Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel

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Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel is a lightweight gel moisturiser formulated with hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid works to intensely nourish dehydrated skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles; vitamin C and E help to tighten and firm skin and even out skin tone and texture; and green tea antioxidants rejuvenate and brighten skin.


Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel


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I love a product that challenges my perception.  This is one such product.  When I think gel I think sticky and not very hydrating, and yet this gel manages to be non-sticky while being very hydrating.  On first application I thought, "Here we go.  This is everything I dislike about gel.".  But a few minutes later I was reminded why it is important sometimes to reserve judgement.  Once this gel has a few moments to meld with my skin, it feels fantastically light, super skin quenching, and delightfully non-sticky!  I've recently started using Retinol in my skincare routine - slowly at first, once every second night.  This gel is my go-to hydration to fight the flake that notoriously goes hand in hand with Retinol.  I can also see this being a godsend for summer months in the sun.  It's no wonder Intraceuticals has become a fan favourite - unpretentious skincare that just works!
The hydration gel comes in a sleek and shiny blue pump bottle. The top portion of the bottle is silver in color and the actual pump can be rotated up and down to dispense the product. This ensures that no product spillage occurs and the application is not messy. This feature also makes it travel-friendly. Since this product has to be used as a part of the Rejuvenate layering routine, a single pump can be used for the entire face. The product is a transparent gel and does not have any strong fragrance.The Gel is  thin in consistency and can be easily broken down. It also contains many anti–ageing ingredients and is thus, helpful for treating dry and damaged skin. On application, the gel initially feels heavy and sticky. But, after allowing it to absorb completely for a few minutes, it leaves the skin extremely soft and supple. It leaves no greasy residue. It softens and hydrates the skin. Over time, the tiny fine lines on my forehead have smoothened out. My face appears uplifted and energised. The gel gets absorbed evenly into the skin, allowing the subsequent products from this line to go over the skin smoothly. It doesn’t break out my combination skin.  I really enjoy using this product as I feel it restores the moisture in my skin without making it oily. It feels light on the skin and would be a great addition to any layering skincare routine. Over time, my skin has started looking less tired and the appearance of fine lines has reduced greatly. I would recommend this to people who are just starting to incorporate anti–ageing products into their skincare regimen.
I use this product along with my rejuvenate moisturising cream, eye gel and daily serum and I find that they all layer beautifully together. A small pump is enough for my whole face and neck area, and because the products absorb quickly I never feel like I have a layer of heavy cream on my face. The hydration gel is lovely and lightweight so applies smoothly onto my skin and leaves it feeling soft, silky and plump. Over time, I've noticed a change in my skin tone and texture - it feels a lot firmer, and my skin tone looks brighter and more even. Still no difference in fine lines and wrinkles currently.  The size and design of the gel makes it travel-friendly, and it never spills when I bring it on the plane with me. I really do love this product and would recommend it to all women as an addition to their skincare routine, especially those interested in the anti-ageing properties.  Pros -  - Moisturising and rejuvenating - Makes my skin feel firmer - Easy application - Lightweight and smooth/doesn't feel sticky - Evens out skin tone and makes it look brighter and more supple/gets rid of discolouration - Not sure about benefits towards pimples/acne, but definitely doesn't cause you to break out in anything Cons -  - No visible reduction of wrinkles - Looks identical to the moisturising cream so can sometimes be confusing - Strong, lingering scent  - Price is fairly expensive
I looove me a gel moisturiser....and why wouldn't i ? The cool texture,the grease-less feel,the sheer weightlessness of it,what's NOT to love ? So with the cleanser and a serum under my belt from this beautiful brand,i had to try this. Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hydration Gel is a gorgeous,gel textured moisturiser that packs a huge moisture hit....thanks to it's high concentration of Hyaluronic acid (this stuff holds water like a sponge,and helps to KEEP it there),and the addition skin loving Vitamins C (to brighten,which this really does seem to do) and E (another well documented skin smoother).Being such a lovely, light product,it will be especially refreshing on my dry, "never seeing 20 again" in summer,but this is also fab for staving off dry,flaky skin during the winter months (it is going to be a godsend i imagine.for all you "not so dry skinned" beauties as well.Yes,even oilier skin needs some moisture,and this may just be perfect).This product plays really well under makeup (perfect for when you don't have time to wait for absorption),and as a little side bonus,it actually appears to plump up the skin,leaving it looking younger and a tad bit firmer (i swear,it felt like my skin had wound back to it's 35 year old self...only better) and it kept that feeling for a good 10 hours (if a product can't keep up with my day,I'm not keeping you employed,that's for sure).And what of the casing and scent of this ? Well,the product is beautifully packaged in sleek blue bottle with silver caps (very pro looking,yet clean enough to be able to sit in a bathroom inhabited by your man as well ).The "twist and pump" action of the bottle makes for a secure travel companion (as does the flight friendly 40ml size),but it also means a two hand approach to opening.The scent is a very slight,natural "herbal" type scent,that does not linger or play havoc with your skin.I adored everything about this,from the feel to the results....and so did my hubby to (just FYI).He used this post shave,and as he said,his skin "felt like a baby's bottom" (need i say more ? ). To finish,yes,this is an exxy addition to your skincare repertoire (around $90 for 40ml),BUT,one pump will give you enough for entire face and neck,and even with twice daily use,this would last an entire season. TIP:Pop in the fridge for an extra refreshing "wake me up" in summer,and try mixing this with a little of your will supercharge the effect of your foundation's skincare properties,AND make it a sheerer veil for a natural look.