INIKA Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream

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INIKA Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream is a cream illuminisor used to highlight facial features. With light-reflecting ingredients, the highlighter gives a subtle radiant glow whilst seamlessly melting into the skin.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.

Certified Organic. Certified Vegan. Certified Halal. Certified Cruelty-Free.


INIKA Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream


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Such a gorgeous light reflecting cream The fact that this inika organic light reflecting cream is actually a cream make it super easy to use. Packed with light reflecting particles it’s easy to smooth over my foundation to highlight and illuminate. I absolutely love this for cheekbones, it’s also great for my Cupid’s bow and tip of nose. This creamy formula is pearlescent and has quality pigment, it is quite shimmery so I don’t need to use a lot which makes it really economical and it’s a great price as well. The packaging is nice and handy tube is easy to use. It gives my skin a nice youthful dewey glow so it’s well worth the purchase. A great product for those who like a bit of shimmer and illumination, I would recommend this.
I have been obsessed with highlighters lately and this Light Reflect highlighting cream from Inika is absolutely amazing! It is very smooth and creamy in consistency and provides great pigmentation without being too glittery. The fact that it is a cream means that it does not crease and give me a flawless look every time. I love to dab a bit of it over my foundation on my cheek bones, nose, cupid's bow and brow bones to make my skin look lit from within. This cream makes my face look naturally glowing - it truly does reflect the light and the result is absolutely stunning! It will last all throughout the day too without the need for touch ups making it great value. I love that this cream is organic and cruelty free. The packaging is great too - the little squeezable tube is so handy.
I cannot get enough of this little beauty!  Packed with light reflecting ingredients, the INIKA Light Reflect Cream gets two very big thumbs up from me! I routinely apply it on my cheekbones before i apply blush to the apples of my cheeks. The product blends perfectly and is soft and subtle unlike some other brands i've tried!  I use my finger to gently dab on the product, and don't think that it's limited to your cheeks! I highlight my brows, cupids bow and lips (under a gloss). Because i apply with my finger as opposed to a brush, i simple wipe any remaining product through my hair ... zero wastage and shiny hair!
I had been doing lots of online research looking for a brand that was cruelty free and organic.  Makeup products can contain lots of unnecessary chemicals that can be harmful and I wanted more natural products.  After coming across Inika online and reading their reviews, I decided to try several of their products.  It goes without saying that one of the first products I put into my basket was their light reflecting cream AKA highlighter.  I have at least six different types of highlighter and yet I can never have enough.  As I use liquid foundation most often, I've come to realise that using a matching liquid highlighter would be best. The cream comes in an 8ml tube with a nozzle tip to allow for precision and control when squeezing it out.  No need to be heavy handed with the cream as it is pigmented and very shimmery! A little definitely goes a long way for that natural glow.  Before putting on any makeup, I added a bit of the cream to my cheekbones and rubbed it in.   It blended so smoothly, I felt like it just melted right in with my skin. The colour is pearlescent with a light creamy colour that just illumines your face, making it look radiant and awake.  I applied my foundation on top and I could still see that beautiful glow beneath in a more subtle fashion.  For nights out when I wanted some extra oomph, I would place more of the illuminator on top of my foundation and then set it with a powder to make it last longer.  I also applied it to the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow to create that strobing effect.  By nighttime when I feel like my makeup would have melted off, the light reflecting cream has stayed in place.  There was no creasing whatsoever.  Not to mention even with my oily skin it didn't make my skin look shiny or greasy (a big concern for a highlighter lover like me).   Even though it is a bit pricey, the price per use it worth it as only a small amount is needed.  It also pays to have no nasties so you can feel good about putting it on your skin!  Suitable for: Beginners and experts, those who want a long lasting cream highlighter with a bit of shimmer for a natural yet radiant glow Works well for: All skin types, including light to medium complexions  Tip: I use a bit as eyeshadow to make my eyes pop and look more awake. Also great for under the arch of your brows 
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have been using this for about 6 months now when I am going out. I find some highlighters that people use either make their face too glittery or too shiny. However this baby gives a subtle shimmer on the face. I use it above cheek bones, above the lip, down the nose and even in the corner of eyes for that pop!! It really does stay on, has natural organic ingredients and I would absolutely repurchase
I'm obsessed with highlighters and have tried a lot of different ones. This is one of the easiest cream highlighters to use. It's lightweight and blends into your skin easily. Even though the product is small, you really don't need a lot so this will still last you a long time even with daily use. The packaging is really great as it's easy to use and is great for travelling. I love that it gives me a healthy glow and doesn't highlight any pores or pimples. It's also affordable and easy to get hold of. The only thing that I don't like about it is that is has glitter in it. While it's not large chunks of glitter, it still is noticeable, especially when you're outdoors in sunlight. If you don't mind glitter in your highlighter, then you'd love this!