INIKA Loose Mineral Blush

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INIKA Loose Mineral Blush is a loose blush powder that gives the complexion a warm radiance. Free from fillers, parabens and talc, the blush is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Certified Vegan. Certified Halal. Certified Cruelty-Free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.

Available in three shades.


INIKA Loose Mineral Blush


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I got two shades: blooming nude (in a beauty box from flora and fauna) and peachy keen.  Blooming nude is rusty brown. Not really a blush. My skin is light to medium. And I repurposed this powder pigment into an eyeshadow. Used it for moked out eye look...wowza, amazing on blue/grey eyes. They pop like crazy.  Decided to get another shade that I could use on eyes and cheeks, so got peachy keen one. Same powder that comes in a plastic sifter , finely milled. Since they are pure pigments you need to use it very very sparingly for the cheeks. Again, the colour did not suit my colouring. A bit 'neon', too bright. So again I used it as an eyeshadow and works perfect (on its own, no primers and all that stuff).  Overall great stuff, but just colours are off.
I was excited when this Inika blush arrived in a subscription box of vegan goodies, because I had seen and heard of this make-up range and had been meaning to try it, but never got around to it. (So many beauty products, so little time!)  Inika was a vegan make-up product that was said to perform well, as some others do not. On my first outing with this blush it did not disappoint. It is highly pigmented, and the shade I have – Blooming Nude – is actually a reddish brown,which is quite dark for my fair skin. There is really nothing  “nude” about this shade.  Fortunately it blends quite well and a very small amount goes a long way, as it can really double as a bronzer for me. The blush does not contain a brush, but it does have a sifter to restrict the amount of powder you pick up. Even better, the sifter can be turned to block the holes, to make your blush travel-proof and prevent spills. To ensure that your look isn’t too intense, my recommendation is to apply with a large, soft brush – either pressing it into the sifter, or shaking a little blush in to the lid  first  – sweeping a little onto your cheeks and then continuing to blend out so a subtle glow extends to the temples. This is a mineral powder, so it is not shimmery, and does not contain fillers which can clog the skin. I love that it is cruelty, chemical and fragrance free, as I try to move towards more natural products. I am also impressed with Inika packaging – gold lettering on a sleek black lid, with a cute plant to dot the “i”. The only negative I have is the cost – at $45 this is quite a pricey blush . On the other hand, the blush pot is quite large and contains a lot of powder. When you consider the tiny amount needed, Inika blush will last for ages – so suddenly that doesn’t sound so expensive. If you are wanting to consider more  cruelty-free make-up I would definitely recommend giving Inika a go.
I have Inika's mineral blush in 'Peachy keen'. It is incredibly pigmented, almost too pigmented, I have to be careful and remember to tap off my brush, and blend really well. The colour peachy keen is a lovely peachy pinky colour with a slight shimmer. It is not glittery, the shimmer is much finer and gives the skin a healthy glow. Lit from within. It makes me look much healthier and brighter. It lasts well throughout the day. The price is quite expensive but it lasts forever. After 3 years of semi-regular use, it doesn't even look used. I do recommend this to friends and family, if they can get it in a colour they love. Im deducting a star because the loose form of the powder can be quite messy sometimes.
Loving Innika mineral blush, it looks natural and is not greasy as I have oily skin this is a blessing, it gives a natural blush that looks healthy at not a bad price