JERGENS Sweet Citrus Triple Butter Blend

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JERGENS Sweet Citrus Triple Butter Blend is a body butter that helps you feel refreshed and recharged. Made with an ultra-hydrating combination of shea, cocoa, and mango butters as well as aromatic sweet citrus essential oil to deeply nourish both skin and mind.


JERGENS Sweet Citrus Triple Butter Blend


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Nice cream

I received this product as part of a VIP box trial with thanks. The cream is beautifully packaged and the cream is dermatologically tested. The cream itself has a lovely light and subtle citrus scent, and the cream is quite thick. It absorbs readily into the skin without leaving a greasy film. I gave this cream to my daughter to use and am curious to see what the results will be with prolonged use. Initial results include softened and moisturised skin. The size of the tube is good, not too bulky, and not much of the cream is needed to achieve good coverage.
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Love the smell

I have trialed the Jergens Swet Citrus Triple Butter Blend lotion recently. First impressions - I'm really into the citrus smell, it’s nice and fresh and the lotion didn't let me down. Putting on the body butter was a breeze, and it soaked into my skin well, leaving it soft and hydrated. I was worried initially that the citrus scent might be too strong or irritating for my skin but it is just right, it’s nice but not too strong. My skin felt good all day without feeling greasy. The flip top is handy, and the body butter itself is smooth and easy to put on, not too thin or too thick. It is also a very reasonable price point!
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Love this product

Absolutely love this product! Been using it every night after I shower and my skin has been so smooth and soft, don't think I've ever loved a body butter more. My partner commented on the small and I can say I'm a fan of it too (usually not one for fragrance). Skin on my legs and arms is extremely dry and I noticed a difference after a few consecutive days of using it that my legs didn't have any dry bits and my arms were so smooth. Again my partner even commenced on how smooth my legs were so the benefits aren't only noticed by me. Can't wait to buy another tube once this one runs out. :)
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Refreshens and softens dry skin

received this to trial in a VIP box. Absolutely loved this cream as soon as I opened it to apply to my skin. Flip top lid and this beautiful white, soft silky cream with the scent of lemon/orange citrus hits your senses straight away. It smells divine and is not overpowering at all. My sensitive nose loved the fragrance. It absorbed into my dry skin with ease and no tacky, greasy feeling on my hands or my skin. With the blend of Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters and an aromatic infusion of essential oils it will make you just want to breathe in all the goodness that is on your skin. It has been dematologist tested. My skin feels so soft on my legs and arms. Even hubby saw it while I was testing and had to have a try and he loved how it helped his very dry skin on his legs and arms. Two very happy, delighted people here. I have tried a few Jergens products in the past and they never dissapoint at all. Beautiful and really does refresh and soften your skin.
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A beautifully scented moisturiser

The JERGENS Sweet Citrus Triple Butter Blend is so nourishing on my skin, I love the sweet citrus scent, it is quite a strongly scented moisturiser so it might not suit everyone. I have been using this moisturiser at night before bed on my chest, neck and legs, it absorbs quite quickly into my skin for a body butter. It makes me smell and feel beautiful. Really like this and quite keen to try out other products in the Jergen's range. I like the bright colours on the packaging, it feels fun and summery.
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Glorious Fragrance.

This Jergens Essential Oil Collection Body Butter is absolutely beautiful. I was delighted to receive mine in the VIP Box. The fragrance isn't over citrusy and the cream itself is glorious. Having essential oils makes the fragrance divine. This is made in the USA and due to the essential oils it is designed to "lift your spirits and delight your senses," which it does. It definitely "deeply nourishes both skin and mind." The 2nd ingredient is cetearyl alcohol which I have been told to avoid, on medical grounds so I can't use it as often as I'd like to. The plastic tube fits easily in my hand and allows me to squeeze a small amount from the tube. The cream blends beautifully and smoothly and sinks into the skin leaving as lovely a fragrance as I've ever found in a body butter. It is as special as any body butter I've used.