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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer is a full-coverage, crease-proof concealer that helps cover dark circles, age spots and redness. It contains anti-ageing ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C to help treat the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration. 

Available in four shades.


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer


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Not really special

The concealer was a bit dry for my under eye. It emphasis my wrinkles under my eyes. It is quite thick nd bright so it covers my dark circle nicely, but it is too dry for my skin. I would not purchase this again and I will just buy the normal concealer on the market.
I’ve tried a lot of concealers, but I always come back to this one. It’s definitely my favourite concealer. I like the texture and the consistency, and I love that you need only a tiny, tiny amount. A little truly goes a very long way. You really do get a very generous amount in the tube. I think depending on your age and skin type, it will take some experimentation to find the best way to apply this, because yes, it does crease. They say it won’t, but it does. I don’t even have many eye wrinkles, but it still creases, but it creases less than any other product I’ve tried. Dry skin is such a challenge, especially under the eyes! So if you do have dry or dehydrated skin, beware of that and be prepared for some trial and error with your application. Less is definitely more!  This is more than just an under eye concealer, though. I love it as a general all purpose concealer. I use it with great effect on spots and redness or any kind of discolouration I might have going on. It’s got much fuller coverage than the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream which is my go-to base, but the two products work brilliantly together.  I do need to set this concealer with a powder, but due to my dry skin, I use the powder very sparingly which works perfectly and then I’m good for the day.  Definitely recommend this concealer. 
This concealer is my HG. As a new Mum, I NEED a concealer that covers my dark under-eye circles to make me appear somewhat alive. I've tried so many, but most high coverage concealers, while they may do a good job of covering my bags, leave me with a flakey mess that makes me look 10 years older.  Bye Bye Under Eye is super emollient and pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount, which means the tube lasts for ages. I like to apply a tiny dot of it to the back of my hand, warm it up and apply with my fingers, then blend out with my Beauty Blender. As it is a very creamy formula, it does need to be set with powder straight away. This combination makes my skin look airbrushed and lasts all day long. I'm obsessed!
Hands down my favourite concealer of all time, the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye is what I reach for everyday. I have hereditary dark circles and puffiness/bags under my eyes and this concealer works like no other to make me look refreshed and awake! Packaging I love the convenient squeeze tube packaging, which is hygienic and practical. Only a small amount of product is needed and the tube lasts a long time.  Product The consistency can appear to be quite thick but don’t let that put you off. It blends seamlessly into the skin and is very pigmented which makes it super effective for covering dark circles. I use a tapping motion to blend it in gently with my ring finger. I personally prefer to set the concealer, using a damp beauty blender dipped in some translucent powder. This prevents the concealer from caking and creasing and helps it to last throughout the day.  If you are on the search for the perfect concealer for the under eyes, definitely give this a try! It’s my can’t-live-without!
Skin: oily combination 25-30years and prominent dark circles  Pros:  Contains active ingredients like Vitamin C which will brighten the under eye  Full coverage pigment  Thicker consistency but not to a balmy level  Cons:  Does not cover very dark under eye circles even though the pigment is high  It will crease if you don’t set it with a power I had high hopes for this product as I suffer from terrible under eye bags. The pigment was good, and it felt like a normal concealer with would under the eye very comparable to MAC concealers but with a touch of a lighter effect in terms of the product. It didn’t feel that light weight so if you prefer a lightweight concealer than this is not for you. You have to set the conceal to prevent creasing over time. It didn’t do anything dramatic for me, I used it a few times and I still found that my dark circles came through which is disappointing.  The sqeezy applicator is hygiene and good for controlling target amounts of product. I prefer to use this to add additional coverGe to the face for blemishes or discolouration rather then using it under my eyes. For the price I would rather buy other products that will be specific to my needs 
This is such a good quality concealer - if you use their CC cream and know how amazing it is then you will definitely love this product too! I use this concealer for dark circles and covering any spots and blemishes - it has a very thick concistency (similar to the CC cream) so you only need a small amount and I use my fingers to apply so it warms the product and helps it apply more seamlessly to my skin.  It provides the best coverage and stays put beneath my foundation or cc cream which is really important to me because a lot of my other concealers end up creasing throughout the day even with setting powder!  I also love that this concealer has anti ageing ingredients - it’s like skincare and makeup in one :)  It is pricier but it’s such better value because of the quality and you only needing such a small amount so a tube will last a while. The only real downside to this product, as with their cc cream, is the limited shade range! I use the light shade which is perfect for me though  Overall I higgly recommend this concealer - I’ve actually bought it for family members and they love it as much as I do!  Pros -full coverage -long lasting, doesn’t crease  -only need a small amount of product  -packaging is simple and practical  -includes anti aging ingredients -works amazing with the IT cc cream Cons -limited shade range, but the light shade is perfect for me 
This is a great product from a brand I am not very familiar with but it's worth searching out, really great quality. This concealer is quite a thick consistency so I don't need to use a lot so it's really good value for money. It spreads evenly and gives really great coverage, love its anti ageing properties. I don't really suffer from dark under eyes so I actually use this product to cover the odd spot and breakout and it hides these perfectly. Just rub for a second between fingers and dan on, it sinks in and dries fast, gives good coverage and won't crease. This is also great to cover small eye wrinkles and is really gentle on the eyes area and it's easy to find a matching shade.
This is one of my all time favourite full coverage concealers.I received a sample size a couple of years ago and the second I tested it out I was hooked. Now this product shouldn’t be used like regular concealers and should only be used for covering extra dark areas and spot control. It has a very thick consistency that needs to be warmed up between your fingers before applying it your face (it should only take a few seconds before it loosens up) and you should lightly dab with your finger until the area/spot is covered. You don’t want to go overboard with this product because it is very (and I mean very) thick so it can easily look cakey if you use too much. Truly, a little bit goes along way because it is so full coverage you won’t need to be applying layer over layer to get the coverage you need. And cause you only need a little bit it’s going to last a long time. I still have my original tube I bought 2 years ago (I should probably get a new one, but I still have so much left!). At Sephora they also sell minis that are about half the size of the original tubes for $15! I was stoked when I found it because I use both the light and medium shades and it is a much more cost effective option. Even though it’s advertised as an under eye concealer I prefer it for colour correcting dark spots and it is a life saver every time I have a breakout! I just pop a darker shade than my skin tone (which for me is the medium shade) on my spots before I apply my foundation and then I have smooth and flawless complexion. The darker shade doesn’t come through as a dark shadow, but layers perfectly under my foundation. And it is amazing as an under eye concealer; it covers the area with ease, brightens up your eyes and despite its thick consistency it is surprisingly light and gentle on such a delicate area. This should be a staple in everyone’s makeup bag. You’ll save so much time, money and product on this simple concealer and you will never look back.