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Innoxa Save Our Skin SOS BreastVolume is a firming cream enriched with Adifyline® to boost the production of fatty tissue, resulting in a fuller and firmer bust.


Innoxa Save Our Skin SOS BreastVolume


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This is an incredible product, which to be honest I was a little sceptical about at first. Who would of thought that a cream could increase bust fullness and improve firmness? SOS by Innoxa BreastVolume is an innovative product which contains an active ingredient Adifyline clinically proven to enhance bust volume and elasticity by working beneath the skin to boost production. I've only been using this product for about 10 days and the difference it has made in just a short time is quite amazing. My breasts look a lot perkier than before and I certainly see volume too. The product is very easy to use - twice a day, morning and evening on clean and dry skin, you need to massage the cream around your breast area in an upwards and circular motion. There's a subtle scent which is nice, it's nothing too overpowering and the cream instantly absorbs into my skin, leaving no residue. The packaging is also really nice. I love the red colour and pump is great for easy dispensing. Also, it's great that the pump is at bottom which means I can get every last bit of product out without any wastage. The packaging says that you can see results after 56 days, but I can definitely see results in just 10 days. I will continue using the product to see if it continues to make a difference. I can't wait!
Firstly, I am D-DD cup yet my breasts could really do with some revamp in terms of volume and firmness. My breasts and decolletage are one of my most neglected areas. I also love everything I've tried from Innoxa, and being an Australian, cruelty-free brand, when I heard they had created a breast cream that gives you volume and lift I was certainly curious and keen to try it out! I was really excited to trial this product and had high hopes for it. Upon first glance, the packaging is clinical and vibrant. It's a bright red tube with a pump applicator - I love this! The scent of the product is beautiful - reminds me of coconut. The product comes in a 90ml tube - for bigger busted women I think this would be used up pretty quickly especially when you consider you have to apply it twice a day. The ingredients contain some regular moisturising agents such as sweet almond oil and argan oil. The active ingredient is listed as Adifyline, which is a peptide that helps in redistributing volume and increasing volume of adipose tissue (which is of course mainly what breasts are made of). Application is simple and easy - no different to applying any other body lotion except that massaging the lotion with upward circular motions are best. The formula of the cream is relatively thin, comfortable to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any residue.  It can be easily implemented into your morning and night skin care routine, but some (like me) may struggle to keep up the routine. The clinical trial states that there was a 30% increase in breast volume of participants after 56 days. I have JUST finished the tube a few days after this - so for me the amount of product in the tube was pretty much spot on but may not be enough for those with larger breasts. Overall, my breasts have seen an improvement in overall health. They are softer, smoother and generally more 'bouncy'. There has been a slight increase in the fullness of my breasts, especially towards the top of my breasts were they generally tend to lose fullness - and I think this would only increase with further use of the product. For $64.95 I'm not sure it's been made accessible to everyone but I'd certainly like to purchase another tube and see if the effects are amplified with prolonged use.