INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream

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INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream is a three-in-one beauty balm made with 80 per cent certified organic ingredients. The formula is enriched with prickly pear, avocado oil and jojoba to moisturise and hydrate the skin while evening the skin tone to leave the complexion looking healthy and luminous.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.

Available in six shades


INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream


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This is a really nice BB cream. It gives a natural coverage and makes my skin look really radiant and youthful. It doesn't cover my blemishes, but it does even my skin tone and make everything more even in general. It has a thick-ish mousse texture and blends really easily. The shade range isn't perfect but because it's a light coverage product it isn't a big deal. The scent is subtle and it smells natural (I really don't know how to describe it!). The pump bottle is really handy too! If you're after a light coverage product that will even out your skin tone and give a radiant glow, this is for you!
I love a quality B.B. cream and often use it as an alternative to foundation. This inika B.B. is top quality. The consistency is quite thick but I only need to use a little, which makes it great value for money. When applying it spreads easily, like a mousse, it feels nice and light and gives good coverage. I use this with a bronzer or blusher to lift my face and it’s so natural looking. I love that it’s all natural, vegan and has no nasties, great for anyone with sensitive skin. It has a delicate fragrance and is packaged stylishly, great for my handbag. This B.B. cream is quite hydrating and nourishing and find it gives my skin a healthy glow, it’s silky and luxurious and I will certainly be buying more. Love it.
I initially bought this BB cream as I was fazing out using anything with harsh chemicals in it on my body. Initially, the packaging is lovely. Very simple but classy and elegant. Easy pump top to make sure you get out exactly what your after. The coverage is not to heavy, as you would expect for a BB cream but is easily buildable with a loose powder over the top. The scent is very faint and doesnt irritate. It is quite a thick formula, so a little goes a fair way - 2 pumps does my whole face easily. The 2 things that let it down was the color range - Unfortunately even their lightest color is to yellow for my pale skin so that was a little dissapointing. And the hold power, it really doesnt last that long. Maybe for a morning? But certainly doesnt last all day.
I really commend Inika for using organic and vegan products but unfortunately this one just did not give me a good result. I didn’t find the B.B. cream buildable at all and when I would try it would remove the layer I had already applied. It would then go clumpy and settle in the fine hairs on my face. Also with every technique I used to apply it ended up being a streaky mess. So all and all not a great time with this product.
Tints the skin and gives it a luminous glow. This product comes in a very handy pump bottle for easy use. The packaging is a little cheap feeling, but it doesn't bother me because it won't break if you drop it. The product has a slight scent (which is amazing!). It smells like the natural handmade skincare my aunty makes. I have this in the shade Honey, which suits me really well. I have medium to tan skin which is more olive based. The product itself is quite thick, but is still airy and light (like a mousse), and it blends in like a dream. There is no streakiness or cakinesss whatsoever. Once blended into my face, it looks so natural and luminous. It gives a beautiful youthful glow-from-within look. If I touch my skin, it feels as if I haven't applied anything to it. It's not tacky or dry feeling. It also doesn't cling to my dry patches. The only downside is the coverage. It's so sheer it almost doesn't cover anything. It does my my skin tone look a little more even though. If you have already really good skin, then I guess it would work for you to match your neck to your body, but if you're looking for a light to medium coverage, this isn't for you.  To get the most coverage, I would suggest applying it with a flat top kabuki brush. 
I bought this BB Cream as i had heard excellent things about Inikas line and the fact it had 80% certified organic ingredients was an even bigger plus. The product aesthetics is beautiful - stylish, light and travel friendly. The cream is silky, rich and feels nourishing on the skin. The smell is devine, and i love the way it leaves my face glowing and moisturised. I adore this cream as it delivers the level of hydration and nourishment my skin so desperately needs.