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John Frieda® Detox & Repair Conditioner is a conditioner that helps to de-stress and moisturise using a restorative and nourishing formula. Employing a collection of conditioning agents, the hair cuticle is immediately smoothed as they attach themselves to locations of damage. Formulated to remove impurities; this range works on clarifying the hair’s surface so that conditioning treatments can penetrate the hair more effectively.

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John Frieda Detox & Repair Conditioner


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Conditioning, nourishing, removes impurities

This is a great revitalising conditioner that removes impurities from hair to leave it super soft shiny and healthy. This conditioner is great for coloured hair and damaged hair and makes my hair super easy to style, fighting frizz and flyaways. It is a high quality conditioner as you would expect from John freida products and quite well priced. It smells lovely and is full of goodies to do my hair good, itworks to repair hair that is coated in too much product. I love this and would recommend it
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Quality conditioner - Kind on your hair

The John Frieda is Simple clean and revitalising conditioner Its not exactly a luxurious conditioner as didn’t produce as much lather as others or isn’t particularly fragrant but it feels like what your putting on your hair is quality and healthy and building the condition back. I have quite dry and damaged hair from bleach and after a few weeks of using the product my hair did feel stronger. It feels a quality conditioner, I was drawn to the ingredients and feel it the overall condition of my bleached dry hair improved to feel smoother all over.
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Better than the Matching Shampoo

I tried the matching shampoo and was disappointed, but this conditioner gave me some hope. I have used it alone since discontinuing use on the shampoo and I genuinely like it. It's not the best conditioner I've ever used but for the price it definitely does a great job. I like that it doesn't have sulphates and makes my hair feel smooth and it doesn't come out as frizzy as it normally does. Overall, a good product that is inexpensive and does what it says it does.
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Best smelling conditioner!

I love this product. I'm obsessed with the smell as it's not too strong like some other products. My hair has been coloured a lot and quite damaged but this product left it feeling silky and smooth. I will definitely be buying again.
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Tamed my Hair

I used this after the matching shampoo and it seems like a winning combo. My hair has always been difficult to manage and has never been so easy to brush after using this conditioner! My hair smelt amazing, was so soft and shiny and didn't feel weighed down or heavy at all. Definitely recommending to my friends with unruly hair and will be using again.
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Creamy and hydrating

I love affordable shampoo and conditioner option, ad have loved using the John Frieda Detox & Repair Conditioner because it did what it was supposed – moisturised and repaired my hair. The conditioner comes in a plastic green bottle with a lid, and has 250 ml of product. It’s a great size if you need to pack shampoo and conditioner for a short getaway. The conditioner has a very soft scent to it, it’s nice and fresh and light. The scent stays in your hair after rinsing it out but it’s very gentle and doesn’t irritate me at all. The conditioner feels so creamy and nourishing as you apply it to the hair. Rinsing it out, leaves my hair feeling soft, clean and hydrating. I paired this conditioner with the matching John Frieda shampoo and overall loved the results. Soft, clean and nourished hair. I had a lot less frizz and my air feels healthy when I use this conditioner. Definitely one I am keen to keep on using.
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Lovely conditioner

Similar to the shampoo, the fragrance of the conditioner is absolutely divine. After a few uses, it left my hair feeling soft and silky - giving my hair some much needed moisture. For those of you who have damaged hair and want a product that replenishes their locks - I highly recommend John Frieda as it does the job without depleting your bank account.
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Smooth Hair Guaranteed

This is a great conditioner. I’ve been using this with its accompanying shampoo and my hair has never felt so silky and smooth. My favourite part about this conditioner is how little I have to use. I have pretty long hair so I usually need a fair amount to cover my ends, but I find most conditioners aren’t that hydrating and I have to use a ridiculous amount to get it through my hair and leave it on for a long time for it to work. This is the opposite. I’ve been using less with this conditioner than I do with most, it works out all knots with ease and gets working on hydrating my hair straight away so I don’t have to leave it on for 7 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling smooth, frizz free and light. And I feel like I’m doing something good for my hair by using it.
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I have to admit i was cautious about trying this product as i usually like a really rich conditioner - but this is fantastic i feel like it reparied my dry hair as well as leaving it feeling lightweight and soft and it smells great too!
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Smooth and creamy

Easy open packaging with the flip top bottles and the conditioner smell was quite pleasant. Smooth and creamy product that did leave my hair soft after use. Was happy to be in the trial for the conditioner and would buy it myself.
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Good product

This is a great product and it smells amazing, it left my hair soft and smooth. I would recommend this to my friends but just beware that it does have alcohol in it. I will continue to use it as my hair has not felt this nice and silky in a long time.
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Love it

I highly recommend this product, it leaves hair silky smooth and smells great. I found that the scent was not over the top or over powering like some other hair products and that my hair looked so healthy and clean after using this product definitely worth a purchase and I’ll be re-buying
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Love it!

Loved using this conditioner. I have naturally oily hair and a lot of conditioners leave my hair feeling very greasy but I was very surprised with the detox and repair! It left my hair feeling silky smooth and hydrated, no oily residue at all. After using it for 2 weeks I feel like my hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier. Will be purchasing again.
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Amazing conditioner

I used this after the shampoo and I’m a big fan of this conditioner it smells amazing and definitely after I used it I felt my hair feel less damaged definitely buy this conditioner again as it’s a light wait formula with a list of moisture to definitely like this product
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Moisture and scent treat

I used this following the shampoo both which are great smelling products. I found that I only needed a pea sized amount and got great coverage for the middle to ends of my hair. Even after leaving it for a couple of mins my hair felt so soft. It does not make my hair feel oily or heavy, even using everyday. For my hair, I found that it gives my hair a healthy clean shine and can get away the next day without washing and getting that uncomfortable feel. Happy with this conditioner.
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Beautiful conditioner!

I really liked this conditioner! Although my hair is short, I normally still have to use a generous amount of conditioner to coat my hair, but with this conditioner, a little goes a long way! The product applied smoothly and spread beautifully through my hair. My hair felt SUPER soft after I rinsed it out, and Untangled any knots that I may have had in my hair while I was in the shower. I also found I had no knots or tangles when my hair was air drying, which was awesome! The conditioner leaves my hair hydrated and smooth for a long time, plus the scent is incredible!
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Soft and Shiny hair!

I used this conditioner in conjunction with it's partnering shampoo and overall I quite liked it. The smell was great and it wasn't too think to use. I have really thick hair and can sometimes struggle to really rinse conditioner out but I didn't have that issue with this one. My hair feels softer and smooth. It looks shiny and healthy. It felt super hydrating which is really important for me as I use a lot of heat styling products. Overall, for a supermarket/chemist option, I was impressed and wouldn't be against buying it again!
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A go-to conditioner

Much like it’s other half, there’s a lot of amazing benefits, but just not enough WOW to give it a 5 star product. I can confidently tell you my hair has been bleached and coloured and it still felt healthy and nourished after use. A little definitely goes a long way, but you can’t stop yourself from adding more so your hair feels super silky and soft. Hair didn’t feel weighed down from the moisture but I’ve come across a fair few conditioners that can offer the same results. Regardless, my hair is quite damaged, I would still recommend to a friend!
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A lovely hydrating conditioner

This is a very nice conditioner and compliments the John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo well. The scent was lovely and it definitely made my hair feel soft and hydrated without making it feel heavy and greasy like some other conditioners do. Happy to keep using it to see if continues to impress.
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Would buy again

After using the shampoo in the same range I followed with this conditioner. I let my hair dry naturally. I have quite thick wavy hair, I found my hair had more defined waves rather than frizz. Immediately after washing my hair, it was so easy to comb/detangle compared to my usual conditioner from the hair dresser.