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INIKA Trial Pack is an introduction makeup pack with INIKA’s essential face products. The kit is designed to last you a week and includes two Loose Mineral Foundations SPF 25, a Certified Organic Liquid Foundation and a Certified Organic Pure Primer.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, Free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, cruelty-free, vegan and Certified Halal.

Certified Organic. Certified Vegan. Certified Halal. Certified Cruelty-Free.


INIKA Trial Pack


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This trial pack is the perfect thing to purchase before committing. I think all brands should have this. It comes with four products, 2 powders, a primer and a foundation. The mineral powder is just lovely. It gives heavy coverage without looking too cakey, plus it has SPF 25. The foundation is nice and light and the primer is silky smooth. Since buying this trial pack, I have repurchased the powered and primer. I highly recommend this kit.
This pack is great and shows that with the Inka products - a little really goes a long way. The primer is super smooth and silky without feeling oily or heavy on my skin. On the days I wore the primer I had less shine and less oil appear on my face than I have with other brands of primer, and it smells great. I loved Inka’s Certified Organic Liquid Foundationas it went on easily, matched my shade well, was not heavy and stayed put throughout the day. The one downside of it was that it does not contain any SPF protection which is quite a big one for me.  Where Inka’s Mineral Foundation Powder really stood out for me is that, unlike its counterpart liquid foundation, contains SPF25. As I mentioned above, one of the issues I had with Inka’s Certified Organic Liquid Foundation is that it does not contain SPF, however, if you do choose to wear Inka’s Liquid and Powder Foundation together than you will be adequately covered I would think. In terms of colour, I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘Grace’ shade, but did really like the ‘Strength’ shade which is two shades darker on Inka’s colour chart. 
Have tried this pack in the light shade. I really liked the powder mineral foundation and the primer. The powder foundation is beautifully light, but you can build it up to the required coverage. The primer applies like a dream and did not irritate my sensitive skin. All the products in this trial did not cause a sensitive reaction. Yay! The liquid foundation was too dark for my very fair skin but has a beautiful texture. One of the mineral powders was the right shade, so for very little money, I tried two products I know I'll use again. Bargain.
For $10, this trial pack is amazing bargain! I think everyone should try it. Inika has great products and the one inside this pack are amazing. I tried this on the weekend and hooked. The mineral powder is so nice and has bonus of SPF 25 as well. It's rare to have powder with high SPF. I can touch up my face during the day and go for a walk without worrying of the sun. The primer is great and doesn't leave oily residue as well. I haven't yet tried the foundation, but I think should be good. This pack is great for birthday present for teenagers too.
One application and I was hooked...  The aroma as soon as I opened the box was the first indication I was on to a winner, it just smells like makeup angels sent from the heavens would use!  The mineral foundation with 25 spf is like fairy dust and transformed my skin tone with a few quick brushes, light coverage, so looked very natural The liquid foundation was like running holy water over my skin, not greasy or grimy, it's smooth and lightweight and has a pleasant smell - it lasted a whole night while out at a 21st birthday I'm yet to try the primer, but I have high hopes it will be as good as the foundations, which thanks to this trial pack, I have already gone out and purchased the full size products!  This pack is perfect as a stocking fillers, secret Santa gift or just a little reward for the makeup enthusiast on a budget
I  trialled this pack in light. The liquid foundation smells amazing, however was slightly sticky feeling on the skin. I also used the powder foundation to set after applying the liquid, for fuller coverage as I found the liquid quite light coverage. The powder foundation is really lovely to wear, but I found I have to build it up quite a lot to get the coverage I need for acne and redness. Overall I found this a great introduction to the brand and have an idea of the shade to order and what to expect from the coverage.
Its great to be able to buy a trial size pack as it can get expensive buying products to try that dont work if you are a makeup lover like myself. This pack was great, I loved the mineral products and I had always wanted to try some but was never game. I was pleasantly surprised at how natural they looked without feeling thick and cakey. I am yet to buy the full size products but think I will. I recommend trying this as for $10 you cant go wrong
it saves my skin for the whole winter, so dewy and my skin look radiant because of this product. excellent skin saver.
This pack is genius. I've tried a lot of mineral powders but find them to be hit and miss for me. It's great to be able to buy a pack that's only $10 and gives you more than enough product to use for a while and see how it works. I was then able to buy the full size with total confidence, because I love these! They leave a great finish and are not too thick or clumpy, which I find with some mineral powers. My new favourite base.