quickly explained what was occurring but this could just be a personal preference. That said the actual facial and the results I really enjoyed. There is no pain but I would not call this a relaxing treatment. My face felt squeaky clean (but in a good way!), glowy and more plump. I love that it was so effective but left no redness and had no down time. I would definitely get a HydraFacial again in the future, particularly prior to event to look rejuvenated.
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A quick facial pick-me-up

Overall, I enjoyed my HydraFacial at Clear Skincare. Having had quite a few facial treatments in recent years at both retail chain and specialist skin clinics, I had high expectations for a treatment that promises to create a glowing complexion and combat signs of aging such as pigmentation. I explained my main concerns to my therapist, including dehydration and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She thoroughly explained the purpose of the treatment and how each step would target my key concerns. The treatment itself was relatively quick, so keep that in mind if you choose a HydraFacial as it’s good if you’re after a quick skin pick-me-up, rather than a longer and more relaxed treatment. My skin was cleansed quickly (probably a bit too quick and rough for my liking). After the cleanse my skin was thoroughly exfoliated and treated, and I could see immediate results as my skin appeared smoother and more glowy. I did experience a couple of small breakouts afterwards, however my therapist did advise me on how to treat these and they disappeared within a couple of days. Overall, this would be a nice, quick treatment for a facial beginner; however, if you are a bit more experienced and prefer a more tailored, detailed and relaxing treatment, this may not be for you.
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Great all round facial

I really enjoyed my HydraFacial with Clearkin clinics. The staff were informative & let me know every step as she was performing them She even showed my all the dead skin she removed from my face! It was minimal discomfort, and the results were amazing. At first me skin was slightly red, but this only lasted the afternoon. the next day my skin was glowy and supple for days after even. And my dry patches were gone along with my clogged pores especially on my nose. I will definitely get this facial again in the future.
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Amazing facial, incredible experience!

Getting the hydra facial was an amazing experience from beginning to end. My therapist was so nice and went through everything with me and created a facial treatment that was suitable for my skin type. She went over the whole process including the treatments and what they were used for. As it was my first time ever getting a professional facial I was so excited and a bit nervous. The treatment took around an hour and would help to address all my skin concerns including hydration, brightening, pigmentation and acne. I found it to be so relaxing and soothing and with each step my therapist would tell me what she was doing and making sure that I was ok. She cleansed my face, washed it off, used some tools to help remove excess dirt and oil from my pores as well as an exfoliating treatment while also infusing my skin with a treatment to keep it hydrated and plump. At the end of the session my skin definitely felt so much better than before. It was soft, hydrated and plump and it only got better as the days went on. My skin was glowing and looked so healthy. I found that the facial addressed all of my concerns and left me and my skin feeling rejuvenated. I highly recommend it to everyone whether it's your first time or you're a facial fiend. It also makes for a great gift for someone who loves being pampered!
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Reset for your skin!

Where do I even begin! . Being my first ever in clinic HydraFacial I am SOLD. In simple terms my skin was left feeling clean, bright and plump after treatment in as little as 30 minutes. The treatment was luxurious, being painless, very relaxing and truly immediately effective with zero down time. If you’re new to the facial game, I cannot suggest a HydraFacial from Clear Skin Clinics enough! The facial was not only a fab experience but also very informative, I was able to learn a lot about my skin. The texture of my skin was definitely reset, my skin was left feeling baby soft and had a refreshing glow.
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Great for hydration

My therapist that greeted me was excellent - she took the time to explain that it isn't a traditional facial (massage etc), but this is more a results focused facial where the machine will use water/oxygen to put all the good stuff in my face/skin The process was quite pleasant, i definitely felt the machine working away at my skin Immediate feeling was that my skin was hydrated, I needed to stay out of the sun and put on sunscreen etc. Next day - felt the skin was still quite hydrated, pigmentation lightened up and pores a bit tighter but I don't feel it targeted black heads etc
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Fresh faced and improved skin after one treatment!

I had the opportunity to try my first HydraFacial in Paddington, Sydney and it was such an amazing experience. The salon was a boutique with friendly welcoming staff who talked me through the process of HydraFacial and how to take care of your skin after the treatment. The treatment itself felt like a mini facial massage, cleaning of the pores, followed by LED light therapy to rejuvenate and boost the skin, and it took about 40 minutes for the treatment. I have combination oily skin and my main concerns were dead skin, oily t-zone, and large pores. A few days after I found the treatment left my skin smoother, brighter and hydrated each day went by. I continued wearing moisturiser, hyluronic acid and sunscreen with little to no need for makeup besides concealer, blush, and mascara. Overall, my skin was smooth and hydrated for up to a month. If you were seeking to maintain the ongoing skin treatment, bi-monthly would be my recommendation however it is a costly commitment. Personally for me, I would save this for upcoming big occasions when I need my skin to be its best!